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Times gone

DownUp +70

Why did you have to go
Its just not the same when your not around
I would start to cry when your name comes to mind
It’s hard for me to think, breathe, or even talk
just knowing you’re not there when I’m awake
it takes sometime to heal
but, i will never forget all those times that we spent
not one memory goes by that i wish we could spend once more
we always played by our rules
and didn’t care who tried to take us down
it was impossible to break our bond
but, then it happened
and you were gone!
11-17-63 to 05-01-00 🙁

This post was submitted by Jaclyn Benko.

I Remember

DownUp +9

‘I Remember’
Do you remember?
At that place
The big white one
That smelled of a hospital
But it had the smell of gardenias

Do you remember?
I do I remember.
The course rock under my hand
The water trickling down the moss covered stone.
The bright coloured fish & the frog that sounded so loud.

I remember the men wearing white in memory of you.

How I miss the years before.

How I miss you so much more.

“I just wish I didn’t have to!”

In memory of my brother.

This post was submitted by Chloe.

My life is like a rose

DownUp +14

My life is like a rose
Each petal is a special part that makes up a picture.
Every petal that falls is something that can not be forgotten.
Every few years a petal is lost.
Soon the rose will be bare,
No petals to show its beauty.

Its stem brown
Its nectar dry
This rose shall die.

No one will forget those petals,
That have gone brown & brittle.

One day another rose will bloom
Till then I am just a rose, a dark, dead

This post was submitted by Chloe.

I’ll see you soon

DownUp +41

Its been so long since I’ve seen your face
so long since our love has last bloom
but trust me when I say, I’ll see you soon
memories last forever
like our night under the moon
but dont loose sight because, I’ll see you soon
Your song to me is I Love You & it’s my favorite tune
Baby lets keep this love alive & it’ll never see it’s doom
We’ll pick up from where we left off, because I’ll see you soon.

This post was submitted by AwayLove.

Liberian Peter

DownUp +5

No one asks where I am from.
I must be from a place where no one likes to come.
I have always checked these books in and out.
Peter you’re a loser with out a doubt.

No one knows that I exist.
I host the fiesta of the non fiction list.
Putting books in ABC order.
Bossing them around like they were my daughters.
My peace and quiet is always lost.
When people complain how much a book cost.

What they say must be true.
I have no life and nothing to do.

No one knows I will commit suicide today.
Hopefully the books will see it my way.
Carrying on to find a new reader.
But none better than the Liberian Peter.

This post was submitted by Sharod Blake.


DownUp +13

Sweetheart it’s something about you, that’s driving me insane.
I always crack a smile, whenever I hear your name.
I think about you all day long I think I need a break.
Sometimes I sit back and count the breaths you take.

Sweetheart it’s something about you, that makes me want you bad.
I never seen a girl like you look so beautiful when she’s sad.
You’re so sexy no other girl can compare to you.
That’s why they try to imitate and do the things you do.

Sweetheart it’s something about you, that makes me act a fool.
You’re the only reason I wake up to come to school.
If you were not here, everyday I’d probably cry.
Missing your smile, your laugh, and watching you walk by.

Sweetheart it’s something about you, that makes you look so good.
I’d spend the rest of my life with you if only I could.
I still love you Tynisha even till this day.
And it’s something about you that makes me feel this way.

This post was submitted by Sharod Blake.

Finally Free

DownUp +23

I loved him dearly, more than I loved myself.
It’s supposed to be this way, he said it was for my own health.
But as I got older it just didn’t feel right.
With him taking pictures, rubbing and touching me all night.
Then I told him to stop or that I would tell.
That’s when my whole life was turned into a living hell.

No more outside, no more seeing the light of day.
When people came over he said I’d had moved away.
He locked the doors, beat me up and took away my food.
He had his way with me, the worst was when he was in a good mood.
He said that he loved me and hoped I understood.
He promised I wouldn’t get away but I just knew I would.

One night he was drunk and left the door cracked.
I busted out of there running and didn’t look back.
I was so happy that for the first time in years I saw light.
And now that I broke away I can start a new life.
I planned to forget my past and what he did to me.
Because for the first time in my life I was finally free.

This post was submitted by Sharod Blake.

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