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DownUp +63

I cant sleep my heart is shattered,
I’m going to replace everything that mattered,
There’s no one in this life to trust,
My cold metal heart is bound to rust,
Everyday is getting old,
What other problems will life unfold?
Take a deep breath of air, fill my lungs with THC,
For a couple hours my stress is free,
I ponder how to improve the situation,
10 steps forward without hesitation,
Everything makes sense, the timing was right,
A step from the past is a tough fight,
Not one tear im proud to say,
My life is just a different shade of gray.

This post was submitted by unknown.

Forbidden Love

DownUp +5

She is pure perfection
I want to see us together in the reflection
It’s more than a physical attraction
She drives me to distraction
I just want to be with her
I have given her my heart
I never want us to be apart
I’ve loved her right from the start

This post was submitted by sparky.

My Heart

DownUp +8

If my heart were a guitar, I’d want you to play it.
If my heart were a song, I’d want you to sing it.
If my heart were a blank canvas, I’d want you to paint it.
And alas, if my heart were merely a heart, I’d want you to have it.

This post was submitted by Molly Schaller.


DownUp +13

When I look up and down the streets,
in this world I dare not speak,
to see the people looking down,
I wonder why they always frown,
just one day I hope I see,
people that are as happy as me.

This post was submitted by Stephanie Carle.

I was there

DownUp +21

When the night was young I was there
When everybody saw me for who I was, I was there
When you looked over from a far I was there
When the night began to end and the sun began to rise I was there
When time slowed down I was there
When you took aside your day I was there
When life was happy I was there
When it began to rain I was there
When the last time I saw you, you were there

This post was submitted by Michelle Shotkoksi.


DownUp +46

Women can be wonderful and fill your life with joy.
Women can be teasers and treat you like a toy.
Women can be callous and break your loving heart.
And Women can be dangerous and tear your life apart.
But! …..No matter how you take them,
as a lover,
a friend,
or foe,
We Men, can’t live without them,
And that’s all we need to know!

This post was submitted by Michael Andrew Dare.


DownUp +10

It’s like you don’t know I’m here,
can you see me?
don’t you notice,
sometimes you’re out of control,
just look around,
in every direction,
There is a person who was hurt by you.
They wont admit it,
but it’s right on their face,
I want to be around you,
but sometimes it’s hard,
I’m not invisible,
I’m actually very real,
just look into my eyes,
and you’ll see the pain and the cries.

This post was submitted by Madison Mohr.

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