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DownUp +22

You always know how to make me smile
Especially when I haven’t seen you in a while
We always seem to be on the same page
even though we are far apart in age

This post was submitted by Denise Lynn.


DownUp +7

How did I let you come in and control all of my life?
How can something like you cause me so much sadness and strife?

You controlled when I cleaned, you controlled when I worked
The responsibilities I had you made me shirk
You made me neglect all the things that I held dear
You made me do things that I would normally fear
You made me sleep and controlled when I woke
You made me start rows, you made me provoke
You controlled when I bathed, you didn’t care if I wasn’t clean
You made me become selfish, you made me be mean
You made me believe things that were lies and not true
You left me feeling sad, so lonely and blue

But because of all these things you have made me wise
Because of all these things I have come to realize
That there’s no point in fighting a battle I’ll never win
There’s no point trying to take it on the chin
Today is the day that I give up the fight
Today is the day that I surrender to your might

This post was submitted by Teresa.


DownUp +38

To sum up life,
Is not a hard task.
We may cut with a knife,
Or wear a mask.

The de ja vu.
All the lies,
All the truth.
The tears we cry,
Me and you.

We may hate,
We may love,
Emotion is a gift from above.

So live your life,
Because life is worth living,
Whether you take,
Or whether you’re giving.

This post was submitted by Rachel Marie <x3.

Her Eyes

DownUp -3

Eyes so green.
Like ones in a sweet dream.
Eyes so round.
Shining like moonbeams.

Eyes so pretty.
Loveliest in the city.
Eyes so bright.
Like stars shining in the night.

Eyes so soft.
Like those of a spotted doe.
Eyes so tender.
Brings to the heart sweet surrender.

This post was submitted by Lamar Cole.

A Sweetheart

DownUp +3

A sweetheart is one of God’s greatest creations.
Whose love brings to the heart.
A sweet sensation.

She makes everyday worth living.
Her love is always there for the giving.
A love that makes sorrow take flight.
That lights up the heart.
Like fireflies light up the night.

This post was submitted by Lamar Cole.

Invisible Wall

DownUp -2

I’m trying to reach you,
But there is a Wall.
This wall is nothing,
But to me it keeps me from talking.
This wall doesn’t let me talk,
I want to speak my mind.
This wall is all around me,
It doesn’t fall down and crumble.
I want to talk to you,
But when i get close i hit against it.
I was to speak freely,
but this wall is heavy against me.
I can feel the pressure,
I can see the wall pushing me.
But want to talk to you,
But i can’t because its my feeling.

This post was submitted by Lydia Wheeler.

Promise of the future

DownUp +13

Worlds and beyond I must say
are where my dreams lie
They go far beyond the visible sky
And deep beneath the sea floor
Even through the darkest hour I say,
I see my future so bright
Like the undeniable shine of the sun
So loud it echoes those of my dreams
Then I know I will get there now or later
For the promise of the future is so near
That I can almost feel it with the touch of my hand

This post was submitted by jacqueline M.

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