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Are you my brother or a lover, brother?

Are you my friend or a brother??

Are you my god or a brother??

Yes, you are all in one single designation, “BROTHER”!!

You are my brother full of joy

Few things in my life that I enjoy

Always loves to play in the park
But afraid of the dark

A brother like you with a smile of mine
a twin brother
born a year younger,
But of a single heartbeat and mine forever…..

He always loves to smile and trickle
you know what!! It’s worth a while.

We have loved, laughed, and grew up together,
through good and bad weather…

My lovely brother is far away from my reach
I’m sad when I search

But Remember dear brother
the minute you bother
dear little brother!!
Your sister will always sacrifice her happiness
for your sake and forever …..

This post was submitted by Alana Abraham .

Whispers of heart <3

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You came to me…..

Like the notes of a hidden music

Filling my heart with loves fervor’s

I fell!!! Into an unknown world

As my heart soaked in your love’s dewdrops ……

Precious was your love to me

Like a substance

Worth more than a treasure

As dark clouds cycled around us

We never thought of an edge

We melted into the depths

Of unrestrained love

Before I felt your pangs

A flash of thought!!!

I was awaken

The scent of your love

Faints down and vanishes

Into the world I know

Like a hot breeze

Fanning the flickers of a candle

I woke up …. to the realities of life.

This post was submitted by Alana Abraham .

sleep now

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Hush, hush my little one
Sleep now and pain will be gone
Close your eyes and it’ll be okay
And tomorrow you will be happy

Sleep now my little precious
Gone thy heartache and blues
Let your dream carry you away
In a world full of fantasy

Sleep now as I sing you lullaby
Song of love that will never die
And I’ll be by your side
Until the morning arrive

Sleep now as the moon watching you
And stars shines so brightly for you
I will be here forever
And I promise to leave you never

Sleep now as God is guiding you
Angels are singing tonight for you
Here in my arms fall asleep
And feel this love so deep

Sleep now and don’t you cry
Mother has to say goodbye
But promise here in my heart
Forever we will never be apart.

This post was submitted by vergene bacordo.


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Hear the children’s crying
See the soldiers dying
Upon this dark unhappy doom
Pondering with heart of gloom

Their life was hold by the weapon
Guns and fires and cannons
Blood flows everywhere
Smell of hatred in the air

Trouble and wounded heart
Completely devastated with wrath
My native land covers with gore
Ruled by a heart of tormentor

Set aside thy agonizing cry
From this conflict we say goodbye
And see our children’s happy
Hear their laughter and proud hurray

This post was submitted by vergene bacordo.

Eyes of Deceit

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They see the world as it may be
Whether it be Love or Hate
Fear or Happiness
Tragedy or Triumph
Everyday Possibilities for the Hopeless
But what they don’t see is
Who they really are
Liars and Thieves
Two-faced and Bullheaded
Scarce and Suspicious
Everyday Joys turn to Dilemmas
Looking for Comfort and Words of Wisdom
Everything Changes
When Looking into the Eyes of Deceit.

This post was submitted by christelvanover.

Why Don’t You Care?

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Why don’t you care that I’m so sad,
You don’t even ask me why,
I try to sit down and talk to you,
But you don’t even try.

I thought I had a friend in you,
But I guess I was wrong,
I feel like an empty space,
And just don’t even belong.

I cry myself to sleep at night,
And wonder what I can do,
I don’t want to believe it’s over,
But I know it’s really true.

I guess I need to find someone else,
That really could care about me,
So now it’s time for me to go,
And then you can be free!

This post was submitted by Debbie Bongiovanni.

Thwarted Dream

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I saw her once and wished to see her again
But she disappeared sadly in rain
My poor cheeks got bathed in tears
Because my pleading cries could not reach her ears
She was gone never to reapper never to return
I wept bitterly and cursed the day of my birth in return
The next day her death was the breaking news,she killed herself
Leaving rhetorical questions to myself

This post was submitted by Pius Oneya.

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