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Tear in my Soul

DownUp +13

You went off when i told you not too,
You said it was the best thing,
Yeah for you,

Once he spoke he last words
he made my tear,
worth nothing like i was nothing,
Why is it that the bestest memories
usually become nightmares…. why
you only left.
without even saying sorry,
I cry and cry…
and know i realize…
you left me with tear inside my soul..

This poem was written/submitted by Betsy M. Guevara.

If only I knew…

DownUp +2

Is it just a rumor & that I have no humor
or is it my dream is done and for you another begun..
What was it that I had done..
Show me again just this our moment-our first kiss…
And all for memories sake I hope now ..I shall not awake..
Darkened are the clouds, as is my sun..
nothing left to shine,,ended is the joy of mine,
but for you my love a new one has begun….
If only i knew what it was that I’d had done…

This poem was written/submitted by Bernadette Tompkin .


DownUp +7

He is the epitome of courage,
Molded through hard work..
Years of perseverance, patience & diligence made him great!

Steel as he may seemed,
But, beneath that hard exterior lies a man of compassion..
That’s what my Father is!!

This poem was written/submitted by athena destreza.

That mistake I made

DownUp +48

I was confused inside
Not knowing what I wanted out of life
I was wrong in the choice I made
Wish I could take back the hurtful things said

I should have listened to me
Not the stupid people talking
I should have known myself
Before opening the door and walking

I now I miss you more then I thought
And I know we’re still close friends
But in a way, that hurts even more
Because when I see you all I want to do is kiss you

I tried pleading to get you back
But all you said was no
You told me you need more time
But how long will that drag on?

I realize I hurt you
And you probably want other girls
But please don’t forget the one
Who still wants your heart to be hers

Though I know I messed up too bad
And I just have to accept that
I still wish you could call me “baby”
And talk to me until four in the morning

I let my pain out, though it is not fair
I brought this upon myself
And now my tears still show how much I care
Though we will never be the same

Because of me.

This poem was written/submitted by Sydney.


DownUp +22

Gloryland you wait for me,
precious gift of eternity.
Silver and gold, I need none.
I am going to meet the Son.

I’m as ready as ready can be.
I’ve prayed without ceasing since I was thirteen.
I’ve stood on the Bible God’s Holy word.
It’s written in my heart.
God’s molded and purified it as pure gold.

The Lord is waiting no time to waste.
I’ll be leaving you all for this heavenly place.
Please don’t stand around and weep for me.
The Lord of Lords has set me free.

Gloryland you’re mine tonight.
I see you now and you are so bright.
A city meant as a gift from God.
Down it’s streets I finally trod,
to be with my faithful God.

This poem was written/submitted by Jason Kirk Bartley.

The Fear

DownUp +9

Why am I sitting here,
wishing you were here.
Don’t you know I’d die the same,
if it would’ve taken away your pain.
Six whole years today,
since you’ve gone away.
Love is my only fear,
cause I’ve seen how fast it can disappear.
The drugs never take away,
the misery of your face.
I wish I could take back time,
so our relationship could have climbed.
My father the only regret I have,
is telling you I hate you the day that you died.

This poem was written/submitted by Anna Elkins.

Only Boy

DownUp +2

In your eyes there is that special glow
Add some music and well let the beat flow

Give it some time boy and you’ll see why
No need to rush and say that goodbye

Our love is like a timeless bliss
When are lips are sealed with a silent kiss

Out of a million people in the world, you’re the only one in my sight
Just like being surrounded by darkness but you’re the little sparkle of light

Were young enough to make bad choices
But not everyone has the right voices

To speak up and be sorry and ask for forgiveness
Everyone loves that kind of kindness

But as everyone knows we don’t live forever
So lets take this time and share it together

This poem was written/submitted by taylor mitnick.

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