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You Said you would care
You Said you would be there
You Said I was your number one
You Said you’re done.
I feel like crying
I feel like dying
Why would you do that to me?
Why push me away?
You Said, “I promise.”
You Said, “I can’t do this.”
You Said, “Goodbye.”
I said, “Go die!”

This poem was written/submitted by Arjun.

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One deep breath and it will ease the pain
Two deep breaths and the pain will be gone
Close your eyes
See the pain is no longer there
Do you dare to open your eyes again?
The pain may recreate its self.
One eye open and the splinters of agony are there
Two eyes open and the sting is too much to sustain
Never should have opened your eyes.

This poem was written/submitted by Letisha Monteith.

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Without You.. My
Mind forgets to Think
Eyes forgets to Blink
Lungs forgets to Breathe
Ear forgets to Listen
Tongue forgets to Talk
Legs forgets to Walk

Come Back to me at least
before my Heart forgets to BEAT……

This poem was written/submitted by Prasad.

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Inside I cry I wont lie,
The words u say wont fade away,
With the light of another day
Thoughs not spoken,
Your words are broken
Turn my cheek, I can not speek,
With tears rolling down,
Will my heart ever be found,
Lost in Time I try to rewind,
Try to find were once again,
You are Always and Forever mine<3

This poem was written/submitted by Raeleen.

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i try to hug you,but you walk away
i tell you i love you, you say that’s okay
did i do something mummy to make you feel this way?
i love you still and more everyday and in my heart you will stay.
even though you will always walk away.
you dont make it easy but i can safely say mummy i still love you to this day.

This poem was written/submitted by anonymous.

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Love is a precious little feeling,
that makes you wander is this really real.
On days where your sitting there,
your thinking okay this can work.
Love is like a little hug
from a special person
that you love to share things with.
Everyone experiences love,
LIVE IT, dont regret it!

This poem was written/submitted by sarah .

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I think of you without control,

With my head heart and soul,

Your hair your eyes that are so green,

As beautiful as a sun filled scene,

Each day I wish to hold you near,

To spend one day or even year,

No longer will I shed a tear,

As now I live a life without fear,

To share good times, and bad times, without care,

and to know you will always be there.

This poem was written/submitted by Stephen Piper.

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