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Love is so Impeccable

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Love is so impeccable,
It just cannot be replaced
It leaves you in its undying lust,
Till you feel its trance.

Your touch is so overwhelming,
I revere each second of it.
The way you hold my hand,
Or kiss me on my neck,
Trust me, I enjoy every bit.

I am insecure as,
I feel you will leave me stranded,
Alone and lonely,
In this blistering cold.
We have shared some thoughts,
Laughter and memories.
Now it’s like I’m addicted to you,
Stuck in rehab and need therapies.

I would be crazy if I said I didn’t love you,
It was the very first time I saw you.
So take me down,
There is nobody else I want to be with,
I want to wake up in your arms.
This unconditional love for you grows each day,
Every night seems brighter than the day.
Take me away to this special place,
Where we can make hay.

Let’s make an oath to be together,
Always for eternity.
Clasped in one another’s arms,
Cherishing the beauty of love,
And our lives will be empowered.

This post was submitted by oishwaria.

Baby, Hold On

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When I thought I had nothing left to give
You picked up the pieces of my heart
Put them back together
Gave love for me a new start

You’ve given me feelings
I could never ignore
Torn down every wall
And have me begging for more

And as we’re growing together
Living and loving more everyday
We’ve learned that life throws us curves
And that the best to do is pray

We’ve got to be optimistic
Just to keep from drowning
Wear a smile on your face
When you should be frowning

If we can make it through this
We can make it through anything
And I’ll never leave your side
Cause this, you are my blessing

So no matter how bumpy
The road may get
I am now and forever yours
Have been from the first day we met

So baby hold on
Just a little bit longer
Because this right here
Is gonna make us stronger.

This post was submitted by Katelyn Gill.

I’ll be for You

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I’ll be for you
I’ll be your world
Cause I’m in it for you
Nothing can tear us apart
No we’ll never be through

Yeah you got me
You have nothing to fear
You won’t lose me
I’m right here

And I’ll stand by you
I’ll be your light in the darkness
I will shine for you
Nothing’s strong enough to part this

I’ll hold your hand
I’ll guide you through
I’ll be right here
For you to turn to

I’m homesick for you
So come bring me home
And I need you
You can’t do this on your own

I’ll be strong for you
Just don’t let me go
I’ll be everything you need
I care more than you know

I’ll be your shoulder
I’ll be your hand
When you’re all alone
I’m your best friend

So know I’m here
When you don’t know what to do
Just hold my heart
And I’ll be for you.

This post was submitted by Katelyn Gill.

Take My Heart, But Please Don’t Break It

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Take my heart, but please don’t break it
As I sit with my pen
And your face fills my mind
I think you’re the first man I saw,
Before you I was blind

I’ve got your smile on my brain
Your eyes are piercing my heart
Boy you really had me wrapped around your finger
From the very start

I can’t explain
What it is you’ve done to me
But if you promise not to break my heart
I’ll leave with you the key

Your soft lips on mine
our fingers intertwined
It’s amazing how perfect
Your body fits against mine

The sound of your heart
As I lie on your chest
There is no better place
For my head to rest

You make me feel warm
And you brighten my day
Now that I have you in my life
I pray you never go away

I don’t think you know
How I feel about you
You’re someone I see
Giving my whole heart to

You bring me joy
Beyond the wildest measures
And if you asked if you could keep me.

This post was submitted by Katelyn Gill.

You Lie To Me

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You say you love me
you said you care about me
you told me you understand me
and respect my feeling you also
said you will never hurt me,but yet
you lie to me and I suppose to believe
you Love me.

This post was submitted by VEE.

Your Smile :)

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Your smile is as bright as day,
i wish for it all night,
until i see you again,
your cute dimples are in my head,
i have something to say;
“your smile is as bright as day”
when you frown,
the world stops motion,
until your smile comes back to your face,
ill love you forever,
and your smile is my case.

This post was submitted by annonimus poet.


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When the stars lights upon the sky,
sun ripples upon the sea,
when clouds go sailing by,
when loneliness grips me,
when tears cloud my eyes with a joyful memory,
i remember my old ties…

This post was submitted by Mohsin Ali.

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