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You say sweet words to me and make me happy,
you make my heart jump, and make me blush
will you let me be a woman in your arms
will you love me?
You say words that doesn’t make any sense.
you make me com fussed and make me when cry.
will you tell me what you think?
you say one thing and act another.
will you make up your mind?

i do love you, and you know that.
i also know you dont love me. but would you try?

This post was submitted by DD.

My one and Only

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He is my everything my one and only,
He makes my hying my heart sing,
He’s got that something special,
He is my everything my one and only,
He never leaves me lonely,
He is my everything my one and only.

This post was submitted by Kierra.

Stay Strong

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You Ask If I Still Love Him? The Answer Is No.

But If You Wanted The Truth, I’d Say ‘I Dont Know’.

Because I Did Love Him, That I Wont Deny.

Although Forgetting About Him, I Did Try.

I Was Strong, when He Put Me Through It All.

It’s Almost Like He Pushed Me, And Wanted Me To Fall.

I Stood Up, Through All Of The Pain.

I Never Gave In, To His Stupid Game’s.

I Smiled Through The Tear’s, Never Did I Cry.

Im Not Giving Him That Satisfaction To His Eye’s.

I Have My Dignity, In My Heart I Had Won.

From Trouble’s In My Life, I Will Never Run.

This post was submitted by Jessi.

Melting Eyes

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So hot
melting my eyes into hazy puddles
turning my blood
to lava in my veins
i can’t move–
my joints have fused together
and i can’t think
because flames are devouring my brain.

and yet, i enjoy this
i let my skin turn a crispy black
let my fears melt away
as fire eats away at my body.

i close my eyes
because this will all be over when i open them…
if i ever open them…

This post was submitted by Sara Briscoe.

Fight or Die

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For you my foe,
On the end of this night,
My heart’s in your hands,
I can no longer fight,

Look in my eyes,
I have no more fear,
You’ve caused so much pain,
I can’t find a tear.

Whisper your lies,
Tell me I’m right,
I’ll walk away
Without even a fight.

I’ll nod and go on,
Living these lies,
I’ll throw my mask on,
And live in disguise.

From person to person,
It won’t be the same,
Even if they know,
The best part of the game.

So watch as I leave,
As I turn around and see,
The beautiful person,
Who’ll never know me.

This post was submitted by Mike Devenpeck.

Diamonds So Bright

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The way her eyes sparkle like diamonds so bright.
The way her lips taste like apples so sweet.
Really knocks me off my feet.

The way her touch sets me on fire.
The way her lovely scent lingers.
The soft feel of her hair on my fingers.

The way she always make me feel.
A lasting love that is so real.

This post was submitted by Lamar Cole.

Yet Again..!

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I hear a stranger knocking at my door
There is an awaiting adventure, I do not wish to explore.

My heart trembles with fear
As I foresee a story yet to unfold.

The last time I loved,
I lost and was left alone.

I still remember aching with that excruciating pain
Tears flooding my eyes like torrential rains.

But no one really cared
I felt left alone and so sad.

With time my bruises are healed.
The scars of fraud I have learnt to conceal.

Yet again now, I hear a known sound,
Go O’ stranger go,
For this time I will not answer the door.

This post was submitted by Varsha.

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