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How I Always Loved You

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You never left my heart , you always stayed
While I was walking. Going day by day.
Dreading the fact that you left ,
But while that was happening ,
You seemed deaf.
You acted like you couldn’t hear me ,

So you could go out with your friends to have a blast and party.
Now you want me back while my heart is healing.
I was building a bridge that now your peeling.
I can never stay away from you long enough ,
To gain back my trust for someone good enough.

You always seem to disappear ,
Leaving me to think your never going to be here.
I always watch others kiss ,
While I’m sitting here left to reminisce .
Why should I live in regret ,
Knowing that we were never going to be it ?

This post was submitted by Haley Stanley.

The Beginning

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Eighteen years
of you being alive
and I meet you
you show me the time of my life.
we meet unusually
but talk so casually
I know I’m falling for you.
easy to please
and glad to be with,
I haven’t felt much happier
with anyone else I’ve ever been with.
We’ve made some memories
and hopefully will make more soon
we have so much in common
yet some differences compare to the sun and the moon.
thinking of you
I write these poems for fun
to show how easily
you just might be the one.
if I were to leave my heart with you
to guard it for a day
I know you would treat it well
you do it EVERY day.
things are going to be great
with me and my baby
I’m the happiest girl alive
and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This post was submitted by Samantha.

Never Knew

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We was a perfect match.
I did things for you.
In return you do things for me.
Didn’t know you would lie to me.
But i guess i was wrong to think that.

You going to do you with or without me.
In your life or out your life.
Funny how things work out.
You say you been wanting me.
Two year of my life i could’ve kelp.
Wanting you and now look at us.
You must not wanted me that long.
Maybe i should’ve waited more.

Dont get this believing what you hear stuff.
I dont believe what i hear.
So i just want to say two things.
I never knew that we would turn out like this.
And im done with this relationship.

This post was submitted by whitney.


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words are not spoken between the two hearts
left for pain and healing.
it wasn’t suppose to end like this
after all we’ve been through
two different roads to the future
without a trace of each other

The future has yet to come
for either of us…
even with the sight of each other
now and again..

leaves my heart in pain
for healing yet to begin
your still here and my heart still broken
from nothing but y our words

“love” was the word we used
without regretting it every time
its what we felt ever time
when we seen each other
soon that all changed with a mistake
one night,one action,but two people

for that night i wish i could take back
its the only thing i regret…
somethings like that i can not though

only i know the pain from that night
unlike no other person
people seen my heart gone
since our last word, in the dark

you have yet to see that??
guess its my fault you do not see
its my fault it all had to change
in such a short time :/

our roads have finally split into two
guess all i can say is goodbye and good luck
even if it doesnt mean much….
things end for reasons. so goodbye.

This post was submitted by amberbailey.


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King like gold ship..
Queen like silver ship..
Prince like brown ship..
Princess like blue ship..

But I like one ship, that is..,


This post was submitted by Sushmita.

Stop Female Infanticide

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Though it is not an exam or test
I vouch for it – girls are the best

When mom is down and dad is away
Its baby daughter who takes o’er for the day

Even when small and yet to learn
Looking after mom and dad is her concern

As she grows into a lovely maiden
Her mind, for her parents, in thoughts is laden

And when she leaves for her husband’s abode
Her allegiance always to her parents is stowed

Its foolish couples who yearn for a son
Repent when he grows into an ungrateful one

Then starts all the misery, wrath and pain
Though, joy and happiness to the world, they feign

Isn’t it cruel that you killed her in your womb?
Before her birth you gave her a tomb!

Stop this injustice! Rise women of the World
to this single cause – the flag is now unfurled.

Stop female infanticide you cruel hearts
Wake up to reality we have lessons to impart

Though it is not an exam or test
I reiterate with humility ‘Girls are the Best’!

This post was submitted by Julie Das.

A Cycle To Car

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Said the cycle to the car,
“Though you travel distance far,
You need fuel to run on,
Without fuel or expense I am borne.”

“You are expensive and I am cheap,
People spend on your upkeep,
Therefore in the long run I am better
For health freaks I am a trend- setter.”

“In all respects I am the best,
Use me, keep fit and pass the test
No fat, no cholesterol, no body pain
No doctor’s visit, I’m sure you’ll stand to gain”

I’m the one, who’ll keep pollution in check,
Help all humans and save the earth from wreck,
All you humans hear my message and heed
It’s high time; you put an end to your greed.

“Switch over to this humble two wheeler,
Try me out once; I’m sure you’ll be a winner”

This post was submitted by Julie Das.

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