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DownUp +31

Laying here,
Beside you,
Watching you breathe,
And hearing your heart beat..

Tears fill up my eyes,
I put my hand next to yours,
You roll over,
And smile with pride..

We glance at each other,
And get lost in each others eyes,
And look in the other direction,
To see a crib where Zoey lies..

Her soft light brown hair,
Pressed against her cheek,
Her little blue eyes sparkling,
And she was ours to keep..

She stood up on her little bitty feet,
Put her hands on the rail of the crib,
You smile and go to pick her up,
But before you could, she made a leap..

She cuddled up in your arms,
With her head lying on your shoulder,
Her little baby hands against yours,
You couldn’t stop holding her..

She slowly drifted asleep,
Holding you close,
You looked at me,
And was happy that it was her we chose..

This post was submitted by Kodie.

The Special Day

DownUp +9

I woke up this morning,
And hopped out of bed
I started to get ready,
Because soon I would be newly wed

I hurried up,
And got to the beach
I began to put my dress on,
As I heard people preach

The music started to play,
I put myself in my place
Started walking down the aisle,
With my eyes glued to your face

I got to where,
We were standing side by side
I began to think,
And started to cry

We said our vows,
Slowly to one another
And got lost in each others eyes,
We didn’t want this moment to be over

The preacher said,
You may kiss the bride
You moved the veil away from my face,
And it was me that you would find

As the moment ended,
You swept me off my feet
It was me that you wanted,
Forever and ever to keep…

This post was submitted by Kodie.


DownUp +11

But there’d still
Be too much left
to say
left to write
left to know.

Fake me out
But I’ll still
Know the truth hidden
in your mind
in your heart.

Flirt around
But your heart
Will slowly start
to crumble
to shatter
to break.

But I won’t
Listen to what you
what you think
that you want.

This post was submitted by Kristen.


DownUp +17

Her love must’ve been something
And it should
Of been
Frankly, it wasn’t.

His love must’ve been more like
Cinnamon twits
Thought she’d just take a bit
She couldn’t resist.

Their relationship wasn’t
Easy to read
And he wished maybe she’d
One day
Gaze in his eyes.

Her view on that subject
Was undecided yet
Was badly tormented
She guarded
Her heart.

The problem with letting go
And giving no thought
Was she just might get caught
Up and
Be tricked..again.

He didn’t know that she was
Broken inside
And was
Trying to hide
All the pieces.

Then he looked in her eyes
Saw her
Shattered soul
Time had taken its toll
On her.

So he vowed that he’d save her
Put her back together
Get in her lovely weather
And love her.


This post was submitted by Kristen.

When you’re around…

DownUp +56

Blush, what I do when you’re near,
Butterflies, what I get when you’re here,
Quiet, how I get when you’re around,
Because when you’re close I’m spellbound…

This post was submitted by Meghan.

If I Could Stop Time…

DownUp +30

If I could stop time,
I will be in the toppest of the world
Experiencing all the joys and happy moments

If I could stop time
I would pray the Time to stand still,
Because there are still few words left unspoken:
And moments to spare with the loved ones

If I could stop time
I request the Lord to have mercy on me
So that I shall grab out all the rapturous fantasies
Oh! Time be slow for you are the greatest healer of life,

I wish and love to do all these things
If and only if I could stop………TIME!

This post was submitted by Vinutha. H.M..

You As Mine

DownUp +30

I love you, I love you, I know it won’t be true,
That you and me would get together to make us into two.
Love is for me to give to you,
But not for me from only you.
I love you, I love you, I’ll always be true,
Not to others, but only to you.
Should it happen, that I must part,
I’ll always keep you in my heart,
The end is near, my name to sign,
But dream of you as always mine.

This post was submitted by annmarie scellato.

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