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So Good

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When I think of Jesus , I feel so good .
When I trust Him fully , it feels so good.

When I read His Words , I feel so good..
When I share Him with others makes me feel so GOOD.

It feel so good just knowing JESUS always cares.

This poem was written/submitted by valerie of svg.

I Want To Be Yours

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Whenever i see u smiling
i just want to smile back……,but
the smile won;t break up through my serious thoughts
i asked myself…”why and why”
but myself…….would not answer me..
i feel deserted whenever i see u smiling lonely
without getting a response smile
and still continuing to smile at me again and again

I see you from the corners of my eyes…everyday
i can see u looking at me everyday..
i can see u peeping at me
and putting together that warm smile of yours.

This poem was written/submitted by zerinah.


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Love can be different,
it can be tough
it can be short
it can be long
it can be easy
But not all love is different
Its pretty much the same.

This poem was written/submitted by Dejah .

Read Me

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When I wrote you a love letter,
Everything was holding me back–
Too many forces
My skin divorced from myself
All that was left
Was a skeleton walking on its own

Picking up a pen…
Was it ever this hard?
Writing what I felt…
Every word should catch you off guard

Since I’ve scared you off,
Should I try again?
I’m full of worry that I can’t amend
A fowl play

Who knew that ink
Could erase all our precious moments
Who knew that time
Could make us each others distant memories

I think I’ve felt enough
Reality’s given me first class seats
Hope lingers and that’s what keeps
Me loving you.

This poem was written/submitted by Faradae Renner.


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When you feel alone
feeling that there is no one
dnt hesitate to look up above

above the is a man who is always available
he is never too busy to hear your story
or to solve your problem
or to wipe your tears

any thing that is making your life hard
its just for a moment
we are going home
were there are no sorrows nor death and pain

just kneel down and look up above
there is a master who make impossibilities to be possible.

This poem was written/submitted by Mgilane Yoliswa.

Jailed in My Thoughts

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I’m sitting here,
thinking about myself,
about my life.
Is this the life I wanted to live?
There are these moments, I feel jailed.
…Feeling like in an another world,
Every day I look in the mirror,
but all I can see is a desperate girl,
full with pain from past,
without any help,
looking for a way out.
The little glimmer of light I had is gone now.

This poem was written/submitted by Alice.


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I’ve just looked at myself in the mirror,
My God! what a terrible sight,
Eyes are all bleary and bloodshot
As if I’ve been boozing all night.

My nose is too large and it’s ugly,
It’s oozing all over my face,
And the place that I think that my mouth is
Is nowt but a blooming great space.

My five o’clock shadow looks dirty,
My forehead is wizened and lined.
People with faces like mine is
Ought to be heavily fined.

The effect that it must have on children
Is shattering, and on the old.
I should have been exterminated
At birth, or so I’ve been told.

My hair is all wild and unruly,
There are bags hanging under my eyes,
My cheeks are all hollow and sunken,
For my looks they don’t give a prize.

Still, I’ve got quite a wonderful nature,
I’m generous, good-hearted, and kind,
Perhaps I’ll get lucky and marry
A good looking girl who is blind.

This poem was written/submitted by Ken Carter.

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