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Puzzle Piece

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A broken heart can never mend,
Unless you have a friend.
A friend that means a little more.
Someone to cherish, love, and adore.
To pick up the pieces of a broken time.
Someone to say “I’m glad your mine”.
With eyes that see straith through you.
Wanting something honest and true.
He makes yous heart skip a beat.
When playing game he’s the one to cheat,
He wants you to win to see you smile.
Acting like he didnt all the while.
Holds you close and kisses you cheek.
Makes you stronger when you are weak.
Makes you happy when you are sad.
Thinks its cute when you get mad.
He’s the puzzle piece that fits just right.
That pefect boy who is holding me tonight. 🙂

This post was submitted by Marissa Sauceda.


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Some people say love comes from the heart,
Some say love comes from your brain,
But i say love comes from the one you love.

This post was submitted by jess.


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I was not born to insist myself
To someone who doesn’t want me
So if you don’t like me anymore
Don’t do just pretty fake script,don’t even compliment

I easily fall to someone,even in extraterrestrial
As long as you keep in touch
Every little thing you do comes magic for me
Keep me from falling and on hanging

When i sense that a person starting to get rid of me
I won’t waste time,
I won’t wait for him to come back,
I’ll let him feel my absence

I give love,yes i do
A true love really for you
So don’t tell me i’m a fake lover
That’s not a reason to be a paramour

Yes, maybe love don’t fade easily
But if it wasn’t meant
And it wasn’t fair enough
It will fade.

This post was submitted by Pauline Raei Intia.

Your Lies

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You broke my heart like a shard of glass,
I tell myself this to will pass.

Your lies I carry them deep in my heart,
after all your lies is what has torn us apart.

My eyes will cry and in sleep only you I see,
not knowing who I am without you here with me.

Still I wake as another day begins,
A day to heal and make sure your lies do not win.

With the knowledge that you are forever gone,
I now can push forward and begin to move on.

This post was submitted by Angela Holcomb.

“Wonderful Nature”

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Look at the sun
Shining in the sky
Look at the bird how high they fly
Smell the fragrance of the beautiful flower,
Look at he sunrise of the glorious flowing river
Look at the trees they are so tall
How wonderful nature is,
Did God made them all?

This post was submitted by Babygrace.

Falling in Love is the best thing in Life..!

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Love is when –
He starts getting serious about his Life,
‘n she stops Thinking about It..

He Starts Saving Money to Spend only for Her,
‘n She never stops Spending on herself..

He Stops Smoking, Drinking just for Her,
‘n She starts Alarming about not to have Them..

He starts Getting Crazy on her Every Move,
‘n She starts Realising how Beautiful is she for Someone..

He starts Telling her every Little Thing,
‘n she starts Talkng about Useless Things..

He stops Sleeping just to have a little talk with her,
‘n she starts Sacrificing her Sleep just to Let Him do so..

He starts Taking her as if she is his wife,
‘n she starts Learning to Cook Food just to Prove it True..

He stops looking at other Girls,
‘n she starts Getting Serious about her Own Looks.

He Gets Emotional while Reading this Text,
‘n she Smiles for the Same.

Faling in Love is the best thing in Life..!

This post was submitted by Akhil Ramesh.

Star Crossed

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We are star crossed. Me and you.
Some things change, others don’t.

Bound by eternty of no time.
Loopholes in our freedom,
but chained to our love.

Star crossed we are, prisoners as well.
Prisoners of our love that we can’t break free.
Maybe we are cursed?

Cursed by having no time, maybe cause of this
love we hold?

This post was submitted by Sarah .

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