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Lost Us Forever

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One Day You Look For Us……Like We Did For Years…
One Day You Cry For Us……..Like We Did Every Day..
One Day You Really Love Us..Like We Did Every Minute..
One Day You Reach For Us….Like We Tried Every Second…


Forever You Lost Our Love……..Like You Lost Us…
Forever You Lost Our Feelings..Like You Never Had…
Forever You Lost Your Kids…….Like You Never Will Hold..
Forever You Banned Yourself…..Like You Did With Us….

Its To Late To Turn Back,The Damage Is Done,
The Hurt Is There.The Time Has Gone

Remember The Love Of Your Kids Was Pure..
You Trow It All Away Like You Never Cared
One Day you Remember This All,But The You Know….

Its To Late To Return,The Damage Is Done
The Dream Is Over,The Story Has End….


This post was submitted by Sandra.

A Child’s Admiration

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I sit down and reminisce my childhood days
She’s my hero
Her beauty glows each day
Like a blooming flower
With a smile that can inspire a desperate heart
And a touch that can subside the pain
Her bosom like a sun
Shining through every corner of the house
Giving life and spirits to her family
Her unconditional love can overcome a cloudy moment
Like a magic that turns everyone lively and gay
At first sight she’s like every body
But to my family
She has extra power and ability
And imagine living in this world
Without a mother who cares.

This post was submitted by saintgoody.

I Fell Sleep

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When I fell asleep last night,
your face was the only thing left in my sight.
You are like the sun,
always bright and a lot of fun.
I love you,
and that was not the only clue.
Now it’s hard to see,
that you don’t love me.
You always made me laugh,
but now my hearts in half.
I wish it was like before,
where there was a love cure.
When the days were long,
we would sit and write a love song.
Those good times are now gone,
and I thought you were the one I was waiting on.

This post was submitted by Robyn.

Forever Lonely

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Lonely in days when I miss you.
as now it is forever as you left me forever.
Tears of sorrow filled my heart and soul
as you left me without saying a word.
Forever in darkness you left me
I wished you would be back,
to bring me from darkness to light.
But those days were just like a dream
which never would come true.
Now that I understand
friendship is just a hi when we meet
and a goodbye when we leave.
Forever lonely in this world
living in your memories.

This post was submitted by Alina Lee.


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I remember the first time you gave me these,
The kiss and hug that are really sweet.
The sweet words you whisper in my ear.
Your promises I love to hear.

All the memories I kept in my head,
Beautiful memories hoping not to fade.
Putting a big smile on your face,
Giving you sad emotions but no regrets.

I can’t forget the last time you gave me these.
The kiss and hug that are really sweet.
The sweet words you used to whisper,
Your promises that creates my tear,

A diamond –like,in the sky that shines,
Comparing the stars in your eyes.
Wishing to be with you again,
While singing happily in the pouring rain.

This post was submitted by ivy grace.

Little faith

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When moment seems unbearable,
And pain never leaves your door.
When tomorrow feels like trouble,
And you wish God would take your soul.
When you can’t sleep
And worries keep you awake.
Think about Him, you are not alone.
He bears a cross, to save you
You have a choice to follow
He promises not to leave you, until the end.
Just keep calling His name.
He loves you,
More than you’ll ever know.

This post was submitted by Rowena Napuli.


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If I could stay for one more day,
I’ll go back to my past;
Cross the line,
Lose myself,
Chase my dreams,
Fall in love again.

Because I am not sure,
If in heaven
I could have a second chance,
To face my fears and to fight;
What I believe,
What I love,
Who I am,

Life is not about winning,
It’s about trying,
It’s not about living,
It’s about loving,

Nothing will last forever,
Every moment is meant to love,
The life we have.

This post was submitted by Rowena Napuli.

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