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Can’t live through love another day

DownUp +25

People say falling in love is easy,
but once you’re in it your head just gets so dizzy.
No I don’t wanna go back there,
& I don’t care what they say.
my heart cant bear to go through all the pain,
pain that drives your whole world insane.
I know how it is to give your heart & feel like its all a lie,
I know how it feels when he leaves you without a proper goodbye.
No i just wont take the pain no more,
Can’t you see my heart just wont open anymore??
I don’t want to sink into the claws of HURT again,
love has always been an enemy,never a friend.
so why should i put myself through this misery??
to me love is almost history.
you’ll never see me cry the tears that love has brought upon me,
I’m still locked up in painful memories i just cant be set free.
leave me alone i plead, you don’t know what I’ve been through,
none of my love has been true.
its just left me with scars & feelings so blue,
confused & without a clue.
I’m better of this way,
leave me alone i just can’t live through love another day…

This post was submitted by keisy.

The Guy, My Love

DownUp +5

Thought you were someone’s,
When I first saw you,
Did not put too much hope on you,
Till the day,
When out of the blue,
You came and approach me,
Feeling happy and amaze,
It started to grow in me,
Day by day,

I do really miss you,
Every second , minute, and hour,
Starring at the clock,
Moving tick-tock tick-tock,
Hoping it will be faster,
But not when I’m with you,
Treasuring all the moments.

I know,
The difficulities for us to meet,
Yet I hope,
That I will have a chance,
To tell you,
How much I LOVE YOU,
And that I need you,
To be in my LIFE forever and ever.

dedicated to CJ by Esther.T

This post was submitted by esther teh.

Is this love?

DownUp +9

In every time I see you
I don’t know what should I do
In every smile of your lips
I can see an angel

My heart wants to fly
To reach the heaven in the sky
My heart was over flow with joy
In the attention that you give at all

My day would be empty
If I could see your lovely face
I ask my self, way i feel like this
Is this love?

I promise it to you
That I will always love you
Even if the world would end
My love for you won’t change.

This post was submitted by romelyn.

Always There

DownUp +19

My God is always there for me
Through the ruff and tough
He keeps you going
And will not take a bluff
Listen to him now
He loves you very much
He is always there.

This post was submitted by Chris.

To be with you

DownUp +29

She’s like a star ..
That’s been kinda far..
Hope she comes back soon..
For we could both be under the new moon..
Its great i got to know her..
but now i cant live without her..
If dreaming and wishing for things came true..
All i would ask is to be with you!

This post was submitted by Emerson Solorzano.

On My Way…

DownUp +43

I am who I am.
Do I like who I am?
Sometimes I’m happy
with who I see-
in the mirror ,
looking back at me.
But at times
there’s an emptiness…
a feeling like I’m
an absolute mess.
Why that is?
I don’t know.
Perhaps it stems back
from long ago,
when I was a child.
But I was so loved
and wonderfully cared for.
Why this confusion?
I don’t know.
But I am slowly learning to let go…
I don’t want chaos or hostility,
just peace and tranquility.
I’m on my way …
to discovering
who I
really want
to be…
I feel…

This post was submitted by Anabela Loureiro.

Protect him

DownUp +20

I may be a girl but I’m strong
I run far and fast
I know what’s right and wrong
My knowledge is vast

But I hold myself responsible
He is my soul, my life
I never thought it was possible
He’ll never even have to think about using a knife
For I’ll always be there

Because he is my friend, a brother
And I’m bound to protect him forever and always

This post was submitted by Casie.

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