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Because i miss you

DownUp +28

I sit and cry in the hallway
just because i miss you
i can’t work
just because i miss you
i get mad easily
just because i miss you
i can’t think properly
just because i miss you
i sit and pout
just because i miss you
i can’t sleep right
just because i miss you
i get books
just because i miss you
i can’t stop talking to you
just because i miss you
i sit and argue
just because i miss you
i can’t stop thinking of you
just because i miss you
because i left you
i can’t do anything right
so I’m coming back
just for you

This post was submitted by Sonya-Rae Maquinna.

Never let go

DownUp -2

Free falling into nothingness
no parachute to slow me down.
The pressure has been lifted
replaced with a pleasant weightlessness

The ground accelerates towards me
and I brace myself for impact
and am surprised when I stop abruptly
confused by the comfort I now feel

Strong arms have caught me

Arms that have become my comfort,
my safety net, my home.

Please, never let go

This post was submitted by Bree.

Our Mama’s Hands

DownUp +22

I saw you looking at your hands with disgust
You hate them now and hide them you must
But mama, there’s no shame in hands so worn
Because all they’ve touched since you were born

You say you hate them ‘cause they’re so frail,
So veined and aged and red, not pale
You don’t remember how much they’ve done
To bring the 5 of us to who we’ve become

You don’t remember the love they’ve shown
The tireless tending to us we’ve known
To tying the shoes and showing us how
To guiding us through all we know now

You don’t remember they’ve nurtured us well
That they soothed us so tenderly when we fell
That they hugged and held us when we were hurt
That they scrubbed and cleaned us of the dirt

You don’t remember that they wiped our tears
That they gave us a refuge from our fears
That they washed and doctored our injured knees
And they offered a tissue when we sneezed

You have no reason to hate them now
Without those hands we would not know how
To use our own hands as you once did
To soothe and nurture and worries to rid

We can hopefully teach our young ones now
That our hands are special and that somehow
It all began with your loving hands
They are so special and that’s how it stands
Mama, don’t hate them, ‘cause they’re etched with love
And Daddy’s patiently waiting to hold them, up above

This post was submitted by Marcella L True.

Missing my brother

DownUp +59

Brother I miss you so much,
I lay in bed at night thinking of you,
Crying, trying to figure out,
What to do,
Why did he take your life?

As you lay in the hospital fighting for your life,
He sits in a room thinking of what he has done wrong,
Maybe he will get prison maybe he will die,
But taking your life will never be a lie,
The hammer to your head,
As you lay in your bed,
Fighting him off,
Pushing him away,
He gets to run,
You fight it out,
To save Ryans life,
Enough strength to dial out,
Helicopters come,
Rush you in,
Tubs in your mouth,

Two days after,
Machines start beeping, while we are sleeping,
I jump up wondering what’s wrong,
Who was to know that was the day you would be gone,
Watching slowly you letting go,
I cry by your bed side when they tell me something I never wanted to know,
I fall from weakness,
Thinking I will never see you again,
Who was to know you would be leaving,
Alone in the world,
I sit and wonder,
What to do now?
That man that took your life,
He took our hearts,
Who would have known?
I sit here all alone.

I love you

This post was submitted by jennifer.

True Beauty You Cannot See

DownUp +92

True Beauty You Can’t See
As the true beauty you can’t see, lies beneath the surface
Most likely hidden in a heart shaped protective case
You can search, but it’s kept it deep within
Everything beautiful is buried under the skin
Outer beauty can only carry us so far
It doesn’t show us who we really are
Our real beauty is covered with that shell
And it’s something so precious we cannot buy or sell
Once our true beauty spills through crate
There’s no stopping it because it seals our fate

This post was submitted by TWINKLEBEE.

Game of Lies

DownUp +12

You said you loved me,
You said you cared.
You said you’d be there,
Whenever I was scared.

You held me close
And whispered my name.
But then you lied,
And said it was all just a game.

You laughed at my face
And called me stupid.
Tears stung my eyes,
I hate you, Cupid…

You punched me
And I fell to my knees.
You kicked me
And I collapsed on the ground.

You spat at me
You laughed demonically
I watched you walk away
As I lay there,
Crying on the ground.

Why didn’t I see this coming?
Why didn’t I hear that voice?
How come I was so blind
To see through his Game of Lies…?

This post was submitted by Mia S..


DownUp +5

I thought I could escape it while i was with you,
Actually I did,
But then you told me you were moving,
And so now,
I am suffocating in the smothering darkness once more,
All alone,
No one there to help me through it,
No one there to encourage me onwards to the light,
No one there to make me completey happy, like I am with you.

It’s in my nature to be alone,
I never knew that until now,
I had my suspicions before,
But now I know for sure,
Because there’s always something,
Something there to keep either,
You or me away from each other,
To make sure it would all fall apart.

Whats wrong with me?
Every time I love someone,
They either don’t love me back,
Thinking of me only as a friend,
If even that,
Or as a little sister to be protected,
Or if he does love me,
Then I either can’t see him anymore,
Or he has to move, leave me behind,
Or both.

It’s smothering me in it’s deathly folds,
It’s getting harder for me to escape it,
Harder for me to smile, really smile,
Harder for me to be happy, truely happy,
Harder for me to get through each day,
Without thoughts of running away,
Or thoughts of killing myself,
Of letting myself float away with the wind.
It’s hard for me to think of staying alive,
When theres nothing to live for.,
Nothing to look forward too,

Because to me,
Everythng is Darkness.

This post was submitted by Aimee.

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