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I remember the first time you gave me these,
The kiss and hug that are really sweet.
The sweet words you whisper in my ear.
Your promises I love to hear.

All the memories I kept in my head,
Beautiful memories hoping not to fade.
Putting a big smile on your face,
Giving you sad emotions but no regrets.

I can’t forget the last time you gave me these.
The kiss and hug that are really sweet.
The sweet words you used to whisper,
Your promises that creates my tear,

A diamond –like,in the sky that shines,
Comparing the stars in your eyes.
Wishing to be with you again,
While singing happily in the pouring rain.

This post was submitted by ivy grace.

Little faith

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When moment seems unbearable,
And pain never leaves your door.
When tomorrow feels like trouble,
And you wish God would take your soul.
When you can’t sleep
And worries keep you awake.
Think about Him, you are not alone.
He bears a cross, to save you
You have a choice to follow
He promises not to leave you, until the end.
Just keep calling His name.
He loves you,
More than you’ll ever know.

This post was submitted by Rowena Napuli.


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If I could stay for one more day,
I’ll go back to my past;
Cross the line,
Lose myself,
Chase my dreams,
Fall in love again.

Because I am not sure,
If in heaven
I could have a second chance,
To face my fears and to fight;
What I believe,
What I love,
Who I am,

Life is not about winning,
It’s about trying,
It’s not about living,
It’s about loving,

Nothing will last forever,
Every moment is meant to love,
The life we have.

This post was submitted by Rowena Napuli.


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She takes the risk,
She cuts her wrist.
She hates her friends
Her wounds will never mend

She wears a fake smile
She used the typical style
Through gritted teeth
She hides what’s beneath

She gives up
She’s locked up
She cries herself to sleep
Never ceasing to weep

She cuts again
But not like back then
She cuts even deeper
And kills herself in anger

This post was submitted by WolfieANNE.


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I could write you a poem right now.
Let your soul linger on every syllable, every vowel.
Because these words, came from the sky.
They fell like rain, effortless, no need to try.
Like a skydiver, eager to fall.
Not fall to hurt, but to risk all.
Be my airplane.
And I’ll be your sky.
So that maybe, if we listen close,
we can hear the past cry.
Because it made the mistake.
It put its life at stake.
The past fell too fast.
And now, it is gone.

This post was submitted by Rachelder .


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I was happy and contented before you came.
I never thought that life would be insane.
Can’t describe the way I feel since I met you.
Should I thank God now that I found you?

You’re always with me, though not physically.
You made me cry, I can’t take you off my mind.
Wasn’t sure if I’m now in love with you “crush”.
The thing is, now I know I’m being crushed.

I don’t know what your purpose in my life is.
Everything has a reason, you know.
It’s just uncertain why He let me fall for you.
My head’s spinning, searching for answers, damn you!

It’s not easy being in love with you man.
I never thought that I’ll undergo bewilderment.
Should I continue this one sided love affair?
‘Cause being stuck here writing hopeless love poems isn’t fair.

This post was submitted by Lea Andrea.


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The skies are blue,
My mind is black,
What can i do,
I need you back,
You said you want me
I know you don’t
You said you love me
I know you wont

Your like a knife without the blade
A color without the shade
a victim without an aid
a house without a maid

I have nothing left
you took it all
I’m left here stranded,
Forced to crawl
I’m dying now,
With no one left to call.

This post was submitted by *Brandon S*.

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