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One Dream

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I have given up the fight
But keeping the feelings deep in my heart
And no matter how wrong it may seem
Being with you will always be my one dream.

This post was submitted by monina.

The Expiration Date

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There is a time in life, when everything must cease.
When life and it’s breaths disappear with rapid ease.
The things that were, like our dreams become deceased.
Each breathe we took, its usefulness we overlooked.
In truth we told each countless lie –
In thoughtlessness causing broken hearts to cry.
Told we were to live each day like it were our last
Instead we lived each day like blast
In spite, on friends we turned,
On immorality our bodies yearned.
The day, the hour, the age unknown
THe end, its woes and visions foretold
What becomes of man on that day?
What becomes of you on that day?
From dust we came, to dust we shall return;
The Expiration Date.

This post was submitted by Tracy.


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I have felt rejection
And pain that never goes
I’ve endured the worst of cruelty
And shame that never shows

I’ve taken all the outbursts
Without the chance to speak
Reduced to tiny pieces
Because someone else was weak

I’ve been left alone to lick my wounds
No privacy to weep
And for the chance of happiness
My silence I must keep

It is a burden I must shoulder
And never try to share
Because when I really needed love
I found it was not there.

This post was submitted by P Murphy.


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For all the things we’ll never have
And all the plans that failed
For all the countries we never saw
Or the seas we never sailed

For all the promises that were never kept
Or the dreams that weren’t complete
For the shallowness of all the words
And the thoughts that were too deep

For all these things, I apologize
And now that we are through
I am so sorry for everything
Except for loving you.

This post was submitted by P Murphy.

For Every….

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For every up there is a down
For every smile there is a frown
For every right there is a wrong
For every weak there is a strong
For every truth there is a lie
For every low there is a high
For every shame there is conceit
For every envy there is deceit
For every comfort there is a pain
For every warrior there is a slain
For every cruel there is a kind
For every lost there is a find
For every tie there is a bound
For every silence there is a sound
For every doubt there is belief
For every anguish there is relief
For every cut there is a scar
For every was there is an are
For every happy there is despair
For every broken there is repair
For every nightmare there is a dream
For every solo there is a team
For every blindness there is a see
For every you there is a me.

This post was submitted by P Murphy.

An Immortal Love

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Have you ever witnessed the apple fall.
Have you experienced love beyond a mortals dream?
Or a look that commands the Stars to shine.
Can you imagine a smile that humbles all that paradise has to offer.
Such a love chose my heart, my dreams,
And turned my darkness, into a new sunrise
Where love opened my eyes to a beautiful new world

That day the heavens witnessed me falling from the tree of love
To be consumed by this girl, with a voice to grace
The silence of any virgin valley.
A kiss soft, moist, like the birth of a rainbow
With An embrace to make the bluebells of spring bow their heads
Leaving me with a desire, to stop time,
A moment of love, to last forever

But lovers fears, led to lovers tears
And the west wind took her away
To a place where another happiness bloomed
And my dreams followed in dusts embrace.

This lost love I keep locked away
Deep within my soul
Now and then it escapes
Consuming me in hopeless longing

A trigger for Suicidal thoughts,
In the darkness, Just before Dawn.
A burden to my being, never to be lifted.
This love is my only Companion
For when my time comes

I will take this burden with me
A comfort through The Valley of death
A thing of beauty to show God
A love to keep for 1 day more than Eternity
My long lost Love, My moment in this life.
So remember my tale, and cherish what you have,
Do not pick up this pen, go kiss your love
And forget me.
Perhaps I will find my kiss in eternity.

This post was submitted by steven Cooke.

She is everything

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She is free spirited
That’s why i was inherited
She is like a dove
I was so easy to fall in love

She is so funny
Like a cute bunny
She is so sweet
Like a bird tweet

I was like a tormented soul
Now i am a free tool
Because all of her love
I wasn’t able to sob

She is so beautiful
And so thoughtful
She is everything
I wouldn’t exchange for anything.

This post was submitted by Anthony Gentilezo.

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