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Yet Again..!

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I hear a stranger knocking at my door
There is an awaiting adventure, I do not wish to explore.

My heart trembles with fear
As I foresee a story yet to unfold.

The last time I loved,
I lost and was left alone.

I still remember aching with that excruciating pain
Tears flooding my eyes like torrential rains.

But no one really cared
I felt left alone and so sad.

With time my bruises are healed.
The scars of fraud I have learnt to conceal.

Yet again now, I hear a known sound,
Go O’ stranger go,
For this time I will not answer the door.

This post was submitted by Varsha.

It’s A Crime

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If loving you is a crime, I’m doing life.
If beauty was a cut, you’d be a knife.
If kindness was measured in height,
you’d fly with the birds.
i think i shall end now, for I’m all out of words.

This post was submitted by Linnell Doolan.

She is Amazing

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She is amazing
she is gorgeous
she is the best
she is beautiful
she is the most cutest thing alive
she has a very special place in my heart
she means the world to me
she helped me through the ups and downs
shes always there for me
she always guides me to the right path
she helps me with her advices
she understands me
she made me laugh when i cried
she is the best friend i’ve ever had in my life
and today is a special day
today is her birthday
today is the birthday of the most important person in my life
i wish her a happy birthday
i wish her all the best
i want all her wishes and dreams to come true
i want her to know that i adore her
i want her to know that shes my life and my everything
i want her to know that i love her more than anything and anyone
i want her to know that i love her with every single piece in my heart
i want her to know that i love everything we shared together ,
our crazy moments
i want to thank her for everything
i want to tell her that i miss her so much
miles away will never make us apart.
i wish i could hug her right now and be with her on this special day
and finally i want to tell her HAPPY BIRTHDAY
hanya sweilam i can never imagine my life without you
i adore you and ill always do
i will NEVER let you go

This post was submitted by mona ossama.

Internal Turmoil

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My secret pains deep in my chest,
Your lies cause me in emotional unrest,
From a friendship to a deeper more,
Both are dead in my core.

The rotting corpse of a love that once was,
So passionate, intense, trusting, without clause.
Now inside me is completely distressed,
My happiness has been suppressed.

I wonder how love evolves into nothing,
Love for me, have you been bluffing?
You loved me once, at least I thought,
But now you leave my heart to rot.

This post was submitted by Melissa Wilson.

“Holy Spirit Divine.”

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Holy Spirit Divine,
fill my bottle with this new wine.
You will lead me through trials that purify me, true.
My heart will come out as sparkling gold,
bless me, Lord, as I praise you.

Holy Spirit Divine,
guide these feet of mine.
Straight and narrow they go,
on a Heavenly path, I know.

Holy Spirit Divine,
God, you’re with me the whole time.
You guide me the whole way.
You’re only a prayer away.
Holy Spirit Divine.

This post was submitted by Jason Kirk Bartley.

I Cry Out

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In the dead of the night.
When all is out of sight. . .
I cry out your name.
I cry out your name to see if you’d hear.
I cry out your name to see if you’re near.
I cry out your name because I am hurt.
My name my name, you will hear.
My name my name, you will hold dear.
My name my name, will keep you near.
Because my name my name is with you dear.
In your heart,
For there is why it had start.
In your heart,
Our love is c l e a r .

This post was submitted by Audre.

Right to break the heart?

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Why do we hurt the other’s hearts?
Why do we break the others hopes?
It’s just for fun, or thats the life?
Do we have right to cause a pain?
When outside is so much rain!
Just give the warm, forgive yourself
And love you friend like cool of rain
In sunny day, or moony night
Do we have right to hurt the hearts?
Do we have time in our lives to hurt, to cry?
Just smile and love, and feel beloved
Just call or write, then say good-bye
With hope to see your friend again
To share thoughts, to split that day
Of happiness and sorrow! HEY!!!………….
And then at night, when moon is white
Just think – if you have right
To hurt the heart, the other’s heart?

This post was submitted by D.J..

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