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End So Fast

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Never thought it would end so fast.
Why can’t we last.
My heart is racing.
My feet are pacing.

Why does it have to end like this.
you I will always miss.
I wish you knew what I feel.
If you go I’m afraid this pain wont heal.

The pain is rising.
The fear is here.
I ask myself.
Why me.

I will always love you.
Why can’t you feel it to.
The pain is deep.
its hard to rise to my feet.

I want us to be together.
I want it to be me and you forever.

This post was submitted by brandi elswick.

Every Time

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Every time i see You
I die a little inside
Every time i Look at you
I wanna cry Every time
I Talk to you
I get all choked up Every time
I See you looking At me
I feel Like i m missing Something
I realize its you.

This post was submitted by Ella J (RJ).

What I Love About You

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I love the way you look at me,
Your eyes so bright and blue.
I love the way you kiss me,
Your lips so soft and smooth.

I love the way you make me so happy,
And the ways you show you care.
I love the way you say, “I Love You,”
And the way you’re always there.

I love the way you touch me,
Always sending chills down my spine.
I love that you are with me,
And glad that you are mine.

This post was submitted by becca.

I Am Me

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Here I am in bed
Cold, Alone, and Sad
When you are here beside me
Inside, I feel very glad
All my problems go away
And everything is so bright
Sometimes i feel to cry
I just think I might
Even though events are spiratic and fun
We are only friends in just
Laughing, Caring, Sharing stories
Joyous changes in the heat of Lust
Only time will tell what may be
But as of right now, I am just me
Take me as I am
Or don’t take me at all
If you don’t like who I am
Just let me fall…

This post was submitted by christelvanover.

I Love You

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Roses are Red..
Violets are Blue…
Im about to tell you how
I feel for you.
I Love You.
Don’t you see
That we were meant to be?

This post was submitted by Sydney.


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Sitting in your floor,
looking at the door.
wondering why,
you had to say goodbye.
tears slowly ran down my face,
feeling such disgrace.
you took your hand and wiped away my tears,
and said its okay have no fears.
i looked at you and smiled,
you said your warmth was here for awhile.
oh how i feel so free,
your just right beside me.

This post was submitted by jessica.

How I Feel Inside

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Sitting alone in the dark,
while i slowly start to mark.
Where the pain has to begin,
and slowly there comes an end.
As i sit here and start to feel dead,
everything becomes filled with red.
All i feel is your hurt,
then the darkness starts to lurk.
I cant keep living like this,
everything starts fading in the mist.
I allowed you to hurt me so much,
when all i needed was a punch.
You played every game in the book,
and left me standing here like a crook.
You already took all you wanted,
you could have at least made me feel like something.
This has to come to an end,
even if it means we aren’t friends.

This post was submitted by jessica.

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