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Day And Sunlight

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When the sun falls
It leaves a pink dust horizon
When the moon rises
The darkness falls
Little light shine in the sky
Every thing falls asleep
But not the ocean or the wind
They gust against each other
With no anger but love
A bigger light comes into sight
It is our moon
It shines over the water with perfect
Circle and leaves a path of sparkles
Its quiet no one speaks
Only wind whispers quietly
Now the sun rises with perfect
Pink line across the sky
And little breeze
The moon, ocean and the wind
Go to sleep
As we wake up
To go to work and school!

This post was submitted by Lesya Fillatti.


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You carried me the moment i was inside..
the bulging of your tummy now cant hide
your life was turn upside down
yet no one makes you down

your love is so unconditional
you wash me when i was a little kid
love to kiss my toes and tuck me to bed
then i have grown,still you you’re there
that no one did..

i love you,Mama
is all i can say
a longer years of existence i pray,
so can give back the undying love you gave me.

This post was submitted by rolenie abiera.

You were once my friend

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I lost so many friends and gained a few

But there’s one that I’ll never forget

That person was like family to me a real true friend

Till one day that person betrayed me

Its hard to believe someone so close to me

would ever want to do something like this

I trusted that person with everything

I was willing to die next to their side till the very end

Didn’t matter how bad life would get

that person was there through thick and thin

Yet somehow I was just used and betrayed

It still blows my mind that someone you call a real friend

someone you would consider family would do something like this

There really is no one to trust with your life

You can try and say you got my back

But its people like you i got to watch myself out for

Unless I want to be back stabbed and played the fool

I got a few close friends I can tell things

But not everything

I’ll never really trust anyone to the full extent

I’ll keep building walls as you keep trying to break them down

I’ll feed you lies making you think

That you and me have something special that we only share

Don’t really want to hear what you have to say

Don’t really care if you decided to leave today

I’m used to people walking out on me when I needed them the most

I”m used to hearing people say how their true and will always be there

When I need you the most somehow you disappear nowhere to be found

One thing I learned is the things I do, I do it for me

Not to impress anyone anymore

But to really satisfy my needs

Its sad that you were once my friend Now I don’t even know the person you are today

This post was submitted by Lupe.

Regret Tastes

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Regret tastes of ash, and it breaks my heart of stone.
Too long with your photo I have sat here all alone.

Wishing brings the heart ache, it brings the memories.
Night time brings the sorrow, and slumber brings the dreams.

In my dreams I am happy, for there you’re in love with me.
But with the morning comes the truth, and with the truth comes misery.

The tears bring regret, and the cycle starts anew.
For regret tastes of ash, as my stone heart breaks for you.

This post was submitted by Reece Prothero.

Oh Mosquito

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Oh mosquito come have your delight,
Take away the peace of this silent night,
For in this silence with his memories I reunite,
A union that shall never again see daylight.

Come fill my ears with your loud buzz,
So I may forget his musical voice,
And expunge those unfulfilled promises,
Forever from my conscious.

Tire me out completely,
Till my eyelids close effortlessly,
So much that I sleep without a dream,
And wake up without any knowledge of him.

This post was submitted by Nusratt.


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As life goes on,
Day by day,
You learn not to care,

The ones you loved,
The ones you trusted,
Betray you.
You learn not to care.

They get your hopes up,
Then let you down,
And once again you learn not to care.

You never see it coming,
Like a bullet through your hear.

As life goes on,
You’ll learn to care,
You’ll learn to love,
You’ll learn to live.

This post was submitted by Cheyanne vankeuren .

Your Love Was A Lie

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When you said “i love you”,
you were only trying to be nice,
but it was all lies,
my fate was never decided,
like the roll of dice,
now my heart only cries,
which only drops tears of ice,
i was always wise,
even when saying a foul,
i thought twice,
bcoz i never wanted to break my ties.
i keep wishing i get out of this nightmare,
bcoz its not fair,
you always leave me in the middle of nowhere,
and still i think of your welfare,
bcoz for you only i care.
i hope you are happy,
bcoz im giving it my all,
acting like i never care,
i sold my soul.

This post was submitted by waleed hashem.

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