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Memory Is All I Have…

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Life is cruel
Even when you have
The winter’s worth gruel.

Unable to bear the quaking chill
Innocents fall asleep
Never to see the day again…

You are one of them now…
Why? I ask: why did you not
Tell me that you were going?

Why did you try to run alone?
Here with me when you had a home?
Why did you leave me?

Did you not think
How it would shatter my heart
To see you lying there–so still,so cold…

You knew me when others didn’t
You came to me when others ran…
Then, why did you befriend the Black hand?

Why did you give up?
You always were a survivor…
What happened????

On my lap you used to play
Never caring about the day…
Now, your memory is all i have…

You have gone beyond
And i know i’ll never see you again
And that is such a pain…
Memory is all i have…

This post was submitted by Naini Kh.

Don’t Cry For What Is Not

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Don’t cry for what is not
Be happy for what you have got
You always aspire for what is unachievable
Thinking one day you may get it
Desiring one day you may find it
Hoping one day you may achieve it,
Let’s not cry for what is not
Be satisfied for what you have got
You always dream for what is unattainable
Thinking one day your dream may come true
Desiring one day your dream may be a reality
Hoping one day you may attain it.

Be happy for what you have got
But don’t stop and don’t cry
You can better try and try
Plan out things and strive for it
Keep your target always before you
Tread towards your target slowly but steadily,
Be happy for what you have got
But don’t be sad for what is lost
Don’t get dishearten for your lot
Row your boat till it comes to shore
Go with your efforts till it comes to success
Toil hard till the end of your strength.

Because the real happiness lies
Not in achieving the target
But in striving for it
Once it is done successfully
The result is inevitable and unstoppable.

This post was submitted by jyotipatil.

Irresistable Sin

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I’m just a step away
I can feel your radiant skin
Warmer than the month of May
Pulling me closer towards the irresistible sin

Just a inch further
Do I even need to think?
Did you know you’re the best lover
Within you, I’ll slowly sink.

& now that we’re already standing
Nose to nose, & lips to lips
I can feel my knees snapping
Still I rise on my toe tips

I can feel your breath,
crushing into mine
I can taste your sweat,
like the sea brine

I’m navigating through the map of your face
A little to the left, a little to the right
At that moment, we embrace
Mission accomplished, now I feel light

In the labyrinth of this pleasure
I don’t want to get my way out
Your sweetness I cannot measure
I never want to pull away, there’s no doubt.

This post was submitted by K J.


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i m fine
i m alright
i m strong
i am not going to cry
I dont want to cry
i dont want to talk
i dont want to laugh
Stop Pushing
Stop Calling
Stop Balling
over my well being
Im fine not blind
i need space i need
a place to think
In a blink im gone
Please dont cry
im happy where i am
Please im not dead im
in my bed . now i
rest my head .
Good-bye cancer good-bye lost ones
i rest in piece six feet deep . . .!

This post was submitted by soccer21girl21.

I Wonder

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Everybody wants to go to heaven
Nobody wants to die

Everybody wants to get without any reason
Nobody wants to give without any reason

Everybody wants to be the center of attraction
Nobody wants to give a damn to other peron’s feelings

Everybody wants to stay ahead of people
Nobody wants to give it a thought for the purpose he is ahead of people smarter than him

I wonder if former is possible without the latter.

This post was submitted by Jagdeep.

In the night

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Late at night when I lay in my bed,
your words running through my head,
I’m only thinking of you,
oh yes, that’s true…
So many questions are left to ask,
My heart is beating really fast,
I think of what’s gotten into me,
a covered desire,
an untold love,
dreams at day and night…
..and the day never ends,
Its all because of you,
deep inside my heart,
I know you are there,
but you dont know, how much I care…

This post was submitted by Alice.

Love Me For Who I Am

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I May Seem Ugly
Get To Know Me
Then Decide
If You Love Me
But Love Me For Who I Am
Not For How I Look.

This post was submitted by Stacie.

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