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I Wish

DownUp +21

I wish you needed me
Like I needed you
I wish you wanted me
And loved me too
I wish I could feel your grasp around me
And didn’t feel so ashame
I wish you could take away all the pain
I remember everything
Especially the memories good and bad
I wish these things would not make me so sad
Well I hope you move on and have a good life with her
I hope you notice I can compare for sure
Well now is my time to say good-bye forever
I love you always
I wish you would forget me never

This poem was written/submitted by Cierra.

I Wish

DownUp +51

I wish I never asked you
I wish I didn’t wait for a reply
I wish there was something that I could do
To help me not cry
I lost you as a friend
Which I wish that in time it can maybe mend
I thought you might have liked me
I thought you really did see
That there really could have bee something there
Something more than just another teen
There’s someone here to say “I love you.”

This poem was written/submitted by Sadie.

Autumn is here

DownUp +33

The blue sky turns to grey,
numerous clouds roll by.
The leaves bid summer,
a farewell good-bye.
As they wave in the air,
and pile up on the ground,
for excited, tiny feet,
to make a rustling sound.
The mounds of colorful leaves,
will soon all scatter,
and the cold autumn air,
will make delicate chimes clatter.
The vibrancy on the trees,
and the echoing sounds of fall;
the transformation of the Earth,
will be heard & enjoyed by all.

This poem was written/submitted by Anabela Loureiro.

Love Wheel

DownUp +20

Why won’t you tell me how you feel
You know I am involved in this love wheel
Our romance just goes round and round
I feel dizzy and hit the ground

You broke my heart into a million little bits
And now my life is in the pits
I don’t know whether we should try again
You see my heart is on the mend

I dream of you every night
I dream of every little fight
Yes I admit I still love you
And yes my feelings grew

But how can I tell if it’s for real
I can’t tell if it’s the real deal
Is there a way I will know?
Whether to stay or whether to know

Is there a feeling I should feel?
When I’m involved in this love wheel

This poem was written/submitted by Alex.


DownUp +29

I said goodbye to someone I love
It was hard but it had to be done
I wrote a letter just to say
I miss you and I wish you were here.
Seeing your picture on the wall
Makes me want to cry but knowing where you are
You are safe and healthy
Makes me feel so much better
I just have to say it again I miss you.
It’s not just me who misses you mom does
Dad does and Cale does too
Loosing you was the worst thing to happen
But we all knew it was going to happen
You suffered enough you told us you made
Peace with God and you were ready to go.
But the truth is we weren’t ready.
I love you Grandpa and you know that
You were the best I will never forget you for as long as I live.
You will always be in my heart.

This poem was written/submitted by Jamie Kent-Brown.


DownUp +15

Here I sit
In a seat that’s reserved
To take me to nowhere
Looking out the window
At the ground that’s growing smaller under me
Tears turn dry on my skin
Trying to hide my eyes
As I wave goodbye
to my heart
That’s staying behind

Crying …hiding… Struggling with my smiling…
Could this be heartache
That I’m denying?
Saying goodbye to the one
That made me feel like me
That I’m wanted
There where I want to be.

Saying goodbye to the one
That I hurt
Not even apologizing
Because my pride had just been cured
Feeling bad though
For what I’ve done
Still think it could have been different
Maybe you could have been THE ONE

This poem was written/submitted by mari.

For My Husband…

DownUp +140

We are together,
united for life.
For seventeen years ago,
I chose to be your wife.
I am fortunate to have found you,
for you are an exceptional man.
I couldn’t have chosen
a better partner,
with whom to walk with hand in hand.
I honestly do admit,
you have put up with a lot.
I apologize for all the chaos,
for all the times we’ve fought.
All the bickering and arguing,
was not at all fair to you.
But every time we slipped,
we somehow made it through.
The famous phrase, “through thick and thin”
surely applies to us.
For in the end of it all,
we are in it to win.
Together forever we are.
We will never be apart.
You give me all I need.
I, too, give you my heart.

This poem was written/submitted by Anabela Loureiro.

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