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True Love

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Looking for love everywhere
Searched in your heart and found it there
This is no truth or dare
So lets live together in this square
My life use to be super lame
You appeared and gave it game
Damn right it aint the same
You may think im dramatic
No im not sarcastic
But my heart feels lik melted plastic
Help me escape all this tragic, im not fantastic
No i aint smart
But i got a heart
You make my heart skip a beat
I cant walk this world alone
So take my hand and take me home
Love kisses behind the building
But please dont play with my feelings
Call me a fag, jst know that i hurt but i got swagg
Im priceless so i dont wear a price tag
You make me happy and proud
So lets get high and walk on clouds
Make love and turn it wild
Until love makes us a child
But let me stop before i write a mile
Never forget i love you
Lets walk this earth as two.

This post was submitted by Johnny G.

Someone Said

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Oh! I’m old now or at least I feel I’m old.
But I don’t feel decrepit.
I don’t feel like losing any hold on life.
I don’t feel any less life in me.
I like being old.
Main struggle of life is over,
Having watched the fount of fiery life which served for that
The golden years have gone
But what if silvers years are shining
It’s a feeling of autumnal grace
No lamenting no worrying only feeling a bit changed,
Change for better not for worse,
Everything changes for good,
Don’t think to say me good bye early
I have the happiness that I have spent my youth cheerfully
Without much fever or fret of life
Full of activities what is in rife?
I have heard death is the end of life
The end of all the strife
But I have also heard end is the new beginning
And beginning is always fresh and serene
Lovely and charming, a welcome change,
Change needs a change in attitude
So I try to be jolly and not rough and rude.
Some one has rightly said, ‘add life to years
Don’t add years to life.’

This post was submitted by jyotipatil.

Jesus is King

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J-ustice is His Name
E-verlasting life &love does He gain
S-oft is His voice
U-niting with Him lets you rejoice
S-uperheroe 24/ 7

I-ntimacy with Christ is bigger than heaven
S-eventy times seven He forgives

K-now God’s word &pray to discover who He is
I-nvite Him into your heart
N-ever loose faith in Christ; Champion # 1. For
G-od is a God of His word:
the one who was & is & is to come

This post was submitted by charis777.

My Love

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I think of her always. My emotions at its peak
So much I want to say,
yet I m unable to speak

To see u smile
I’d walk down d Aile
Do d miles
And even swim d Nile.

For you my heat beats
Like I was robbed with deep heat
What more can I say
Your the reason I I’ve today

My paragon, my dove
Your the best ever
Sweeter Than sugar, my love
Let’s last forever.

This post was submitted by cooljoe.

The Greatest Pet Of Mine!

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Okay, well here’s my story
It may seem kind of boring
But when I was turning three
I got my first pet, you see
It was a boy named Tiger
He had grey, white and black fur
He was the greatest cat ever
I know I’ll love him forever
I’ve had him for twelve years
I’ve got to hold back my tears
It don’t seem sad to you, of course
Think like if you had a pet horse
Over holidays you shared and birthdays too
They are one of the things you don’t want to lose
You live with them long enough
Good times to the rough
They became part of your family long ago
You taught them everything they know
I wasn’t even there to say goodbye
I wish we would have more years before he died
It’s like losing a family member
He died 2011, the 12th of November
I wish I would have had just two more years
Before the day I regret came here
I wish I could turn back time
Tell him that he was the greatest pet of mine!
I really don’t want to cry
But why did he have to die?

This post was submitted by Summer.


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He hurt me way to much,
I didn’t like the feel of his touch.
All the stuff he put me through,
I hope it doesn’t happen to you.
Everyday I have a feeling,
That he’s somewhere out there killing.
I wish I never met him,
Because now it’s hard to forget him.
Sometimes I feel the need to cry,
& It feels like im dying inside.
Keeping a smile on my face,
To cover up what he cant erase.
I was always grounded for no reason,
Even during the summer season.
Thinking about it everyday,
Trying to wash the pain away.
Struggling to fight him is like fire and ice,
Doesn’t ever turn out nice.
Making me smoke,
Really burned my throat.
He turned my mom against me,
So she wouldn’t know the true story.
Either way he scared me for life,
It’s like being stabbed by a knife.
I went to church & read the bible,
So I know not to become suicidal.

This post was submitted by Cheyanne & Jennifer.

Without You

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I saw you on line the other day.
You made me smile from miles away.
If I ever lost you,
I wouldn’t know what to do.
Without you, the skies would turn gray,
all the colors would fade away.
Without you, my mind would fill with fears,
my eyes would fill with tears.
Without you, no stars would fill the night,
my days would never be right.
Without you, a piece of my heart would be lost,
in the summer there would be frost.
Without you there would be no tomorrow,
my life would be full of sorrow.
Without you, there would be no fish in the sea.
Without you, there is no me.

This post was submitted by Robert Cravens.

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