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Lay it on the line…
Don’t you think it’s time;
Move that pen ….
write deep from within;
the poets in there….
write from despair….
Only you know how your feeling…..
write its unreavling.

This post was submitted by Rebecca Wentland.

Butterfly Kisses

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Two Hearts
Four Wings
As they fly listen to them sing,
making the soul Mine
Two Lips
one Kiss
Heavenly colors of Bliss
Butterfly kisses
come melt my heart
you had me from the very start
The soul is one
The beauty between
Come Fly with me through Eternity
Butterfly kisses
That’s you and me
Colors of joy
making history
Butterfly kisses
Down memory lane
Butterfly Kisses
will always remain.

This post was submitted by Rebecca Wentland.

I Dream

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I dream of you and wonder where you are.
I bet you are a shining star.

I sit and think of you every day,
Oh how I wished you could have stayed.

Now you are gone and out of your pain.
For me it was a loss, but for you a gain.

I hope to see you in Heaven someday.
And in your arms I will lay.

This post was submitted by Jenifer Thurston.

Thanks To You

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I have tears in my eyes.
I have pain in my heart.
I have sorrow in my soul.
I have feelings that you didn’t care to destroy.
But am still here, just waiting for whats next.
I have faith that you’ll feel sorry for what you’ve done.
But I don’t wish you something bad to happen to you.

Because I know that am a better person and can do better than you.

I just wish you that you have a happy ending,

because I know that I will.

Because you’ve made me stronger and for that,

I thank you.

This post was submitted by yari.

When Memories Flutter

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I turn the page and try to write
but the pen won’t move
memories flood my mind
as if i were drowning
emotions rage
and shames comes through,
like a brick wall
I am surrounded
but is this real or only my imagination
Coast is clear as I take a shot
the picture is not what I want
though it is as if my heart were racing,
pounding and heavy all at once
something catches my eye although it has been months
The pen begins to move, but i begin to shake
it’s as if something is moving my arms uncontrollably
something doesn’t want me to let go of the pen
I grasp it tighter and tighter
and heavy pain fills my chest
and I start to sob saying:
“why me why me oh God?”
it all ends and i am alone in this room
with a paper and pen
thinking to myself it will be all over soon.

This post was submitted by Jackie Mena.

Mirror Image Of Father

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I am mirror image of u father

Designed to your wish

Wrapped with your essence of generosity…….

Lost are those memories to me

which cannot be filled by you anymore

for distance between heaven and reality are miles

to be covered by any soul

But we have bridged the relation in the

Para normal world…..

You are the best in my dreams and my life….

even when u are missing your innocent soul stays

throughout my life guiding me right

You always stay alive in my heart

and Tears ….

This post was submitted by Alana Abraham .

The Photograph

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The photograph shows me a girl at 6

In a life filled beach

As cute as teddy she holds

As soft as the rose on her silky brown hair

Her eyes twinkled like a little star

I see thoughts of tomorrow away from her

What made her idle as a painted lonely girl today?

Upon the shores of fun filled ocean of life

What dimmed her brightness?

What caused the dullness in her eyes?

What made me not identify myself at 6?

The shadow of time has turned me unaware of past smiles

This post was submitted by Alana Abraham .

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