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Remember to Forget

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Remember to forget the times
When arguments were made.
Batting eyes and subtle kisses;
Our future plans were laid.

Remember to forget the times
We fought then reconciled.
Our air-blown kisses on the phone;
A fairy tale beguiled.

While tears would grow a single rose,
Verbal threats to shield a heart;
Our walks among a field of dreams;
Never ending since the start.

Remember to forget the times
These sentiments occurred;
Even in our arguments
Our passion wasn’t blurred.

Remember to forget the times
I whispered in your ear
Words expressing all my love,
When I’d tell you not to fear.

Remember to forget last week
When the car crash was announced.
Please don’t cry again, my sweet,
Or recall my death, pronounced.

This post was submitted by Haley Cleveland.


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Why does my love have to be like fire?
Why does it burn in every corner of
my mind, body and heart?
Why does love have
to burn?
Why does it feel like your burning
every part of my soul?
Why do you
have to be like fire?
Why is it when
I kiss you it burns my lips?
When you kiss
me, it’s like your burning down a forest.
Why did you have to do this to me?
Why did you have to leave?
You left me here,
Sad and depressed; and now there is no one
here to burn me.
To burn me because you
ruined everything in me, And now
there is no reason to live for the world.
But wait!
When it rains it will put the fire out,
Washing away the ruin.
Allowing something new to grow,
But without you because the rain pushed me forward,
Washing away the lies you told me.
Letting me be free of you,
For you were the ruin that the rain washed away.

This post was submitted by Holland.

Come Back

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I miss you, my boy
Please come back to me.
I love you so badly!
You’re all I want,
All I need.
Without you…
No need to breathe

Hoping, wishing, dreaming too
You’d call me up and say “I miss you”
I cry a lot of tears for you
Thinking when you were mine
Praying that we’ll be again everyday.
At least let’s be together again…

I just hope… just wish…
You’ll think of this….
‘Cause You’re still my world
This is from your old baby girl.

This post was submitted by Amber Lee.

My Beautiful

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sorry for feel so sad and blue…
many thought in my swirling of you…
this feeling inside don’t know what to do…
my head and my heart about to explode in two..

Every time i see you my heart skips a beat..
and knowing i’m into deep…
at night I cry myself to sleep…
I often tell you i’m doing fine..
just wanting to hold you for real and not in my mind…

sorry to be so pushy..
I just want hold you an be mushy…
help me wipe away the tears…
let me whisper in your ear…
that you are my BEAUTIFUL!……

This post was submitted by Mark Tenace.

Final Goodbye

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He was my one…
The only one I trusted…
The only one I’ve ever really have loved…
Now it feels like…
He’s gone forever and ever out of my life…

Now we’re nothing…
Just history…
Nothing that is real anymore…
Now we’re like broken glass…
Nothing can repair it…

And when we try…
We’re just gonna cut ourselves with the glass..

So this is my final goodbye….
Just with words….
And this is my last and final one to you…
So remember I’ll always love you…
So goodbye to you forever.

This post was submitted by Cindy.


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In a Meadow,
There is a girl, chasing butterflies,
And her heart lies,
Within mine.

She is laughing, always laughing,
with golden hair flowing,
A porcelain face glowing.
I remember in my dreams, And it seems,

I can smell her baby freshness,
Feel her soft kisses,
On my wet, crying cheeks.

Her arms clinging to my neck,
Saying, “I will be happy forever”.
With sad brown eyes, like mine,
Not understanding.

She will remember, the songs of Jesus,
The story readings, prayers of teaching,
That we shared.

She misses me and I, her, deeply.
Run through the Meadow and catch me, Baby Doll.
I am your yellow butterfly.

She was taken and I am shaking,
For the memories are fresh in my mind,
All of the time.

No Grandmother should be denied,
The right to see her Grandchild.
Why did this happen? How could it ever?

This post was submitted by Charli O..


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A simple kiss from me to you.

You trust me and i trust you.

Easy things we know are true,

A simple kiss from me to you.

The difference between us is:

I look in your eyes,i dont look down.

You seem surprised and look around.

You dont keep focus for even a second,

While i stand still, i dont regret it.

This post was submitted by Danii Leto Power.

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