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Grave Thoughts

DownUp +47

No longer am I breathing,
As I lie beneath the ground,
Though once my rage was seething,
It does not make a sound,

My heart which was pounding,
Is lifeless in my chest,
My virtue, so resending,
I did it for the best,

Many dead lay at me feet,
And now I lie at theirs,
My assignments I did try to meet,
And honour my forebears,

My lungs which once were gasping,
Are airless in the earth,
The memories, ever grasping,
I’ll have no second birth,

The deaths I caused are countless,
And yet I buried none,
So many call me heartless,
For killing their beloved sons,

I was a devoted Nazi,
Or perhaps a mindless slave,
For no one comes to mourn me,
Or lay flowers at my grave.

This post was submitted by Alice.


DownUp +12

When you left me, butterfly,you took a part of me.
for now i feel so empty, just like a hollow tree.
when i met you, butterfly, you looked so sweet and kind.
we looked each other in the eyes, and i knew that you were mine.
why’d they take you butterfly, you didn’t want to die.
all you did was spread you’re wings, and up and up you’d fly.
it all happened in the springtime, it was either March or May.
every tree we would climb, every minute spent was play.
i had loved you butterfly, but thta you didn’t know.
We would always be together, through sun, or rain, or snow.
if i had told you of my love, you wouldn’t have to go.
i knew that something happened the day you didn’t show.
i tried to watch t.v but the only thing was news,
just a bad actor talking and an old man singing blues.
Unitll i got to twenty eight, it was there that my heart stopped.
what i saw almost made me faint, my heart shattered as it dropped.
for there i saw your picture, you looked so kind and sweet.
but what the camera showed, was you sprawled there on the street
they wanted me to go outside, to go run along and play
but i would rather stay inside, it was a sad and lonely day.
fly away butterfly, for you are in my heart.
and even though we’re not together, we’ll never be apart.

This post was submitted by Tears Of Blood.

Until Then and As Of Now

DownUp +19

You tell lies like a second language
Oh you learned it well
You break hearts like a force of habit
It must come natural
It’s just another game to you
You must be on your winning streak
You see these tears fall down my face
A replayed seen viewed too often

This heartache asphyxiates me
And you stand there breathing easy
I am drowning in my suffering
While you stand on shore watching carelessly
As if you don’t even notice..

One day maybe you will see
That I loved you
But my heart can not bear this pain much longer

So Until then,
and as of now,

Farewell my dear..
I must let go.

This post was submitted by Lena C..


DownUp +11

She opens her eyes and stretches her wings.
She flies underneath the golden sun.
Wings in a pattern of purple and blue
Peacefully fluttering just about the yellow dandelions.
Her and her beautiful wings.

This post was submitted by Kendi C..

Mirror Image

DownUp +28

When i look in the mirror,
all i see is a girl,
unfamiliar to me
As the strangers we see every day
This girl i see wears a mask
to hide who she truly is inside
I see a fake smile
to hide her sorrow
Every day, I see this girl
and Every day people fail to see me,
inside the fake
She talks to me
to keep her from going insane,
All the while crying
to heal the pain

This post was submitted by Feen.

One’s view at life

DownUp +17

Its scary, when you see life as seen through these eyes,
You feel sympathy for yourself, as pity is what you live on,
Just as a human should, you think there will be that time when it all just works out,
But reality gives you no time to dream, it hits again as if you caused offense to it,
The pity i live on, is the lowest level, one dare not respect one self, one dare not think ‘happy’,
I am wrong to say happiness, love, or life is over rated,
I am wrong to say anything i think,
I am what i am, i can’t try and be what they want me to be,
They want this, they want that, they live not their own life, they run many.
You can’t decide, you can’t help yourself, ones word confuses you,
You feel there will be a time when, you look at this and make it a lesson for others

This post was submitted by Mahabba.

Although we’re apart

DownUp +3

Where are you? What are you doing?
Who’s sharing her problems,
her happiness, her dreams,
her thoughts?
Not me, not me anymore, but,
all our memories, all my love
is still hidden in my heart.
A heart can never be complete if
a piece is missing.
You’re tattooed in my heart and my mind.
Forever. Forever my love even if now we’re apart!!!!

This post was submitted by Goldilocks.

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