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Alone in the Dark

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Just lying here in the Dark
tears away my lonely Heart
for I am one just lost soul
awaiting the sun to awake my Home

I think of all these Nights to come
and dread the day when it is done
why carry on with this lonely Heart
lets make an End and begin a new start

I know just yet it will not stop
so whats my choice believe it or not
just to lye here in the Dark
and face my Life when it is so Hard.

This poem was written/submitted by Edge.

I Cried

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When I was a baby, I cried.
I cried because I was hungry.
I cried because I was tired.
I cried too when I was uncomfortable.
I cried because that was what I was able to do.

When I was older I cried.
My tears were now of sadness.
My tears were now of sorrow.
My tears were now of pain.
With joy my tears came back again.

Now I am old I no longer cry.
Tears are for the young.
I have forgotten the sadness.
I have forgotten the sorrow.
I have forgotten the pain.
But the joy I felt comes back again.

I am surrounded by my memories.

This poem was written/submitted by Diana Fredriksson.

Another Day

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Another day, another memory
Another tear, another testimony
My heart breaks into a scream
I can tell its just another dream.

The dark lights, The monsters and the silence
My mistakes challenge me. The ambiance
chases after me as time hides the scars
which will not be erased because it mars.

Regret. How long have i been
clothed in it? The God who is not seen
should please turn away from the blood on my hand
while i bury my shame under a pile of sand.

My sins laugh at me. Another day is here
Another tear. The hurt is still near.

This poem was written/submitted by Adesuwa Omeyimi Okoyomon.

A Journey To The Nature’s Lap

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I pushed my way through the mob in a run,
stepping on the train , to embrace the fun.
curling down the window i peeped out,
ready to drink in the nature with open snout.
As the train gathered speed honking soft and meek,
i felt the cool breeze brush my cheek.
Leaving behind the cement trees passing by,
awaiting a new world, calm and quiet i lie.
fast and swift we the enter the nature’s soft lap,
hearing it’s faint sounds drowning in,train’s jazz and rap.
Pretty peacocks and open blooms i see,
gathering honey, to home, returning every bee.
Wetting every tree and rock the cloud glided high,
covering every blue inch of the sky.
Fascinated i look out eyes wide as doe,
i let the rain sink to my heart washing every woe.
biting into a chocs , onto windowsill , my head bent
i savored with it the soil’s fresh scent.
piercing the cloud with it’s every ray,
the sun shimmered keeping the dark at bay.
Bringing to light it’s colorful bow,
it shot rays at it’s dark foe.
Charmed by the pretty sight we sprinted on,
entering the city’s din of the morn.
I started to pen down this beauty-without-a-flaw.
Framing it to a song, still filled in awe………….!!

This poem was written/submitted by Sanjay.

Dad In Heaven

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Saying goodbye wasnโ€™t easy,
we watched you suffer so
But the lord knew without this,
we could never have let you go.
I thank him for the strength he gave us,
to care for you each day
Although mostly heart breaking,
for special times where we would sing and play
I thank him for allowing us,
the time to show our love
to a man I called daddy,
who is now in heaven above.

This poem was written/submitted by Anita Leedale.

The Cause for Silence

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Silence is a weapon,
silence is defense,
silence is there for when nothing makes sense.
It hurts,
it heals,
it shows more wisdom then it feels.
For the rich,
for the poor,
it teaches patience ever more.
So be silent,
be content,
have some time to repent,
because silence is golden and everyone needs a little bit of gold in their life.

This poem was written/submitted by Dylan.

During a Lecture…

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During d morning, attending a lecture,
Sitting on a bench, I look around,
I can see through d window pane d beautiful nature,
& in d class all types of various activities I found ๐Ÿ˜€

Some f d students r constantly gossiping,
While some r deeply involved in drawing a picture.
Some others r busy in chatting & texting,
Some r thinking of bunking d next lecture ๐Ÿ˜›

Some r reading interesting novels, -_-
While some r creating unique fashion designs..;)
Other r fantasizing about the world’s marvels,
Or practicing different types f signs.

Then there are some who are sincere but r very few,
Who r continuously taking notes n paying attention.
D class is full of students old and new,
While d teacher is writing on d board n giving some explanation :V

There r also those who r least interested,
Of whats going in d class or whose taking d lecture,
Sitting on d last benches, they r irritated,
Still some r sleeping peacefully ignoring d teacher ๐Ÿ˜€

Several r having fun singing n laughing,
By playing pranks n throwing paper-balls at each other ๐Ÿ˜‰
While few r singing songs in class n r disturbing,
Others r lost deep in thoughts f sum1 or d other ๐Ÿ˜›

All of a sudden d bell rings,
& i soon realize d class has cum 2 an end,
maybe due to student’s wish and god’s blessings
& I wish like this all lectures we could spend ๐Ÿ˜€

This poem was written/submitted by Bhakti Prabhu.

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