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For The Best

DownUp +18

When I first saw you I saw love,
to me you were a gift from up above.
I couldn’t believe it when my dream came true,
the day you asked me to be with you.
We had our good times and out bad,
I hated the bad time, they made me sad.
I have to admit I had so much fun,
but I can’t forgive you for what you have done.
Some days I wonder if we could still be as one,
and forget the unfaithful habit you suddenly begun.
You should never of had her in your arms,
or fooled around under the bright starts.
But you did and now we are through,
I know it’s for the best, I really do.

This post was submitted by Gidget.

Sick of It

DownUp +128

I’m sick of always caring,
And I’m sick of being there.
I’m sick of being your comfort,
When no one else seems to care.

I’m sick of the way you treat me,
And how you treat everyone else.
I’m sick of the way you diss me,
When I turn up at your house.

I’m sick of always giving,
And getting nothing in return.
And I’m sick of forgetting,
What I’ll probably never learn.

I’m sick of you and your crap,
And I’m sick of all your flirting.
I’m sick of all your girly friends,
I’m sick of all this hurting.

This post was submitted by Gidget.

Lost Child

DownUp +7

I don’t know how hard it is
to raise a child like me.
I’ve been a bad child,
I’ve caused you tears,
and still, you are here with me.

I remember the time when I ran away,
mom kept looking for me.
She spent her night waiting for my call,
but I ignored it, so insensitive,
I just wanted to be free.

Dad talked to me, hugged me tight,
and said “I love you my dear child, do you feel it?”
and here I am knowing it’s true,
I had the guts to hurt him.

I’m a selfish child who wants to be free,
but couldn’t sleep if mom’s not beside me.
I’m a selfish child who wants to grow fast,
but couldn’t face the angry world
without a grip of dad’s hand.

Despite everything and anything that I would do
How far can I go if I don’t have you.
Mom and dad, now that I’ve grown old
I don’t have the guts to say what I’ve done wrong.
So full of shame and regret,
sorry might not be enough…
sorry might be too late.

Years have passed, there’s this one day,
I came back, a surrender of conscience.
I saw them both sitting in racking chairs,
watching the clouds and garden full of flowers.
I hugged them tight, even when they can’t recall my name.
Mom asked me why I cried, she can’t remember who she used to wait for at night.
Dad held my hand, told me to calm down…
and asked me who I am and if the nurse was around.

These are the words of once a stubborn child,
love your parents while you still can.
While they still remember who you are,
while they feel they love you more and more each day.

Regret comes last,
when it is too late to make up for wrong things done.
So love your parents while they still hope you can…

This post was submitted by Kathrine Yee Baraquia.

A child’s sorrow

DownUp +18

Mothers are a magnificent thing.
So close to perfect,
they seem more than human beings.
No wonder it hurts so much when we lose them,
Its like loosing a part of self.
You start to feel like you’re the only book on the shelf with a chapter of grief.

You feel all alone,
So empty inside
You start to loose her more and more
Now no one blames you when you cry at night.

You want her back,
So she can wipe the tears,
That’s going to come for many years.

But it’s okay.
Everything will be fine.
Your mom is still looking down on you
Praying for you all the time.
No harm will come to her.
She’s in a peaceful place.
Live and Love life.
It’s too short not to enjoy it.

-Darlene L. Sanfor

This post was submitted by Darlene Sanford.

Love Specter

DownUp +15

I wander around to these lethal wounds
A reverie for my half awakened soul.
I rise to the coffin I used to lie
Living my soul in the grave , I sigh.
I taste the color of the night
Nearly touching the warmth of your sight.
My life left buried alive
Without you I can’t seem to survive.
I can no longer walk through the path where you go
Dying to say that I love you so.
I started to breathe through your lungs
Mesmerizing the pain from my fangs.
Sitting on the edge of the floor,
Feeling your presence I open the door.
I thought I was home,

But you’re gone forevermore. . . .

This post was submitted by nadia.

Just another way to say I Love You

DownUp +4

Beauty is only skin deep but yours goes on forever
Seeing you, holding you, to be yours is my pleasure,
Your smile lights the sky even making the sun jealous
You had your choice of plenty of guys all overzealous.

Every single guy, we all wanted one thing
But my one thing was different, it was merely a ring,
Your skin is so soft, your lips taste so amazing
The passion we hold is continuously blazing.

I don’t take you for granted you’re the world in my eyes
Every single time I see you, those words I reprise,
You’re a Goddess in the face but that not why I partake
Because things like that don’t make it past the first date.

When you’re sad I hold you, when you’re happy I’m there
You always catch me looking because I cant help but to stare,
Your eyes are like a jungle, I could get lost for years
This poem is to say I Love You and take away all of your fears.

This post was submitted by Nick Mckinley.

End of Pain

DownUp 0

Like every other night this week
I crawl into bed wishing to fall asleep
I feel a pain worse than death
I want to hold my breath
To end my life – to end this pain
I don’t want to be apart of this game
Unable to cry more tears
I hope this means my end is here.

This post was submitted by Kimberly S. B..

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