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U told me we had something special
But we never did. 
Wot we had wasn’t even real. 
Its wot evry1 else feels.

U fort4 me once, u couldn’t do it again
That just shows how much u loved me
I loved u so much to kip fighting
U couldn’t fight 4me til d very end

I would have done anything for you
Just to kip u smiling
But now its seems 2 me
That u don’t want me to make u happy

We could have been so good to give
We could made it work
But instead of holding on
U decided to let go of us.

This poem was written/submitted by SafB.

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Longing for the home of your arms.
The secrets of your smile, your warming charms.
And I sit here a while…..

Heart sick with emotion, holding inside.
The weight of disappointment, I can not hide.

A teenage affection for you confuses my soul.
In a rush to hurry up because I knew you would go.

Feeling kinda foolish and premature.
Was too eager in offering my heart; scarred and unsure.

Such a joy to fly, my spirit of fire-
soaking luxuriously in your wavy bathwater.

Damning independence…to you, I wished to be tied.
Demanding your attention…and time, a weak supply.

Over an ocean of moments, I desired to see
what it would be like to have you yearning for me.

Pining for more than your friendship,
I hesitated to realize the pools of regret behind your eyes.

So I kept my lips sealed and wrote a poem you wouldn’t see,
to shadow the fascination, my pathetic admiration…
my hunger…my desire…my aching sigh for thee.

This poem was written/submitted by Jolene.

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Used to blame myself
for a lot of things you did
tried making excuses
for the hurtful things you’ve said
stepped on me, feeling stupid
why did i put up with that?
didn’t make much sense
lost and feeling trapped
friends gave advice
what good what that do?
i pretend to listen
not ready to give up on you
could not take it anymore
time for us to part
you never seemed to notice
the pain in a young girls heart.

This poem was written/submitted by Deanna Daniels.

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I never should have said yes ,
you never should have asked ,
my heart was in the right place
and now its broken ,
you shattered it like glass ,
you make me weak ,
i can’t even think ,
i wish i never met you no
i wish you never met me ,
times are hard without you ,
and my nights get cold ,
but knowing you hurt me ,
is a story untold
why did you do it ,
were we meant to be
cause you hurt me ,
now i hate you but
my love for you still runs deep ,
i cry to sleep ,
my heart slowly beats
why did this happen to us ,
we are suppose to be in love ,
some night while i cry i pray to the lord above ,
i want this to work , i need us to work ,
but i am still hurt , this pain won’t fade ,
i don’t think it will ,
but until you come back baby ill stand still.

This poem was written/submitted by Charletta.

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He kissed her temple
She kissed his cheek
Then he kissed her on the lips
And just stayed there for a long while
And for just a moment
She forgot about laughing
She forgot about the world
And everything that was going on outside the 2 of them
And then they sat there
In the darkness
Just resting up against one another
Just breathing
Feeling safe, connected
She had found someone who knew her
And saw what she saw
She had found her soul mate
And they were together
Forever, no matter what
And they were free
Without judgment or fears
Without worries or lies
But with love and care
And each other to take on the whole wide world .

This poem was written/submitted by Lindsey Patrick.

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The pain is tough tonight
This tortured tunnel has no light
As my tears soar and flood the ground
I wish you were here so my heart would pound

A man in stress sings from his soul
Grief stricken tales are told with a growl
The words so pure form some kind of potion
Now my weathered world turns in a dying motion

The sun filled days where we dared to dream
Now this fire filled hell just makes us scream
Two angels will forever dispel your fear
My blood stained hands I prey one day will be clear

Through the dark old dreams spark a flame
Oh my love how my broken heart is not your blame
On the peak I believe there is a heavenly life
Where that day I prey you will be my wife.

This poem was written/submitted by Adam Smirh.

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I’ll always remember that day
I’ll always remember that look
when i wished so much i could say
but nothing can describe you not even a book

I felt something strange when i looked into your green eyes
What i can say is that i was up in the sky
what i can tell is that you made me fly

I couldn’t let go,I had to hold on tight
’cause i felt something deeper that night
something i don’t know,i just felt right

you’re so beautiful,so much as a star
and that day on my heart you left a scar

you looked at me but as you can see
that look brings me down on my knees
but i wish i can go to sleep
’cause i’m not sure if that was for real
it just felt like i was in a dream
when i felt that thing that i’ll always feel

i’ll never forget the place
’cause i’ll always remember your face
’cause you’ve reached deep’deep down my soul
and that,i’ll always remember.that, i’ll always recall.

This poem was written/submitted by m.sub.

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