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I Love You

DownUp +10

You’re so far away,
But when I close my eyes
I can still feel the way you held me.
I can still feel your lips on mine
I can still hear your voice whisper,
I love you.

I can’t stop thinking about you,
And I tried after you left.
I tired to get over you,
But I compared every guy I was with to you.
I put away your picture,
But found myself taking it out to look at you.

I found you in every thing that I did,
Even though I never tried too.
I convenience myself that you didn’t love me,
But I couldn’t stop loving you.

And the one thing
I hope you will always know
That no matter what
I love you.

This poem was written/submitted by Megan Cottle.

Loving you

DownUp -2

These days are getting harder and harder
having to see you with your girlfriend
and not with me is hurting me
I don’t understand why you like girls
that Break your heart constantly
but don’t like the girls who wouldn’t break you
but I guess that’s how you work but I hope you
decide to like a girl who loves you back
and wouldn’t want to break your heart

This poem was written/submitted by Cassy123456789.

Highway Of Love

DownUp +6

Our hearts met on the highway of love.
Our souls floated on the clouds above.
Your love must have been heaven sent.
Many nights of bliss with you I have spent.

When I said I love you.
You wept waterfalls of happy tears.
We are still so much in love after all these years.

Days will come and years will past.
Our love darling is sweet music.
That will always last.

This poem was written/submitted by Lamar Cole.

Love Is..

DownUp +6

Love is like a fairytale.
It comes and goes so soon.
But when you get your chance to grasp,
It flies away like a balloon.

Love is worth a thousand words.
Yet theres no specific one.
You can try to express a feeling or two,
But it spills into tons.

Love may not be the thing for you,
Because it definitely isn’t mine.
But when I get the chance to grab it,
I grab it with all my might.

This poem was written/submitted by Jasmine Rose.

My sister

DownUp +95

Things are so scary because they’re uncertain,
I wish my sister, would just stop hurting.

She has a disease, that seems to be winning,
Her head is so cloudy,
And her faith keeps thinning.

It’s hard to watch her eat,
Without using her hands,
And watching the doctors empty,
Those ensure cans.

She is depressed,
Deep down very sad,
Daily focusing,
On the past,

To when we lost, what most people still have.

We were really young,
It happened, several years ago
It was really hard being forced,
To let our mother go.

She thinks she could’ve saved her,
There’s no way she could of,
But now she feels guilty
Thinking she should’ve

Her disease was passed on,
Passed on to my sister
Now it’s got her trapped,
Like Dorothy in the twister.

She’s stuck in the cyclone,
Watching everything fly by
As we’re all watching her,
Pondering why?

Why does she do this?
Why can’t she stop?
Why can’t she see the beauty?
Given to her by God?

She is my twin
She is my sister
But he’s so caught up in that twister,
What if she leaves, all we could do is miss her.

I hope one day,
That she will wake up,
Eat breakfast,
And not want to throw up.

She’ll realize she’s beautiful,
And she’ll realize she’s strong,
She’ll realize she’s perfect
And there was never anything wrong.

This poem was written/submitted by Kaylee Lenners.

Dear Jeff

DownUp +13

God’s sending his angels and you’re awaiting their arrival.
We’re all praying for your survival.

You’re only twenty-eight,
But you’ve been dealt this sorrowful fate.

Jelanie’s by your side, as you lay,
All day, everyday.

Wishing you were better in every way.
Because she loves you, and wants you to be okay.

But all she can do is watch you lay
And pray to God for another day.

Days came, and days went
Tears were spilled,
And prayers were sent.

They did all they could do,
But now we’re here missing you.

You’re in a better place, this we know
But nobody wanted you to go.

As night turned to dusk,
The angels came and you
Left us.

So many people miss you and wish you were here
but we know you’re safer up there.

Free from pain,
Free from harm,
Resting safely in
The Lord’s arms.

This poem was written/submitted by Kaylee Lenners.

I love the girl that looks like me (My Twin)

DownUp +22

I love the girl that looks like me
We’ve been together, since I could remember
I love the girl that looks like me
Stupid insults passed, between her and me
Short little fights, because we couldn’t agree,
But I love the girl that looks like me
We always used to say we’re not friends we’re sisters,
but now that she’s stuck in that turbulent twister
She’s the best friend that could be,
I love that girl that looks like me.

I just wish she’d open her eyes and be okay
saw reality in a different way,
drop her worries and let them be,
I love that girl that looks like me.
When she came running to greet me
I was sure the twister was shirking,
the winds would stay steady
but that’s not certain
all that could be,
is love that girl that looks like me.
her good days are sporadic and tend to roam
her recovery is like the song they sing about Rome
but despite what goes wrong,
I love that girl that will soon be home

This poem was written/submitted by Kaylee Lenners.

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