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Love of Summer

DownUp +7

The beach has always been a peaceful place
The air hotter and the water colder
many tears roll over her pretty face
I am proud always there as her shoulder
like a red rose in the light of first morn
sitting happily my beautiful girl
Summer never presents more than a thorn
and she loves every single brown curl
but some times a storms coming makes me sad
and some times I cannot help my flower
There is one thing that can undo the bad
something with all the world in its power
Our true love replaces sadness instead
under the sun we will surely be wed

This post was submitted by Ricardo.

Never Let Go

DownUp +7

I want you to be here
I want you to hold me tight
I want you to never let me go
I want you to tell me everything is going to be all right
I want you to kiss me under the moonlight
Never let go of me
Stand by me through everything
Tell me you love me forever and always
Catch me when I fall
Never let go
Be by my side forever
Hold me through the tough times
Never let anything happen to me
Protect me
Never break me
I can’t live without you
I Love You
Never let me go

This post was submitted by Bethany.

Only I, Can Save Myself

DownUp +26

I am walking through the forest,
The very lonely forest, all by myself,
No one to speak to, no one to touch,
I’m all alone feeling sad and betrayed.

I am walking past the dark, drowning shadows,
To the flowing river to face my death,
No one to speak to, no one to save me,
I’m all alone as I set forth to face my doom.

I take a breath of fresh air,
And enter a place so foreign to me,
No one to speak to, no one to fall on,
I’m all alone in a place I must call home.

The further I go, the clearer it becomes,
And the less I ache,
No one to speak to but myself,
That’s when I realized, ONLY I CAN SAVE MYSELF.

This post was submitted by NatsVille.

One Day…

DownUp +16

One day, you’ll want silence,
but there will be harsh violence.
One day, you’ll want peace,
there will be no one to cease.
One day, you’ll cry loudly,
and there won’t be any shoulder to wipe your tears gently.
One day, you’ll be wanting to smile,
and you’ll have to walk miles.
One day, you’ll want a hug,
and there will be no one to give you a warm coffee cup.
One day, you’ll want LOVE,
but that would be too tough.
One day, you’ll be really mean,
that you never had seen,
One day, when you’ll want me,
One day, you’ll want to see me,
One day, for me you’ll sing a song,
and I will be GONE!!!!

This post was submitted by komal gupta.


DownUp +5

Life seems to go along.
Each day the sun comes up.
Each night the sun goes down.
Some days are good, some not so much.
Some days hold great joy.
Others hold heartbreak and sorrow.
As I look back on the years
I realize that there were more good than bad.
As the years went by
I was busy with husband,
And while I wasn’t looking closely,
My children grew up.
They moved out.
Some moved away.
I will always be a mother,
But not in the same every day way.
That part of my life,
The part that I had known and loved best
Had changed.
I realized I wasn’t ready.
I didn’t want this change in my life.
Nevertheless it came.

When I was a young mother;
So busy, tired, and sometimes stressed;
My father told me that someday I would look back and see
That these were the best days in my life.
He was right.

Fortunately the changes weren’t all bad.
My children had become great people.
Soon they had children and my role in life had changed again.
I am now Grandma and it is good;
So good.

So through this journey of change,
I have come to realize that it is inevitable and unstoppable.
Change like everything in life is really what we make of it,
How we accept and embrace it.
Growing up;
And hopefully great grand children; they are good changes to look forward to.
I try to remember that always.

This post was submitted by Paula Lythgoe.

A night without punctuation

DownUp +1

Toward the shore we sail
lonely travelers

If we could only find the way
to be born again
and again
into the naked mornings
and our bare thoughts tremble
restless scratches
the skin of the night
In the boat of hope
We sail
towards you
O dawn
rising above the eyelids
grown heavy
And no one has the strength
even a grain of strength
to put at least a comma

This post was submitted by Cyrilla Moraes.

Do You Remember?

DownUp +44

Do you remember when you said you loved me?
Do you remember telling me you cared?
Do you remember saying,
You will always be there?

I loved you with all I had
With everything I owned,
I just want to hear you
I want to pick up the phone.

But then I think, why?
Why am I calling you?
Is it possibly because
I have nothing better to do?

You said I was the best you ever had,
Do you still think the same?
Will you please bring me back,
Into this game?

I loved you, and I still do,
But I must try to let go.
Try not to think of
All my old hopes.

This post was submitted by Anastasia.

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