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Where is there anything so precious?
I have looked everywhere.
On land and in the sea
In the sky and underground

Diamonds, rubies, and emeralds
Crystals, topaz, and quartz
No matter how beautiful they can’t
Compare to the memories of family

Mother, Father, Aunt, Uncle
Brother, Sister, Cousin
Grandmother, Grandfather
All members of a thing called Family

This post was submitted by Charlie Night .

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs

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Dogs, Dogs, Dogs
They are so good
They can go through logs
Even if they eat a lot of food

They are so loyal
They are faithful
You can’t wrap them in foil
They aren’t very careful

They run and jump
They sometimes run around
In the dirty dump
They hear so very far a sound

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs
They are so good
They can go through logs
Even if they eat a lot of food.

This post was submitted by Charlie Night .


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Nature, so beautiful, so mysterious
In nature we get in a lot of trouble Because we are so very curious
In nature we sometimes stumble and tumble
The very trees and bushes
Are full of wonder
The water in nature sometimes gushes
And we wonder if we grow even fonder
The animals are very bright
No matter what we think
I always see them in a different light
But never in pink

Nature, nature, so very beautiful
We sometimes forget to be extra careful.

This post was submitted by Charlie Night .

Forever Apart

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We walk by each other
in the hall our eyes meet
in that one look we see our love

We ache for another
but we can never, ever
be together
we will be apart, forever

Our body belongs
to others but
our hearths belong
to each other

Through all the
pain, sorrow, hate
we never stopped
loving for one another

We both thought
that we would lose the other
but the love between us
is stronger than we ever thought

All this is shared
in just a look and
when it has passed
we just go the other way

Forever Apart, Never Together.

This post was submitted by Charlie Night .

So She Said Goodbye

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At the park

Down the street

I met a boy who was so sweet

There he took my heart from me

And now he wants to set it free

He sat another girl upon his knee

And told her things he never told me

That night i cried upon my bed

Not another thing was said

My parents came home late that night

And searched my room from left to right

They searched my room with so much hope

But found me hanging from a rope

On the floor there was a note-

“dig my grave and dig it deep

Lay a stone above my feet

On that stone lay a dove

To show the world i died for love”

This post was submitted by Bella.

Another Heartbreak

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I put out my hand
and give you my heart
but you handed it back
as you tore it apart.
You said you cared
but that turned out to be a lie
Now I feel like
I want to die.
I cried and cried
hoping the pain would go away.
But it didn’t because I cried
some more the very next day.
You got the best of me,
I admit its true
but I can’t help feeling
the way that i do about you.
So I’m letting you know
that you broke my heart
but I’m picking myself back up
instead of just falling apart.
This is the end.
I don’t think i can try to be
your friend.

This post was submitted by Arabella Reynolds.


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As i wake up this morning,
From a dreaming evening,
My feelings where directed,
To a girl i really wanted.
A girl full of love,
A girl full of care,
A girl full of like,
A girl of every man’s dream.
She is a replica of a mother,
The carbon copy of a father,
The innocence of a sister,
The braveness of a brother,
She is the world greatest,
With her by my side,
My world will never go blue,
And my life will be complete.

This post was submitted by Diange Emile.

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