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What am I doing here
Dressing up as something I am not
The dress is beautiful, but I am not
I can put on pounds of makeup and
Take hours on my hair, but who am I
fooling. No one is going to care

They will all laugh and say who is she
Kidding. No one wants to be with her
She’s trying so hard to be pretty
But everyone can see thats just not meant
to be
So when will I give up and just accept the ugly girl
who is me..

This post was submitted by Britt.

I Wish I Could

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I wish i could be seen
i wish i could be heard
but all that comes unspoken words
i wish i could her how much i truly care
i wish she could see me while im standing there
i wish i could be the one she says yes to
i wish i could kiss her with no hesitation to
i wish i could hold her
i wish i could hug her
i wish i could have but that doesnt seem to be true
i wish it would be me but i guess its not to be i will never know how love is meant to be
i wish i could tell that im the one who cares

This post was submitted by steven martin.

Big Brother

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You beat me up
you called me a jerk
you told me i was stupid
but that didn’t hurt
you then around
and told me one thing
that you will never be the same
a few years down the room
we went separate ways
but then everything changed
i got older and you did to
and i never heard from you
then on a day that i couldn’t believe
you told to come visit
so i packed my bags and came to see you
and then it all happened
you gave me a hug and said i missed you and i was that i had big brother back

This post was submitted by anoymous.


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Confidence, you wish you had it.
Im gonna keep being me
It’s kind of a habbit.

I’m gonna hold on
Gonna hold on tight.
Until I reach the top.
I got all night.

Im gonna keep being me
With my head up high
Not down on my knee’s
I gotta reach the sky.

This post was submitted by Sweetiie?.

Dad what happened?

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I want you back with me.
But you just had to leave.
I went trough so much pain.
and suffer.

When you left me I felt like it was because of me.
We lost our special bond that day.
And i wonder if you even careed for me.

Dad, listen to me.
I wanted you in my life,
not the pain and scars.
If you were here i wouldnt have these wounds,
upon my wrist.

So please Dad, just leave me.
Before i finish the dead.

This post was submitted by A.


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If when you awake in the morning
And the pain is still so great
You don’t even want to get out of bed
And face this evil world filled of hate
When it feels like everything in life goes wrong
And nothing you do is ever good enough or right
All you want to do is give up on it all
Just try harder and you will eventually see the light
You must strive to achieve greatness
To show everyone that you will win
Remembering every person who has put you down
And tries constantly to fill your would with pain
For every disappointment and times you’ve been let down
There will always be better moments and life will turn around
Everyone goes thru heartache and even feels pain
But only those who have true courage get up to try Again.

This post was submitted by megan.

My Wish

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In the dark
My heart sparked
for it was cold
self pity was getting old
how she found me I do not know
but my love for her surely does grow
not knowing where the venture will be
all i hope it’s for eternity.

This post was submitted by Rebecca Wentland.

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