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Tears Fall Like Rain

DownUp +7

Tears fall like rain
Tears fall like rain from my eyes
Like a rainfall from my eyes
The pain I was caused
You put it all on me
I was destroyed because of you
Now I wish I could go back
To the love I now hate and despise
To the wonder that you took away
To the happiness I will never know again
And to the days I did not cry
The days where all I could be was happy
Those things taken away
As the tears fall like rain from my eyes

This post was submitted by Jena.

Miles away

DownUp +23

When i found you
you were lost and alone.
I loved and protected you
with all the love i had.
you came to move me the same,
then you went away.
now I’m lost and alone,
wanting to hold you
close to my heart.
with miles between us
my love never fades,
waiting for you to return
to me someday.
we conquered mountains
of trials and troubles,
only to remain
friends and lovers.
i know you’re family needs you,
but i need you too.
come back to me safely
and my promise to you
is to love and protect you
as when i found you.
with miles between us
you are still dear to my heart.
let me love you, until you return
I’ll be as when you left,
only as one.

This post was submitted by tia.

Things wouldn’t be the same

DownUp +4

Days are hard my life is falling apart
my heart was shattered and you made it seem as if i never mattered
your eyes i thought couldn’t lie i lost count of how many times I’ve cried
I wish you were mine again I’m so lost please find me
my tears fall as i wish for you to call…
I have fallen so hard the sad part is that its not love…
I am so alone without you there is no one to hold
I feel so numb and cold what i have become is what some call insane
when i held you i felt above it all its what i call love
as you walked away i knew things wouldn’t be the same
I love you to this very day.. i watched as you walked away
knowing… things.. wouldn’t be the same

This post was submitted by tia.

Behind Guarded Eyes

DownUp +11

Just a simple smile
It’s amazing what you can hide
It’s so easy to pretend
With everyone so blind

Just a few small words
It’s all so fake
Am I living in a nightmare?
Or am I awake?

It’s hard to say
How I really feel
Is it a misunderstanding?
Or is it real?

Who to trust
It’s hard to be sure
Who will care?
I’m confused once more

Deep within the soul
The truth lies
Hidden from the world
Behind guarded eyes

This post was submitted by Kayla.

It’s Your Loss…I guess

DownUp +7

I told you the truth.
You told me the truth.
The truth of that I love you.
The truth of that you don’t love me.

Now I’m here all broken inside.
Now your all feeling good inside.
With me crying with my bedroom door locked.
With your hands locked with hers.

But of course your with her and not with me.
But of course I’m with nobody and not with u.
But I guess,that it is your loss.
But you guess, that its just another one of those girls…

I guess it is your loss.
I guess it’s my heart broken.
When you see me with my friends.
And when I see you with her

This post was submitted by kendan.

I will always love you

DownUp +8

My love for you was everlasting
Never to be forgotten
Till the day you broke my heart
Now all I wanna do is forget you
And my love ever existed

The worst thing is to see you happy
Without me, not even a glance back to see if im still there
You say that i should move on
My head agrees, but my heart says never let go

The hardest thing is letting you go when you’re always in my head
Then I tell myself, you don’t want me..
So why do i still want you?

I’m not sure if I’ll ever get over you
I’m not sure if I can move on
I’m not sure if I can ever love anyone else like I loved you

But one thing I’m sure about is..
I will always love you.

This post was submitted by Conner Crist.

Just being with you is enough

DownUp +3

Kindly pull me close to you
And whisper in my ear
Tell me you love me
While you gently stroke my hair.

Then let there be silence
Listen to waves roll in from sea
And i’ll sink deeper into your arms
As we sit out on the beach.

When stars reflect off water
Lit by the sky above
I realize you don’t need to speak
Just being with you is enough.

This post was submitted by Elephant.

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