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There’s Nothing

DownUp +2

There’s nothing I can do except be near you.
There’s nothing I can say except ‘let’s run away.’
There’s nothing I want to hear except come here.
There’s nothing I can do except love you.
I love you; I always have and always will.
But your blind and it hurts, so I’ll take some pills.
They ease the pain but only for a little while…
And then you call and I’m laughing and smiling like I used to.
I love these little moments when you seem to make the sun shine.
Its late, we yawn at the same time and that gets us laughing again.
Nothing can ruin this moment except our moms telling us to go to bed.
We have to hang up, you have a paper due and I need some sleep…
Goodbye for now seems like forever to me.
I try to stay away.
I try to hold my tongue.
I try to block out the pretty words you say.
I tried today, I really did.
But…there’s nothing I can do except love you.

This post was submitted by Meg Sohma.

Fear – No more!

DownUp +5

When my emotions stop flying high
And my soul will no longer cry

When my eyes are blind to the pain
My mind stops worrying ’bout going insane

When my heart has broken for the last time
My fingers not writing another rhyme

When my mouth can’t speak no more,
While my body falls and hits the floor

When my ears are deaf to hear
Then I guess I feel no more fear.

This post was submitted by Bettina Sowa.

Jordan, My Son

DownUp +145

Whenever I look at you
My heart fills with pride
You are a son I am proud
To have at my side
The times that I thought
Where did I go wrong?
Are no longer a thought
Because it does not belong
You have turned out to be
The most perfect son
When I smile each day
You are the reason
You are my first born
My prodigy
My wish for you my son
Is be all you can be

This post was submitted by Teresa.

Emptiness exist

DownUp +4

Emptiness is like the hollow of a tree
It clings to the dark
And lurks around every corner
Shadows begin to shrivel and slowly run away in fright
Cold covers any awaken creature and
Covers them in dark path
The air is dead with in the night
Not even the moon will come and greet
An echo will be carried in the wind
But will slowly vanish
Without a trace
Clouds will cover like a blanket
To show that emptiness does exists

This post was submitted by Jessica.

Your Kiss

DownUp +5

Your kiss is sweet as a candy cane.
Soft as a summer rain.
Soothing as a soft pillow.
Free as a weeping willow.

Sweet as honey.
More precious than money.
Wet as a winter snow.
The kind that is dreamed of.
This I know.

This post was submitted by Lamar Cole.


DownUp +10

Some people dream of diamonds.
Some people dream of gold.
But I dream of you love.
Until the night grows cold.

Prayer kept me safe.
Visions of you kept me warm.
Thinking of you through the night.
Secure from harm.

Some people dream of riches.
A whole lot of money.
But I will dream of you always.
My precious honey.

This post was submitted by Lamar Cole.

You will remember me one day

DownUp +10

One day you will realize
everything that i did for you,
one day u will thought,
my every single word that i said to you
and one day you will yearn for me,
when I will not be with you

This post was submitted by Anu Verma.

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