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Every day

DownUp +9

Everyday you need your mates
to guide you through the broken gates
to make sure you’re okay
to help you on your way,

Everyday you need your friends
to help you follow all the trends
to fly you high when you are sad,
to cheer you up when you are mad,

Everyday you need your buddy
to clean you up when you are muddy
true friends will stay forever,
the two of us, you two will stay together

This poem was written/submitted by pindy.

In the wake

DownUp +12

So I know that it was wrong of us,
To hold on, to pretend,
And if love could write a song for us,
The break down wouldn’t end,
I’m climbing up the walls inside my mind,
Only to fall down to my heart,
And I had thought for all my time,

I could be yours
I could be yours

But don’t look back now,
There’s nothing here,
It’s exactly what you wanted,
But did it really have to take three years?

This poem was written/submitted by Justin .

The past

DownUp +29

I remembered those days when we were happy
and the times when you loved me faithfully
but where are they, what happened to me
I’m left with the decision of setting you free

I live my life with a broken heart
where every cry is the painful part
your voice, your touch, your hug and kiss
is what I look for and truly miss

I tried to pretend that everything’s okay
even tried to forget you and to stay away
but my heart keeps telling me only to stay
though how painful it is to love you everyday

If fate and love is really fair and just
then let me know if this love won’t last
so I could just move on and forget the past
because this world is never meant for us

This poem was written/submitted by maye leane melchor.

The Past

DownUp +8

Loving you is not an easy task,
And your love in return is all I could ever ask.

Whenever I see your smile,
You make my so fine.

Whenever you hold my hand,
I feel like I’m on a faraway land.

Whenever you initiated a kiss,
It feels like God’s granted me a wish.

But our love is not destined to last,
And those memories will forever remain as THE PAST…

This poem was written/submitted by april grace pailagao.

The past

DownUp +10

I walked down a muddy road once,
thought I’d never look back,
my feet clouded the dusty skies
and behind me I left a track.

I made a few wrong turns ,
none too proud,
I carried them around me like a shroud,
till one day I decided to turn around.

I walked backward to where I began,
my knees shook beneath me
and I ran,
all the way back

This path was none but,
the road of my life,
it colored me gray
from all of my strife

I walked back and forth
between the pasts
till I got tired, at last
I realized what I was looking for alas….

I traveled on the road,
through past and present,
looking for my future but then again,
as I decided to walk backward
the road lengthened

I will tell you why
because I wasted
a part of my present and future
looking for it in the past…

This poem was written/submitted by meg.

All I want

DownUp +40

I might not be pretty
might not be the way you want
you mite not be smart
might not be the way I want..

But wants and needs are part of life
they might take us apart
but am sure you’ll hold my hand
and either I won’t leave yours…
and will keep each other close to our hearts…

Life has many phases
many ups and downs…
but to see you next to me is all I want..
but wants and needs are part of life
but never let them take us apart…

I might not be pretty
you might not be smart..
but love in life is all I want…

This poem was written/submitted by Pooja Yadav.

What I Feel

DownUp +16

What I feel, is
I feel lost.
I do not fit
I am not a thought.

I cannot speak
I cannot say
I’m always wrong,
And I continue to pay.

All I want is
All your love.
What I get
Is less than above.

I feel that I am not needed
I feel that I have been replaced
I feel we cannot move on
If we do not embrace.

I want you involved
With me and my life
But I feel I am not an interest
Like I was never your wife.

And so I cry
When I’m alone
And hope that someday
You will come along.

This poem was written/submitted by Terri Sanford.

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