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What it Means to Me…

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I care for you is what I told her
Since I confessed, her hearts gone colder
Doesn’t talk or ever come by
I guess your love was just a lie
We were together, it wasn’t strong
So our relationship didn’t last long
You said, I’m the best you’d ever had
Then why did you hurt me oh so bad
My heart was yours, so you took hold
And tore it apart, uncaring, so cold
So as I leave, don’t tell me you care
Because when I needed you, you weren’t there
Without you here I’ll still go on
Probably better since you are gone
Cause love still means something to me
It’s hatred, hurt, and misery…

This post was submitted by Ryan Criger.

Keep The Memory

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I’ll always remember the day
you took my heart away
The fact that you chose me,
Was this just a fantasy?
I Miss the was you kissed me,
When we’d say our goodbyes,
When you told me you loved me,
Then looked right in my eyes.
Those Deep, Brown Killers,
Always made me get butterfly’s
I Thought That for sure, You were mine.
It was so easy loving you, But hard to forget,
The way you kissed me, right before the sun set.
You were supposed to be my love for life,
And put the twinkle in my eyes,
But we had to separate,
That put the tears in my eyes.
For weeks i was seeing crimson blood,
And tasting poison tears.
Those weeks in my mind,
Felt Like They Were years.
I’d see that blade shine in the light,
and my fears would worsen. Knowing that i did this,
for that one special person.
I Loved The Way you kissed me,
So keep the memory

This post was submitted by Cici.

Just Us!!!

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Every kiss…
Every touch or word…
Just like its only…
Me and you here…

Here on the planet…
In this country…
In this state…
And in this city…

I want whatever I can get…
Someone who wants me to be at peace…
With the world…
With the universe…

Someone who wants me to happy…
Not sad, mad, or depressed….
Someone who just wants me….

I want this someone to make me feel like…
Like no one else is alive or breathing!
Who just wants it to be us….
Forever and always!

Just us!
Not another soul more.
In our own perfect little world….
Just me and you…
Against it all
Just so it can be the way we want…

Someday we’ll runaway
Together, happy and free….
No one but you and me…
In our perfect world….
No one….
Just us!
Forever and ever!

This post was submitted by Cindy:))))).

I Am…

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I am a broken heart
i wonder why this had to happen to me
i hear my sisters apologies and declinations
i see the torn shreds of my heart within my chest
i want to RUN
i am a broken heart

i pretend that its NOTHING
i feel that i am hurting my sister anyway
i touch the sharp edge of the knife
i worry whether she’ll EVER forgive me
i cry when know she will
i am a broken heart

i understand that she’d do ANYTHING for me
i say it doesn’t hurt me, seeing him love her
i dream of the times when life was EASY
i hope to mend what was torn
i am a broken heart.

This post was submitted by Sam R.


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You are the key to my heart,
the ray of light in the dark.
The answer to my questions,
and we will never part.

You are everything that i love,
You were sent to me from above.
Your Mine Forever,Forever Im Yours.
I Love you So Much, It Hurts.
You Are The Color Of My Life.
I’d Die Today,
In Any Way To Stay With You Forever.
You Take Your Life I Take Mine Next,
We’ll Be Together Forever<3.

This post was submitted by Cici.


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It took me a minute as he walked away
to take in the words he was trying to say
when i reached out my hand he was already gone
and i knew at that moment what i had done wrong

in my shame i was waiting for a symbol, a sign
to tell me exactly when it was time
and within that notice, in just a few days
i’d leave from his life and get out of his way

but i knew that the pain would be great and unkempt
and there would be tears undoubtedly wept
i could only take comfort in that which i knew
that without me he still would be strong to make do

and in the next morning, when my clock went off
i packed up my clothing and spare bits of cloth
i drove to his house for a simple good bye
when i saw he was wearing a suit and a tie

his expression was peaceful as i walked up to him
i wondered if he had forgotten my sin
but he smiled as he said in the loveliest way
“i know that you’re moving — but it will be okay.”

we embraced ever lightly, and i died deep inside
the tears i’d been holding would no longer hide
he wiped them away and he said with a laugh
that i shouldn’t be crying on his behalf

and with all that had happened and all i had done
i still found him smiling when the time had come
he held me and told me to not be ashamed
that no one was faultless, but no one was blamed

i held out a hand and he then rolled his eyes
he wrapped me in a hug, in a long, long goodbye.

This post was submitted by Gnome.

Meaningful or Meaningless

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Meaningful or meaningless, feelings compelled to express.
Only for a moment our time together, I continue to reflect.

Don’t know how much time has passed.
I wish I could say it moves by fast, yet it feels like forever.

Always thought we’d be lol…., fantasy me.
In your eyes, am only a friend….., my reality.
Not obsolete, yet I’m living incomplete.
Ask me about loneliness?
It’s how I feel without your presence.

Seeing you again, service road, if only for one more kiss.
Imprisoned with thoughts… something still exist?
Yet a fool, with no reason to believe
A fool who wonders…
Do you ever think of me?

At arm’s length, feelings restrained.
Stirred emotions your voice, is my pain.
Idle no more, my hand inside yours.
Never alone, your in my heart and in my soul.

Seeing your sprit, fresh start, new beginning.
Wanting only happiness, your smile was a given.
In my own space, I’m lost and out of place.
In my mind your close, yet your so far away.

These feelings, one day will subside given distance and time.
For now they continue, I wish I knew why.
Don’t know how much time has passed.
I wish I could say it moves by fast…………

Yet it feels like forever.
Ask me about loneliness?
It’s how I feel without your presence.

This post was submitted by ACM.

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