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One Day

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One day we shall meet again under the stars,
away from the noise and bustle of cars,
I will take you hand and place it to my heart,
Becuase love is a fine tuned art,

One day I will see your scruffy hair,
Your silohuette just standing there,
Your eyes will meet mine,
And that will be fine,

Becuase one day we shall be together,
And from that day on we shall be in each others arms forever!

This post was submitted by India Alice.

We Are Blessed

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The love from above from which we are blessed,
and the blood and the body from which he tests.

The sky up high from which we are seen,
and the water and the creatures from which he cleans.

We are the generations that are to cast,
for the world, it may never last.

As we get older the world grows bolder,
and as we treat it, we can no longer see it.

As we see the world today, our peace grows stronger,
for the world will soon come to a “judgement day!”.

This post was submitted by Austin M..


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You said you loved me
But you played me like a fool
I thought with you is were I would always be
But your friends ain’t find that to be cool
I really did put my trust in you
I thought the love we has was so true
I see that was the the wrong thing to do
Because on the side you already had someone new
On a scale from one to ten no matter what you came first
Some reason I thought you would always be mine.
Now I think being with you was the worst
And the whole time you was just lien
I thought we would be together in the end
It seemed like a fairy tale and I was shot by Cupid
You told me you just wanted to be friends
Now I look so stupid!

This post was submitted by Derricka Turner.

Love Always

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I let myself know its time to let go,
i let myself feel what i know is real,
i am not feeling sad i am not feeling mad
i know what i must do even though i don’t want to,
i am letting it go i am letting it be,
i let myself now finally see what was right in front of me
i held on too it so tight because it just felt so right
now i see it wasn’t meant to be,
I’ll remember the fun that we both had
the good times we shared and even the bad
but now it is gone and you know it is true but you should know ..
i will never forget you… ? ?

This post was submitted by larry.


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Winter brings thoughts of snow.
Snowmen, snow angels, snowball fights.
Winter brings thoughts of cold.
Cold noses, cold fingers, cold houses.
Thoughts of hot chocolate by the fireplace
Thoughts of a white Christmas
A year without snow is like a year without winter
The cold days are insulting, the snow never stays
One day of beautiful snow
Only to be ruined by a week of sun and warmth
Call me crazy, but I missed having a winter.

This post was submitted by Nakeeta.


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You have left without permission,

That’s why I’m in confusion,

In my heart and mind there’s a silly question,


And now I miss you,

But what shall I do..?

Will I just stare at your picture..?

And talk to it like the way I used to…

And now that I met you again..

I talk to you and asks what’s the problem..

And you tell me you’re jealous of him,

And bid me goodbye again…

How can I explain to you,

That all you’ve heard are not proven true….

Why don’t you listen to me,..?

As I tell you the whole story…

How can you trust me again..?

If you’re always believing on something.

Maybe I’ve mistaken

But not as worst as they are thinking…

This post was submitted by SUSMITHA ARA MAE FEUDO.


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Why I am sad?
Is it because of you?
Maybe yes but it’s not because of you
Reminiscing days are too sad to remember
But time comes and I really forget you.

This post was submitted by Enna Lorie.

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