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The Price Of War

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I’ve born a Son
Now the time has come
He goes to war on a forign shore
What will return after he is done

I am now old and He is far away
What will He become my only Son
I Pray, for his safe return
Just like he left, His life not done

Must he return time after time
Chance limb and life in another land
What s price he pays, till the war is won
Mychild, my only Son

Must He learn to kill, a mothers Son
And what will be won, when war is done
When he comes home, will he be whole
Or maybe he won’t God rest his soul

I’ll bare no more to send to war
To whom do I owe this sacrafice
Offer my only Son to give his life
Had I known, there would be no Son

This post was submitted by W H Rayburn.

When I Miss U

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I stare out of my window hoping you will be there knocking like you did before
Waiting for me to open the door
Sweep me away on your angel like smile
Hold me tight even if it is only for a while

When I miss you I make up stories in my mind of you coming back
together the two of us making the perfect melody
You tell me you never wanted to leave
Me and my stupid fantasies

When I miss you I wonder, why do I love you
when you made me cry?
Then I look back and I remember when
you held me and helped forget

When I miss you I listen to our song
Before I know it I’m singing along
The entire songs lyric’s roll over my lips
Then I miss you again

I will keep you in my heart for a long time
There we will never be apart
I miss you here in my life
I wish you could see me and help me shine

When I miss you I try to forget I once loved you
Don’t want to regret
Losing someone better then you
When I missing you too much

This post was submitted by Anika de kok .


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The you who missed that day,
the street where you turned away,
I even now wait for that bus,
In which I met you on one fine day,
love to wait now, that I used to hate some day,
wait for the time ,when you got away,
still look for you on those roads,
that same 6 o”clock evening time,
would get you on date again one day,
know it well that you are not following my steps ,
still moving on till my last time,
all those fights on petty excuse,
make me smile all your abuses,
still feel your fingers across my back,
its Daydreaming to get your lips on my neck.

This post was submitted by amit august.

Warm Heart

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All though my heart is red and soft
I feel it to be as cold as ice

Its hard for me to face the fact
That you wont be by my side

But when i see you during the day
All the joy and happiness melts the ice away.

This post was submitted by Roberto Lopez-Soto.

Thinking of You

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Well, my love it is Saturday,
I have missed you while you were away.
Today is the day that my dream comes true,
It is the day that again I get to talk to you.

I will to tell you somethings that I’m wanting to share
I tell them to you, for it is you I care .
You say that good looking is what you are.
To me you are more attractive by far.

I think that your age doesn’t tell the truth.
You seem to me to be a woman of youth.
To me you are more of a woman than a man am I.
Your beauty exists in more than the eye.

Your voice speaks of what I know.
From you all good words do naturally flow.
So sexy, yet so poised and mature you do seem.
I keep thinking that this is just a dream.

If this be a dream, then please let me sleep.
For the happiness I have found I want to keep.
If to sleep forever is what I then must do.
For it is eternity that I want to spend with you.

This post was submitted by Harry Neumen.

God Gift Life

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God had gifted this life,
Beautiful as flower,sharpen as knife
Thankful to him, to show us light,
Work hard to make it bright.

Its not easy to get human life
You are the hero of this site
Be confident,be brave
Don’t let you weak,otherwise
You will be slave.

Think positive, b stronger
Your happiness will grow little longer
Life is yours make or break
Think hardly where to take

Two ways in life, good or bad
Choose the right,your future will glad
If you tried, hope for the best
If you loose, then concentrate on the rest
Don’t be sad, always b glad
Fight those thrones which make you sad…

This post was submitted by bhanu dadwal.

My Gift To You

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In the sweetest of Notions
And the blindest of lights
The ignorance of our love
And the fearest of fights
In the times of our needs
Or when we most wanna give
It’s when we struggle for life
And then pray just to live
When a gift has been offered
And this gift is my heart
But your patience is needed
For a new life to start
Our quest seems like a lifetime
A very long second or two
But every second that passes
Is waited on you
There’s not one wasted moment
For everyday that goes by
Our future holds truth
Without one wasted lie

This post was submitted by Raymond.

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