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The Best Time of My Life

DownUp +17

When cool is air and the grass is green,
And water over the lakes is calm and serene.
When your beautiful face rests in my eyes,
That, my girl, is the best time of my life.

The world measures moments in the measures of time,
But with you, oh my dear, they all seem sublime.
As for me you are always above time and space,
Love you unconditionally, whatever the case.

For you, my girl, I have waited so long,
Did all rights and ditched all wrongs.
For God only knows, this moment have I earned?
Those beautiful thoughts and lessons I learned.

So please be with me and make a moment of mine,
Forever together, like the stars in the sky shine.

This post was submitted by Dinesh K.


DownUp +11

I want to find
What I cannot see
Can it really be
Hidden inside of me
I look into the mirror
Only to find
What appears in my mind
Oh how I want you
Show yourself to me
Beauty, oh beauty
Where can you be?

I know where it must hide
Inside my mind
Inside my heart
Inside of me
For the only beauty that
Not all can see
Will be found
Looking inward at me

This post was submitted by kbird96.


DownUp +7

Beauty for me is a gift from nature,
Gifted to everything and every creature.
From the ocean’s depth to the mountain’s peak,
Beauty is everywhere wherever we seek.

Beauty rests within the person’s eye,
Like a flower blooms and a bird flies.
Beauty lies within every creation of God,
Regardless the thing how even or odd.

Nothing in my life is as beautiful as you,
And no one’s gonna love you the way I do.
From deep within my heart to God I thank,
For her love so deep in which I sank.

In love this world seems so fresh and new,
May God create everything in this world as beautiful as you.

This post was submitted by Dinesh K.

The Last Good-Bye

DownUp +32

My heart is sunk and moist is eye,
As nothing is more painful than the last good-bye.
These two words would change my life forever,
As a life without you, I thought never.

Remember that time together we spent,
Like a wind of joy that came and went.
Now we stand at the road’s end,
To choose our path and our lives to mend.

I hope that God will make up for this loss,
And maybe in future our roads will cross.
Till then I thank you for the moments we shared,
And for me, so much, you loved and cared.

Good-Bye to you, oh my soul beloved,
To the good old relationship that we both served.

This post was submitted by Dinesh K.

Left with no answer

DownUp +19

You threw away what we had because you’re scared,
You refused to embrace what made you care.
You chose to leave me to be alone,
You said you loved me but now that’s all gone.

What’s the point in pretending you don’t want this,
When your kiss, said the complete opposite.
Why destruct the love we have,
How hard is that for you to understand.

Now we’re left on either side with tears,
Wishing that it would never come to this.
Wanting to hold each other so tightly in our arms,
But left with nothing but a pillow to cry on.

This post was submitted by s..

The story of our last goodbye

DownUp +10

He and I we waited, playing that old song
And then you left them there to weep, and with us you came along,
I took your hand in my hand, with your father by your side
we walked together slowly, but we never even cried,
we relished in those moments as we moved towards the sky.
But then the doors they opened and we stepped into the sun,
We had but seconds left before this life was over, done.
I said my last goodbye and you gave a little smile,
You told me not to worry it would only be awhile,
And with those words I knew that soon you would be back.
So I did not cry, instead I smiled, and waved my last goodbye,
I do not say goodbye no more, for you are not gone, you are standing next to me playing that old song.

This post was submitted by Keira.

Love Hurts

DownUp +3

Love hurts like a bunch of needles
stabbing you in the back, and when
they start getting pulled out one
by one you start feeling relieve

Love hurts like a huge hole
opening up your heart, then when it
starts filling up, it feels better

Love hurt when your true love
breaks your heart

This post was submitted by Jasmine Fett.

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