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I Miss

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There is a glass wall
Between us
But I can’t see through
All I can see is
How much I’m missing you
I miss your touch,
I miss your taste,
I miss your smile,
I miss your face,
I miss the way you
Make me laugh
When I’m feeling down,
I miss you from day to day
I hope we never part
and that you are
Here to stay.

This post was submitted by Tigerbabe.


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<3Love is something everyone has, Its something everyone does; You can't stop it. Love should have no boundries. Just let it be, dont let anyone Come between that. Love any one person you Want to no matter what; Because when its gone Your going to regret it. So love with out regrets!<3

This post was submitted by Savannha Barto.

God You Are My Everything

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In so many thing
And in every thing
Without u there’s no possibility
There’s no positivity
Always negativity
Thank God i found u
You are my every thing
You are my destiny
And this reality.

This post was submitted by James Jaly (Kambala).

One Dream

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I have given up the fight
But keeping the feelings deep in my heart
And no matter how wrong it may seem
Being with you will always be my one dream.

This post was submitted by monina.

The Expiration Date

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There is a time in life, when everything must cease.
When life and it’s breaths disappear with rapid ease.
The things that were, like our dreams become deceased.
Each breathe we took, its usefulness we overlooked.
In truth we told each countless lie –
In thoughtlessness causing broken hearts to cry.
Told we were to live each day like it were our last
Instead we lived each day like blast
In spite, on friends we turned,
On immorality our bodies yearned.
The day, the hour, the age unknown
THe end, its woes and visions foretold
What becomes of man on that day?
What becomes of you on that day?
From dust we came, to dust we shall return;
The Expiration Date.

This post was submitted by Tracy.


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I have felt rejection
And pain that never goes
I’ve endured the worst of cruelty
And shame that never shows

I’ve taken all the outbursts
Without the chance to speak
Reduced to tiny pieces
Because someone else was weak

I’ve been left alone to lick my wounds
No privacy to weep
And for the chance of happiness
My silence I must keep

It is a burden I must shoulder
And never try to share
Because when I really needed love
I found it was not there.

This post was submitted by P Murphy.


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For all the things we’ll never have
And all the plans that failed
For all the countries we never saw
Or the seas we never sailed

For all the promises that were never kept
Or the dreams that weren’t complete
For the shallowness of all the words
And the thoughts that were too deep

For all these things, I apologize
And now that we are through
I am so sorry for everything
Except for loving you.

This post was submitted by P Murphy.

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