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You’re All I Need

DownUp +12

Every time you walk out of my door
I get so worried and forlorn
Every single moment I yearned for you
Until you come back, I’m blue

It gives me joy, just to see you again
The glimmer in your eyes can make me do anything
Don’t know what you did to make me feel this way
All I want you to do now is stay…

Baby, I hope and pray that it’s you
The man who’ll bring in my life colour and hue
Cos darling if you leave me here
Everything in my life will disappear

I can do anything when I’m with you
I will offer everything for you
I don’t need anything when you’re near
All I ever wanted is you my dear

This poem was written/submitted by Fiona.

Why Can’t I

DownUp +14

Why can’t I just be a bird
That reaches up to the sky
Looking down to all the views
And always free to fly.

Why can’t I just be the sun
That warms the summer day
Giving light to all of us
Even on gray winter’s day

Why can’t I just be a tree
That bestows us pleasant shade
Bequeathing fruits or lovely flowers
That never seemed to fade

Why can’t I just be a baby
Who’s as innocent as can be
Bereft of anguish, problems and anxiety
Like the one you gave to me

Why can’t I stop missing you
Why can’t I end up longing for you
Why can’t I cease myself to cry
Why can’t I just say goodbye

This poem was written/submitted by Fiona.


DownUp +16

Everyday I think of you.
To me my wishes don’t come true.
Everyday I try to see.
The differences between you and me.
I suffer everyday and night.
I wish you were here to hold me tight.
I know your life is a mess, but it puts us both through lot’s of stress.
If you got out I would scream.
Cause’ that would be my perfect dream.
You differ as I start to hear.
It brings me into shredded tears.
I know your good down in my heart.
But when you leave it keeps us part.
When your not in my life its bare.
But I know you truly really care.
I pry on every star I see.
To make it just be you and me.
You’ll never know how much I miss you.
But always know : I love you.

This poem was written/submitted by Summer Schaefer.

I Love You Anyway

DownUp +44

You aren’t the dream brother
You can ruin my day
You make me cry at night
I wish you were normal
That you didn’t have behavior disorders
I wish that when I hugged you
You’d hug me back
I wish that when I told you I loved you
You’d love me back
One day I know you will
But for now, I love you anyway

This poem was written/submitted by Your Sister.

I Love You Mom

DownUp +35

You’re the person in my life, in my heart
who i will never forget
you gave me everything and filled my every part
I have nothing to regret

You were beside me at my side
when i was weak and tired
when i was sick
while i was filled with pride

You always supported me
in my troubles in my pain
your a ‘role’ for me to see
your my relief in my strain

I am sorry for everything
for everything i have cause
I love you, your the song i sing
forgive me i know things get worse

This poem was written/submitted by proxy.

Stuck in the water log

DownUp +6

I am stuck in the water log
lost and tired
still in pain
and cant move on
waters growing
I just can’t breathe
suffocating and bored
is all i feel

Pull me out
I am in fear
I can’t cry
but still in tears
blood stains all over i cant escape
trying to regret
for all my mistakes
shouldn’t have come here
to get the curse

I wish i could survive
just for some while
to pray to the God
who i had forgot

This poem was written/submitted by proxy.

She is my love

DownUp +9

I miss her in the morning
and i miss her in the night
I don’t know why its happening
and I am not sure if its right

I wish that i could kiss her
I wish that i could share
I would stay with her forever
and i would have surely cared

Her eyes are black and sparkling
her lips is red has rose
her face is bright and shining
with beauty instincts it glows

Outside my house its raining
and I am falling in love with her
I don’t know why its happening
while my visions are going blur

This poem was written/submitted by proxy.

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