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Why don’t you give me a chance

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Why don’t you give me a chance,
Maybe you could ask me to dance.
I’d do anything for you,
Maybe be your girlfriend for a day or two.
You might actually find me pretty,
Even if I am not that witty.
You’d have a hand to hold,
A heart you’d keep away from the cold.
I’d be your shoulder to cry on,
Somebody you could really rely on.
Two hearts you could bind,
Our lives forever intertwined.

This post was submitted by Hannah.

There For Me

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I thought you would be there for me.
There to hold my hand.
I made u my everything.
I made u my best friend.
but now your gone.
I’ve got nothing but an empty hand.

This post was submitted by bronte.

Little Girl

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The girl was sitting there,
All alone.
With no one to hold.
She cries for reasons she cannot explain.
She can’t tell anyone.
Without changing her fate.
I want to help her.
But she wont let me in.
She wont break down that wall for me to get in.
Little girl. Little girl.
I want to save you.
She opens the door..
And what I see, Is, Me.

This post was submitted by Audre.


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Life a simple word
but has a great meaning
life a small word
but gives a great learning
life an easy word
but has many points of turning
life a great thought
and has many persons loving
life an easy saying
but is very confusing
life an enthusiastic word
which lasts on giving.

This post was submitted by megha sethiya.

Be You

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No One can change You
not one or two
people can change You.

You are you, stay that way,
everyday is a new day
don’t let yourself fade away.

You know you are in love when they accept you for you.
Then you’ll be the perfect two,
But you have to accept them too.

Be what you wanna be.
Then you will see
the real me.

But always remember.
No one is you are than you.
Hope you know that too.

This post was submitted by Shanel Marion.

It Hurts

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Sometimes Im Just Not Gud Enough
And U Remind Me With Harsh Words U Say
Kicking, screaming, All By Myself
To Fend For Myself Each Day

It Hurts to See U hate Me
When U Told Me U Loved me So Much
And I Cry Because There’s So Much Pain
But U Grow angry With Every Touch

My Night and Shining Armour
Can Look Down and Watch Me Cry
It;s Like there’s Water all around Me
And He’s Decided To Watch Me Die

How Cud U Feel Nothing
When I Cry Out For U In Pain
Knowing That U Did Me Wrong
And Im Just Loving U in Vein

I Pray That You’ll Never Hurt Me Again
But So Far That Hasn’t Come Through
And Even Though Im Growing Tired
I Dont Have The Guts To Hurt You

I Hope You Understand My Thought
And I Wish You’ll Finally See
How Much I Love And CARE For You
And How Much You HURT Me!

This post was submitted by Chantz Banner.


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I’m tired thinking of you
And I don’t know what to do
Now I feel that I’m lost
Standing by with this post

You tell me that you care
Made me feel that you’re there
Showing your love and respect
For me in all aspect

And now this time I realize
How many times my friends want me to analyze
That you don’t really love me at all
Coz’ if you do, you will answer my call

You always tell me that I should understand
Your hard situation that you demand
But there’s only one thing I want to ask,
“Can’t you ever find a way out?”

This post was submitted by Joy Aguado.

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