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I Am Who I Am

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I might not be the most beautiful
But I have beauty in FULL
I might not be your first CHOICE
But I am a great CHOICE
I am ME
And that’s cool cos I am good at being MYSELF and ME
I don’t care anything you say about ME
It’s just that,you are not as good as I AM
To everyone out there,
There is a better way of looking at your critics
Tell them you are not what they say
But you are who you are
Now say to yourself,
I’m the best ever
I’m a legend…….

This post was submitted by Anuoluwapo Solarin.

Forget You

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I hate u,yes i do
u forgot me,boo hoo
now u think i am crying
but what did i do
oh wait i forgot u and now i hate u
thank u for hurting me
like i care
i will shoot u if i dare
mess with me and i will mess with u
but when it comes down to it u now its true
i really really REALLY do hate u………
and yes its true.

This post was submitted by alleson.


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Love is endless                     
Love is bravery
love is blind
you can never understand it
so don’t even try
when you feel alone,
reach out your hand
greeted some loves you enough
to take your hand
love can hurt
love can be hard!
but love
makes us who we are
love like you’ll die tomorrow
then you live life with no regrets
because when your filled wit love
you’re also fill with content.

This post was submitted by Ashley.

Thinking Of You

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I know its late and you’re asleep
But i need your voice to help me sleep
In the night i dream of you
And only in dreams wishes come true
You make me smile i fall asleep
And in the morning there you’ll be
You make me happy and that is all i need
To make my life a living dream .

This post was submitted by April.


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I took a chance on you
as you took a chance on me
never could one believe
what others failed to feel or see
when i talk to you
my heart pounds like its racing
i cant breathe,its so crazy
your voice so beautiful so amazing
to hold your hand in mines
to kiss your lips every now and then
until the end of times
baby you mean a lot to me
more than you will ever see
there is nothing i could ever do
to show exactly how much i love you.

This post was submitted by Alicia Caballero.

“Let Love Abound.”

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Let my light shine for all to see.
Let it glimmer brightly.
Hold it up on a high hill that overlooks the town.
It can be seen from miles around.

Open the eyes of the blind O’ Lord.
That they may see and follow your word.
Let your fountain flow for the soul in need.
Water and plant your sacred seed.

Let love abound from our hearts with care,
that people may flock from everywhere.
Needs are met, hearts are mended,
God’s people carefully tended.

This post was submitted by Jason Kirk Bartley.

Goodbye for now..

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You know that saying ‘if you love someone let them go’?
And then you’ll see their true feelings show.
Well that’s what I’m planning to do
Because I feel that I honestly do love you.
But to know your true feelings towards me
This is how things are gonna have to be..
So I’m leaving you alone
As the words I want to speak are, for now, postponed.
This is gonna hurt me worse than it will for you
Because this is something I don’t wanna do..
And maybe if you prove to me you truly care,
I will remain to show that I will always be there.
So for now I have nothing more
Then my final words: ‘te amo mi amor’

This post was submitted by stephiee.

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