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As We Drift Apart

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As we drift apart,
I wonder if I’ll ever see you again,
If I’ll ever hear your voice again
If I’ll live without you.

As we drift apart,
I see you going away from me,
But I’m helpless,
As I stand here,
Unable to move.
I wonder if you’ll think about me,
If you will miss me .
If you leave and not say goodbye.

As we drift apart,
I wonder if we’ll ever meet again,
If you see me,well you pass me straight?
Will you see me as a friend or an enemy?

As we drift apart,
Always know that I’ll be here,
I’ll be your shoulder to cry on,
I’ll fight for you even if you hate me,
I’ll pick up your shattered heart and mend it,
I’ll be your friend who will stand by your side,
Even if you’re forgotten me.
I’ll be your friend who stayed loyal to you.

This post was submitted by Immoveable123.

Forever and Always

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Darling’ I am so in love
that my heart aches
and when I see your face
I tremble with such passion
Yet I feel the coldness
for you do not come near me anymore
I have fallen
I have lost my dignity
I stand with my hand on the cold cold iron
Do I risk it all?
I want to take you in my arms and hold you forever
But you are gone now, never to be seen again !
I will love you forever and always
Till the end of time .

This post was submitted by Mary Roy.

Broken Love

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Back to square one, where you seem to be confused about your heart

The heart that you gave to me from the very start

Having the thought in my mind of us drifting apart

Couldn’t tell if this love is going to be back on chart

I woke up this morning knowing that you wasn’t next to me

Well at least the love that made us “meant to be”

Baby I’m sorry that i couldn’t see

That you was in this for only me

I think about you everyday and even every second of the day

All i could ever say

I’m sorry and I’m in love with you babe

I’m hating and hurting to see us like this

A broken love that I’m trying hard to fix

This post was submitted by Ashley Rivera.


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i guess now i know why it hurt,
like crystals my heart is broken,
tears flowing down my eyes,
enough said
but not enough to console me,
my friend left,
swinging above the clouds,
he’s gone to a better place,
better than where we are,
but it doesn’t feel the same,
my life is shattered,
another stream of my unending tears.

Rest in Peace buddy…..

This post was submitted by Christine Wangari.

Like A Beautiful Pink Camellia

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Like a beautiful pink camellia that’s how you appear to me
That bloom in chilly August on it’s dark green mother tree
So bright and fresh and pretty in the wintery wind and rain
That’s how you’ve always looked to me and that’s how you will remain.

The beautiful camellia flower that blooms fresh and young today
In two or three weeks if that long will have gone into decay
For flowers have such a brief span they quickly fade away
But in sixty years of living your beauty with you stay.

I feel privileged and grateful for to have you as a friend
And I will love you and respect you until my life will end
You are warm and kind hearted and well loved and well known
And it’s due to you and to you only that into a better person I have grown.

You are wise and quite intelligent and beautiful to behold
And you don’t have a gray hair on your head and you never will grow old
And on your sixtieth birthday you still look beautiful to me
Like the young and pretty pink flower on the green camellia tree.

This post was submitted by Francis Duggan.


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I stood there, looking at you walking away.
My heart bleeding, weeping, crying out loud.
Why did you do so? Just tell me why?
I thought we had the love to follow our dreams together.
But why? Why did you do so? Why to me?
Was it that you loved watching me cry?
Or did you never love me at all?
You walked away taking my soul.
Out of my body, along with your heart.
You broke my heart into two.
It took you seconds to do so.
“I am over you so bye!”
These six words would never leave my mind.
That you screamed out loud in just a breathe.
And it won’t let me live in peace.
Just make it easy and tell me why?
Why did you have to be so hostile?
Your words have left me perplexed with life!
Wasn’t our love enough to keep us together forever?
Why is my heart bleeding? Someone tell me why?
Why did you leave me alone, standing there in the dark?
I thought you promised you’ll never leave let me cry!
Then why? Just tell me why?
Why did you do that to me? Just tell me why?

This post was submitted by Maryam Manzoor.


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It seems that time does past by so fast.
Memories are the only things that last.
So that I will never forget these memories of mine.
To keep them from passing away with time.

I have planted them in the garden of my heart.
For these friends and loves that I have known I do not wish to part.
The flowers and all things may wither away.
The trees of the forest may lay in decay.

But my true loves and friendships I will never forget.
These are memories that in my heart, a place for them I have kept.
I will remember them and keep them in mind.
For true friends and loves are hard to find.

I may make new friends and maybe lovers,but I will remember the old.
For the one is silver, and the other is gold.
Silently, I have planted them, one by one, in the infinite garden of my heart.
They will blossom there until with life I do part.

For what I have planted is what I call a “forget-you-not” you see.
I hope that you have planted a “forget-me-not” for me

This post was submitted by Harry Neuman.

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