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Emptiness exist

DownUp +4

Emptiness is like the hollow of a tree
It clings to the dark
And lurks around every corner
Shadows begin to shrivel and slowly run away in fright
Cold covers any awaken creature and
Covers them in dark path
The air is dead with in the night
Not even the moon will come and greet
An echo will be carried in the wind
But will slowly vanish
Without a trace
Clouds will cover like a blanket
To show that emptiness does exists

This post was submitted by Jessica.

Your Kiss

DownUp +5

Your kiss is sweet as a candy cane.
Soft as a summer rain.
Soothing as a soft pillow.
Free as a weeping willow.

Sweet as honey.
More precious than money.
Wet as a winter snow.
The kind that is dreamed of.
This I know.

This post was submitted by Lamar Cole.


DownUp +10

Some people dream of diamonds.
Some people dream of gold.
But I dream of you love.
Until the night grows cold.

Prayer kept me safe.
Visions of you kept me warm.
Thinking of you through the night.
Secure from harm.

Some people dream of riches.
A whole lot of money.
But I will dream of you always.
My precious honey.

This post was submitted by Lamar Cole.

You will remember me one day

DownUp +11

One day you will realize
everything that i did for you,
one day u will thought,
my every single word that i said to you
and one day you will yearn for me,
when I will not be with you

This post was submitted by Anu Verma.

Tears Fall Like Rain

DownUp +7

Tears fall like rain
Tears fall like rain from my eyes
Like a rainfall from my eyes
The pain I was caused
You put it all on me
I was destroyed because of you
Now I wish I could go back
To the love I now hate and despise
To the wonder that you took away
To the happiness I will never know again
And to the days I did not cry
The days where all I could be was happy
Those things taken away
As the tears fall like rain from my eyes

This post was submitted by Jena.

Miles away

DownUp +23

When i found you
you were lost and alone.
I loved and protected you
with all the love i had.
you came to move me the same,
then you went away.
now I’m lost and alone,
wanting to hold you
close to my heart.
with miles between us
my love never fades,
waiting for you to return
to me someday.
we conquered mountains
of trials and troubles,
only to remain
friends and lovers.
i know you’re family needs you,
but i need you too.
come back to me safely
and my promise to you
is to love and protect you
as when i found you.
with miles between us
you are still dear to my heart.
let me love you, until you return
I’ll be as when you left,
only as one.

This post was submitted by tia.

Things wouldn’t be the same

DownUp +4

Days are hard my life is falling apart
my heart was shattered and you made it seem as if i never mattered
your eyes i thought couldn’t lie i lost count of how many times I’ve cried
I wish you were mine again I’m so lost please find me
my tears fall as i wish for you to call…
I have fallen so hard the sad part is that its not love…
I am so alone without you there is no one to hold
I feel so numb and cold what i have become is what some call insane
when i held you i felt above it all its what i call love
as you walked away i knew things wouldn’t be the same
I love you to this very day.. i watched as you walked away
knowing… things.. wouldn’t be the same

This post was submitted by tia.

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