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Faded Memories

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Why did you have me, if you were not gonna take care of me?
In and out my life my whole life, leaving
your kids choosing your wife.
It really hurts to know your not here.
My own dad to know you don’t care.
I love you dad, I really do, but worrying if I’m gonna see you I think I’m through.
Do you know what that does to a child.
No love from her dad drive a kid wild.
But i did alright for myself dad.
Don’t worry I aint that mad.
I wish you were here don’t get me wrong.
But when you were here you weren’t here that long.
I don’t know what to do or even what to say.
You not in my life I think its better that way.
You never made new memories for me , but what can i say.
All the old memories are fading, fading away!!

This poem was written/submitted by Emily Farinha.

Guide me the way

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Maybe i’ll see you again
but it’s the hopes and maybes that are so deeply wounding
I dont know whether i believe,
because the truth hurts.

You are gone away,
so far away
To have gained trust in you
and then to let it all fall,
deeply away into endless nights.

You taught me how to love, to soar across endless seas,
a once in a life time dream,
so swiftly gone away.

My prayers were answered by the touch of your hand.

A faith so blind
to guide me the way
An endless to never be touched,
a never reaching hope.

As the darkness surrounds,
my tears will dry,
my hopes be gone,
the memory will fade
but my wounds still bare.

I now pray to you
that one day you will hear
my silent cries no more be heard.

This poem was written/submitted by Kim.

A Way of Life

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I want a way of life where people are all the same
There is no such thing as a knife taken and made to blame
No tears are shed,
except the tears of joy
and evil words are not said
War is just a disagreement
and failure will be a disappointment,
there so we can rise.

When somebody dies
they’ll still be alive
just deep inside our hearts.

I want a way of life where we can be free.
I want a way of life where I can be me.

This poem was written/submitted by Kim.

A Broken Heart

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As i watched the clock tick
as everyone sleeps tonight
i hear the wind blowing
i wish things are alright

why’d you have to go so soon?
I thought you’d stay longer
What happened to us?
Why’d you have to let it linger?

I learned to open my heart again
when you told me you loved me
you believed in me so much
you always call me your lady

Why did everything end like that?
I felt like we’re so far apart
i didn’t realize i was just dancing alone
now i’m left with a broken heart.

This poem was written/submitted by Louise Arielle Guittap.


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I feel the pain as fresh as can be
As the sword is drawn from within me
My heart bleeds and I cease to breath
Feeling as cold as ice it seems, I lay in the dark of night
Casting my eyes to the endless sky of light
Hours gone by, and NO one hears my cry
Wishing I can turn to arms open wide
Reminiscing on the past
I remember all and what was lost
Opening my mouth but the words just won’t come out
Calling to be saved, it must be a dream I face
Not realizing I stand at the edge as I watch
my corpse being laid to rest
Is this the end? As night turns to light?
Who am I to change what must be right?
I go to a better place I hope with all my might!

This poem was written/submitted by Stacy Ann Charlie.

My love

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Your eyes are as deep as the ocean.
Your heart as pure as gold.
We see how we are different
We see how we are the same
We see how every once in a while
we’ve got to have a little vain.
Even though I love him
He may get on my nerves
But in the end he’s all I need
He’s wonderful
He’s you darling
Don’t ever forget this one thing…

This poem was written/submitted by Katrina Alaina.

My life

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My life is over
that’s what kept saying everyday over and over
but no one listens..and no one feels
when u have no medicine for your heart so it can heals
my tears falls like rains
but sadly, they can’t be stopped,which pains
my heart is bleeding,i’m getting weaker
and everything i knew is getting faker
i’v lost my only lover
in a dark October
all because of him i’m living in constant fear
and he doesn’t ever care about how many fallen tear
i feel like killing myself
but i know it will lead me to hell
but now… looking at how the things are changing
i think i’m already in hell and still living
i’m a shy,sensitive girl inside
but dunno what people will think,, so i have to hide
at school i’m this clown who has no feelings
but i’m tired of pretending
that i’m not crying inside…
and no shading tears every once and a while.

This poem was written/submitted by unckown.

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