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Come Back My Love

DownUp +12

Never settle for what you have
If what you have isn’t right for you
When the time is right you will see
He was meant for me

It was plain to see
We weren’t meant to be
You’ve lost the key to the heart of me

And if it would be found
We will take leaps and bounds
To get to the mound without a sound

Once we reach to top
Lets never,ever stop
We will soak in the moment, like a mop
Until my heart has dropped

Never leave me. .

This post was submitted by nicole.

A Picture of You

DownUp +20

Everyday I think of your face,
Worrying if you’re sad, happy..
Imagining the day you are miss,
I seldom grace your so called beauty…

I open my own diary.
Suddenly, your pictures caught me..
Your face, your smile, killing me softly.
Remembering things we used to be…

Reading your letter seems funny,
but makes me feel I was empty.
Tears began to fall, flows heavily.
For how long will I have to carry?

Picture of you, I didn’t lost.
Keeping it hanging on my wall..
You are important that’s why I post.
Completing my masterpiece at all…

I’m writing this thing with safety.
For you to know I’m not angry..
I was hurt when you love somebody.
Thinking of me that I was crazy…

I tried to console everything.
Deeply hurt, don’t know where going..
I think my heart is slowly dying.
It beats faster even I’m crying…

Why do I have to cry, pictures?
When we’re not meant for each other?
You leave me alone, now I’m fracture,
Even feel the cold breeze of summer…

Now, I have to lay on my bed.
Forget about this haunted past,
Singing all my heartaches in the field.
Not forgetting your pictures laid rest…

This post was submitted by Broken Symphony.

Good bye aunty…

DownUp +26

It was always plain to see…
you made me happy through all of my life.
you were always there for me.
though having a stroke caused you great strife,

I miss you now more then ever,
most of all i miss your face.
its a shame i wasn’t there to help you get better..
if only some one was there to be on your case,
you’d be better now… better than ever..

I wanted to see you, to hold your hand,
but my plans never did work out quite right..
I will always miss how you would stand,
deep in thought below the stars at night.

I never got to see you,
never did say good-bye…
even though you know i wanted too…
forever bound by an eternal tie…

I love you now and forever.
I will never forget you…
for we shall soon be together…
while your waiting in heaven i will come look for you…

Now as my finale words,
I leave you with only four…
it’s time to move onwards…
good-bye one…. and I love you makes four…

This post was submitted by Rose M.

I wish you could stay

DownUp +44

I wish that you could stay all through the night
And to hold you past the morning light
But the dawn is closing in with every breath that you breathe
And in a few hours, I know that you will have to leave
So I lay here and watch you while you sleep
And I gently kiss you as I breathe you in oh so deep
For I think about what my life might have been
If you hadn’t come along and touched my heart from so deep within
My undying devotion is what to you I will always give
And it will only be you that I love, so long as I live

This post was submitted by Kevin Barker.

Please don’t leave me

DownUp +44

My heart hurts so much
I know that I’ve act stupid
When I see you far away
I wish that I could play cupid

I want you so badly
This is what I’m seeking
But so sadly
Your heart is somewhere leaking

If I go the distance
I’ll be right where I belong
Your existence
Is all that keeps me strong

Please don’t leave me
Maybe we will find a way
I know that I have hurt you
But please I want you to stay

This post was submitted by Chevalle.

Priceless Work of Art

DownUp +16

There once was a boy
Who was filled with such joy

Because he had a love true
That filled him to and through

He promised to love her with all his heart
He vowed to cherish her like a priceless work of art

But she love him not
She hurt his poor soul

In pain he would stay
Until father time grew old

So don’t fall in love young ones
Until you are sure

That the love you have
Runs free, runs pure

Take the advice of a true broken heart
Love is not a toy, but a priceless work of Art.

This post was submitted by Tom Kelley.

Don’t leave me lonely

DownUp +40

Don’t leave me lonely,
after all that we’ve been through.
Don’t leave me crying,
Or thinking about you.
We both know I’m not that strong,
But I knew it was over all along.
Don’t leave me lonely,
after all the love we shared.
Don’t leave me thinking,
You never really cared.
Don’t leave me lonely.

This post was submitted by InLove14.

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