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A Thousand Words

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I cannot say in a thousand words,
How much you meant to me.
I cannot say in a million words,
how much you hurt me.
When you left,
I was broken down,
And all you left behind was this frown.
You can write a sentence,
You can write a paragraph,
You can write a poem and make it rime,
You can write an essay,a book a novel or two,
But I’m afraid you’ll waste your time
Because no amount of words you use,
Can ever compare to how I feel
When I’m not with you.

This poem was written/submitted by xXx donesha buhr xXx.

My Situation

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What has happened to me,
I don’t know
My feeling keeps on changing
from days to days

My heart want for you
but my brain stops me
to go near you
It’s a undefinable situation

You are the one or not
I don’t know
but now my feeling says
you are the one

I hope this
is not a infatuation
May this true feelings
last for eternity

This poem was written/submitted by windygirl.


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Life is not about yours and mine,
nor it is about living or dying….
dont think life is a game,
or it is just to have fame….
life is not between birth and death,
nor it is hidden in scientific facts..
it is not in the count of beats,
nor it lies in umber of breaths.
dont mislead it as your total time,
coz its not a glass of wine……
life is not a philosophic rhyme,
nor it is a corporate punch line.
now you must be confused,
thinking then what is all this fuss?
life is in a blooming flower,
it is in god’s power…..
life is all about spreading joy,
for what you can do boy…
life is having peace of mind,
by giving smile to a crying eye……
life rests in you and me,
discover it and let it flee……

This poem was written/submitted by Sonal Chaturvedi.


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baby in the womb
waiting for so long….
To come and see the outer world,
Not knowing difference between his or her….
Asked only one question how,
Waiting for reply till now….
Will I survive?

Child on the beach,
Holding hand in front of each….
Feeling hungry bot no way out,
Just one thing to ask out,
Will he survive?

Graduate with degree in hand,
Searching for job in each land…..
Sitting alone with thought of suicide…,
Just one question in my mind….
Will he survive?

A lady in the home,
Nothing to say just tears to flow….
Works for every one but no one to see,
Now that’s what I feel,
Will she survive?

Old man in corner of house,
Feeling lonely no one to share his doubts…..
Emotionally insecure single in crowd,
Knowing he will not hold,
But even then one question untold….
Will he die out without being live?

This poem was written/submitted by Sonal Chaturvedi.


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Faith gives us breathe,

It gives us strength.

Faith has power to change,

A beast to a God.

It has power to change,

A beggar to a Lord.

It enriches one’s wind.

One reaches the depth,

Believing in faith.

This poem was written/submitted by Indu Singh.

“You’re Like A Song”

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You rock my world when I’m alone,
You become reggae when you’re near to me,
And when I’m with you,
I heard those party songs…

I just want you to know
That being with you is making me “EMO”
I felt “LOVE SUCK” when you’re far to me,
I became suicidal when you don’t care ’bout me…

But now I just realize,
Your just like unfinished song to my life,
And a song that could never be mine,
That’s why I have to end this song with “GOODBYE”.

This poem was written/submitted by xai_mae88.

My Head

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My head is a place you would not understand
It’s like a faraway place or a distant land.
It’s a place where paranoia is normal
And nothing is formal.
So, you’re welcome to come inside
But nothing can prepare you for what you might find.
For every time I close my eyes
The person inside comes alive.
It screams and yells at the top of its voice
Until dreaming is no longer a choice.
It gets louder and louder
I have no power.
It’s just too strong
I can’t go on.
It tears me apart
Or what’s left of my heart.
Too many secrets to plunder
It’s pulling me under.
I run to that place inside
A place where I can hide.
But the voice is there
With me, so unaware.
Of what’s been going on
For so very long.

But now I understand
Why every time you hold my hand.
There is no feeling inside
Which is when I realise.
The person inside is being fed
Every second I’m in my head.
So talking is a waste of breath
And living is my death.

This poem was written/submitted by Kristen Kutzer (16).

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