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Faith-stitched Heart

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Dark cloud filled with tears
Waiting to cry over the earth
Cold chills of wind blow a faint fear
Watching, waiting, praying not to feel hurt
Silent tears drip down
Silver untouched before they hit the ground

Here comes the rain
Silently I listen to that soft beat it plays
Music that soothes the pain
Whispering to me “Hush, you’ll be okay”

Forgetting the pain
Courage is born
Needles of faith sow together what was torn
Pulling myself together
I know I’ll win this fight
Hugging past memories away
As I kiss my faith stitched heart goodnight

This post was submitted by Chrissy.

Thank You, I Hate You, I’m Sorry

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Thank You –
For showing me what I really deserved; Which wasn’t you .
For telling me how much you loved me all the time, even if you were lying .
For showing me what people in this world are capable of doing to me .
For giving me a little bit of joy in my life .
For being there for me… in the beginning .

I Hate You –
For letting this go on for so long .
For making me love you .
For taking me away from people who would’ve actually loved me .
For wanting her more .
For getting my hopes up, then letting me down . Again . And again .
For telling me the same things you told all of them… and the same things you will tell her .

I’m Sorry –
For letting you know how i feel .
For anything i ever did to hurt you .
For not acknowledging any of the good things you did for me .
For hating you .
For loving you .
For praying that things won’t work out with you two .
For knowing all along that what happened to us wasn’t all your fault .
For letting our friendship go after all this time .

This post was submitted by Bree Carrington.

All because of you

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I believed you,
And now im hurt
Whatever did I do?
It felt like fate,
But, now im broken
You said “Forever,
Until the end”
Though now its over.
You had me fooled
S I gave you my all,
Because I thought, I was loved.
But then you watched me fall.
And im left with this pain.
I should have knew.
Now, forever ill suffer
All because of you.

This post was submitted by Kayla Parker.

I’m Sorry

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I know I hurt you.
Please forgive me,
I didn’t mean to.
Your heart was left to bleed
Your feelings were real.
But whats done is done.
I know how you feel,
I let you down,
I broke your heart
And I’m sorry.

This post was submitted by Kayla Parker.


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Loss of sleep
Nothing interesting anymore
No one but myself to keep
What is there to live for?

So much mixed emotion
Feeling so alone here
Loosing all connection
Hopeing the end is near

Having not one friend
Living in my own head
Where is the end?
Myself wanting to be dead

Everyday going by so slow
Tired of living this lie
The same regular flow
Awaiting to die

Siting and wondering how?
Why am I so depressed?
Whats going to happen now?
All the weight of stress

The love I have for a person,
Do they have the same love for me?

This post was submitted by Kayla Parker.

Life like Rain

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Life is never everything we want.
Depressive like rain,
Dropping whenever, stopping when done.
Followed by sunshine and energy.

Sometimes it’s good and helps
Others it comes and leaves damage,
A big flood and/or little puddles.
Can be permenate or healing in time.

It’s memory making and worth it;s doing
Life sometimes is soft and warm,
But others,
Hard and cold.

This post was submitted by Kayla Parker.


DownUp -1

Feeling so betrayed
Excited over the lie they told
Later finding out I was played
To them, my heart is cold.

It’s not easy to forget
At first feeling sad
Why did they do it?
Now feeling mad

Wondering if they feel regret
Hoping they feel sorry
For giving me this pain
Unforgettable, Unforgivable Pain.

This post was submitted by Kayla Parker.

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