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Missing You…

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Seeing the autumn leaves fall,
It’s so different without having you by my side,
To embrace the incoming winter.
You’ve Been gone for so long now,
and though You live down the street i stay away cause I don’t want you in trouble.
I still miss you every single day…..

This post was submitted by Nyssa C..

Broken Wings

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I listen to my tears
As they hit the floor
I live with my fears
When they come to knock on my door
I fear things I shouldn’t have to
I dread things I feel
I’m scared to listen to hear you
And all the things that aren’t real
I wish you’d let me cope
Feel the hurt fly away
But I feel no hope
So I live day by day
I can’t see the light
Blinded by your soul
I can’t take flight
Because my broken wings were never made whole.

This post was submitted by Kathrine.

Why I Love You?

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I ask to my heart,
i ask to my brain,
to tell me the simplest way:
in which i can forget you,
they just don’t replied,
but told me the time,
when i was with you,
when i smile with you,
but i replied them with an anger mind,
why don’t you tell me that WHY DO I LOVE HIM!?

This post was submitted by mahnoor.


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I can not hear you,
I can not see you,
I can not touch you,
But i feel u around me always,
I know you are there,
Deep inside,
Hidden in my heart,
This is where you are,
This is where you belong,
It’s been so long
I miss you,
Every breath i take,
Brings me a step closer to you,
Sometimes i wish i didn’t have to wait,
To be with you,
To see you,
To hear you,
To touch you,
To feel your arms around me,
Holding me tight,
Keeping me safe
I love you mom
Always and forever.

This post was submitted by jeannette.


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Our timing was great..
then i blew it
Our timing was off..
my fault
Our timing was better..
but i couldn’t tell
Our timing was standing on a bridge..
and i fell in love again..

Now I’m just waiting for you to fall too.

This post was submitted by lizz.

Bad Friend

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I can’t trust you.
I don’t want to.
You choose sides.
You don’t choose my side.
You’re not a good friend.
You have to be right.
You have to be the cool one.
I don’t like you.
I don’t want to be friends.
But, sometimes,
I look back and think of our memories.
Then, I think of how stupid they were,
and a waste of time.
Thanks, Bye.

This post was submitted by lizz.

Heart Broken

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There was a woman, I dearly loved.
A day has come & now she’s gone.
Heart broken and crushed,(pause) feeling all alone.
With no more blood coursing through my veins,
wondering if I can make it, even another day.
I struggle to push on in this day to day life, feeling
like I want to take my own life.
My soul mates gone and life’s in shambles, I’m really
not sure where I’ll go from here.
With some help from God and best friend, I moved past,
the one who ripped my heart out and made me almost, not last.
I still feel like a Tin Man to this very day, cause I’m afraid
If I let someone in, I won’t survive another day.

This post was submitted by Terry (TK) .

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