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The Beauty

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Back in the interiors of the crosswalk
The succession of the blissful scenes
On the walls of the word beautiful
stood an angel in the form of flesh
Her smile as lovely as the lilies in autumn
Her eyes glimmer in the colors of gold
I saw the contours of her body
The pride and priceless velvet skin
I swear the look on her face could move mountains
A feel of her touch and you’ll be nowhere but next to paradise
I wanted to hold her close
But she was so far away
Yet I feared neither distance nor time
For her image was just an inch away
I call her a star in my universe
The living of my nights
The glitters of my day
She is all that matters and still is
The beauty in me.

This post was submitted by Michael Femi damilola.

It Hurts

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It hurts when you know its over
When you wake up and find out your idol of joy is gone
When you can’t work with all vim and vigor anymore
All because you lost a heart to another
Its like the world is crushing down on you
Like the arrows that sphere up the world are headed in your direction
You fall when the ground has no space for you
You cry when all faces are smiling at you
It really hurts when its over
Especially when you lose someone you LOVE
It really hurts.

This post was submitted by Michael Femi damilola.

Only You

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It is so dark and dead
Every moment I open the pages of my past
There is something I never understand
like a part of me is yelling for light
But the moment you took that pathway and came in sight
And gave that face that brightened your smile
You filled every bit and tint of my broken memory
And answered the question i’d longed to ask
Then I knew even down the rope of life
A smile costs as much as a life
There were those who left traceable traits in my heart.
Those who left theirs footprints imprinted like a scar
I thought they would stay but they didn’t
They just faded away
Like the sun at sunset
But you came with your wings of flight
And took me to a land called paradise
If there’s someone who gives life a meaning
And makes me cherish every moment alive
Then it’s you. Only you

This post was submitted by Michael Femi damilola.

Lonely But Beautiful

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I am lonely but beautiful
trusty worthy and studious
a woman with flaws and high protection walls
beautiful and black,how about that

I am lonely that is so true
Why am I lonely ?
Are you?

Educated and faithful
just to name a few
beautiful, lonely, and black ….

What about you?

This post was submitted by April Monique Coleman.


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O wonder if you lonely when you die,
and i wonder if you can feel pain,
i wonder if you can be sad and cry,
and i wonder how many people go insane
but i will ask them one day,
just to see what they say,
i wonder if they say its the life,
or if they say its to much strife
but the day i ask them i wont wonder
just bcoz that days near, and i cant wait.

This post was submitted by shontara sarah gale.

The Path To Follow

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Here I sit,
As I dream of it
A future with no tomorrow.
I press my days,
And keep my gaze
A life with no sorrow.
My peace of mind,
I leave behind
My dreams I’d like to follow.
And with each stride,
I take in pride
Dreaming the better tomorrow.
No feat is to weary,
Or obstacle too scary
For my dreams I will not shadow.
My head held high,
I cannot shy
On the path I’ve begun to follow.

This post was submitted by Amanda.

Lies & Broken Promises

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Lies continue to be told
All my tears, I cannot hold.
What keeps me having hope, I may never know.
But I know that if you love me, you never let it show.
I’ve grown tired of your “apologies”
All the worthless Sorries.
Yet I continue to hold hope to the future that we shall not have together.
You say you know you hurt me, but yet you cause me pain that lasts forever.
Please, if you dont love me, set me free.
It’s worth it although it will hurt Ainsley.
Every night i dream….of a perfect us.
Where there’s love….and bundles of trust.
Happy I am, until I wake.
Realizing the truth, I begin to shake.
Tears begin to fall, washing away the smile that was once there.
Words cannot express how much I care.
Weather you do or not, Is a mystery.
Are you going to let the story of us end here, and become history?
Loving someone shouldn’t hurt me.
But I guess I’ll continue to dream of how we should be.
One day I”ll get the courage to leave you.
And maybe you’ll realize how my love was true.
Sadly those things shall never happen, so for now all i ask of you is…….
Never tell me you love me, until you are ready to mean it.

This post was submitted by Isis Arboleda.

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