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It’s You

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It’s you
that has changed everything in my life
can’t you see that ?
It’s you
that made me feel right
can’t you see that ?
It’s you
that made my day
can’t you see that ?
It’s you
that i miss everyday
can’t you see that ?
it’s you
that is still in my heart
can’t you see that ?

This poem was written/submitted by me.


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When you asked me
I shouldn’t have said yes

It went downhill from there
I shouldn’t have listened to people
I should have heard myself

You said those words to me
We should break up

It was easy liking you
But it’s hard forgetting you

Its time for me to move on
You asked another girl

I lost you as a friend
I wish that with time it can mend

Just let me say
I made the mistake.

This poem was written/submitted by tori.

Message In A Bottle

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It’s been a few years since you left
I feel as though it was yesterday
Summer nights By the lake
God, i wish you’d stay

I long for you my dear
When i think of you I stumble
Like a city Falling down
As it feels the rumble

I know you want the fame
Along with that comes wealth
Rising up Like a star
I wish you knew my health

As i lay in this cold bed
Thinking of my bold cancer
Feeling timid Very weak
I dream of you, a dancer

I hope you find this letter
Sailing the ocean blue
Those three words
I once said You make me say, I Love You.

This poem was written/submitted by Brett Galloway.

I Remember

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Last time we spoke
the silence still hadn’t been broken
we talked to each other with words unspoken
simply looked you in the eyes
still wondering why??
gave you back your hood
the one i just loved to wear
you gave me back the picture frame
that held that memory from our first date
to this day i sit alone in my room
wishing you’d call me boo
walking in the halls
or even down the street
i hear our song and makes me feel weak
the internal connection
that cause my heart to become inflicted
the emotional detachment that i have to make
and that one fatal memory
i have stored in my mind forever
all i can say is
I Remember…….
May 16, 2011 Monday 5:28 P.m.

This poem was written/submitted by Crystal Gotay .

A Love Poem For Mama

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Mama, thank you for teaching me to speak,
the most beautiful and sweet words,
and leading me to the most wonderful place.
Thank you for teaching me to pray,
and helping me to learn my ABC’s.
Thank you for your undying love and protection.
Thank you for your constant guidance and reminders.
Thank you for your endless forgiveness and acceptance.
Thank you for your consistent sympathy and compassion.
Thank you for your unfailing support and encouragement.
Mama, there were a lot of things that I should tell you.
But right now, I only want you to know
I love you very much.
I would always be grateful to God,
for sending me a real angel, Mama.

This poem was written/submitted by Rowena Napuli.

True Story

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I sit here wondering each and everyday,
you seem to be pushing me away,
I don’t understand why you are being this way?
You slowly stopped talking to me,
And didn’t answer my calls,
I often lay there crying on the floor,
I didn’t know what to do anymore,
where to turn to next?
I had had it with your bullshit,
I didn’t want to hear your lies,
Every time i asked you,
You just said you couldn’t get online
But i knew your password,
And what you were telling me was all a big lie!
You talked to all those other girls,
But never bothered to type my name,
This was just like one of your silly games
I grew tired of this,
sick of the tears you caused me to cry,
I asked you: Baby do you still love me,
Or am i hanging on for dear life?
What he told me had broken my little heart,
I just didn’t understand why he led me on from the start?
Why did you let me hang onto something that wasn’t even there?
That had just disappeared into thin air.
And your reason is: You didn’t really care,
Your feeling were never there,
He said this is goodbye,
Don’t ever call again!

This poem was written/submitted by Krystal Farrell.

Dear boy <3

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I write you this last love letter,
to remind you i still care,
Even though your feelings,
have disappeared into thin air,
I always have loved you,
From the very start,
I fell for you,
and oh boy i fell hard,
You were only in sixth grade,
and love was never there,
But for some reason i had this feeling,
and i couldn’t help but stare.
I never thought you would actually realize i was even there,
You walked up to me and said hello,
The feeling those words gave me,
had a power deep below,
we kept on talking,
and soon became friends,
I liked you more then you would ever know,
I fancied you more then a friend.
Day after day,
I waited for you to show,
but everyday was a dead beat,
a day full of sorrow,
no one ever told me that you moved,
How this feeling left me,
Not a single tear could soothe,
the constant aching in my heart,
The way i loved you from the start.
So you see.
This love didn’t only just begin,
You only just decided to realize it was there,
But you ripped my heart apart,
You have lost me now,
and you will never find another girl,
who will love you as much as i do,
so have fun picking up the pieces of my heart,
They can’t just be super glued .

This poem was written/submitted by Krystal Farrell.

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