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DownUp +41

I know that people don’t understand what you’re going through
But I can, cause let me tell you that I’ve been there too
Every time you wake up in the morning, and wish that you didn’t
Every time you go to sleep at night wishing that you’d die in it
Damn, the pressure that they give to you to hold on your shoulders
I know it’s hard, and will only get worse as you get older
But don’t waste your time trying to figure a way outta this mess
Cause that’s what life is, unfair, hard, and full of stress
And I know that what you want is to no longer live
But listen child, you’ve got a long way to go, and so much to give
Forget the people that hurt you, put all that bullshit behind
Step up, be grown, and control what’s going on in your mind
Cause as I told you, there is no way outta this mess
So might as well sit down, take it in, and consider yourself blessed

This poem was written/submitted by Chantelle.


DownUp 0

Yet again – I resent,
One more time – I abhor.
Why would I give my heart for naught in return?
You don’t want me – OK.
You don’t need me – that’s fine.
Can I kill my desire and finally learn?

I should learn to ignore,
I should learn not to call,
Stop expecting your love when I show you mine.
Either leave and forget,
Or occasional friends,
Stop unthinkingly crossing the invisible line.

This poem was written/submitted by Anna124.

The Refuge (A Sailboat)

DownUp +12

Rain may fall,
And wind may blow.
But when we call,
God will show us where to go,

He said to me, “Let’s sail right now,”
I had no life-jacket, not even a coat.
I politely asked Him, “But how?”
He answered, “In this little sailboat.”

I got right in and took the oars,
We went in circles around the bay.
We’d stop at a dock and I’d open a door
But would shut it quickly for it wasn’t the way.

I finally gave up and God raised His sail.
I looked ahead and saw a storm in command.
We trudged and swayed through the vicious gail,
But when I cried, He held my hand.

A ship approached with cannons and guns,
And they tossed down a wretched note.
They said to give up, and that they had won.
For all we had was a little sailboat.

All of a sudden, thunder rolled,
And I heard the scream of death.
For God, Himself had paid the toll,
When He sent His Son to breathe the final breath.

So He had won, and the sun did rise.
This tragedy that I wrote
Was now rewritten before my eyes,
And all He needed was a sailboat.

This poem was written/submitted by Jennifer Rose.


DownUp +16

Mummy mummy,
Please don’t get mad,
I know what i did will make you so sad,
I went to the water even though you said “No”,
The water was fast i tried not to let go,
I was swept under the water,
I needed a breath,
Then daddy was crying and pumping my chest,
I’m sorry daddy i know you tried,
I love you mummy, Love you forever
Goodbye for now, But not Forever…

This poem was written/submitted by Anonymous.


DownUp +11

I was Walking
My hand in His
Floating like an Angel
As he guided us along

Angels we both were
Gliding along
Asleep i was
Now he is gone and i am me again

This poem was written/submitted by Katey.

First Sight

DownUp +6

As I see you everyday, you walk by I move out of the way.
I would have to say hi, but I’m to shy.
But I’ll show you how I feel,
And everything that I will say is real.

It was like love at first sight.
You resemble the day, I resemble the night.
If I were the sun, you my moon.
I am the water to make you flower bloom.
My feelings are like an ocean, they flow deep.
So you see with out you there is no me.

This poem was written/submitted by Chris Hood.


DownUp +8

Next time you are near,
Listen and you will hear,
The whispering of my heart,
Grieving us being apart.
It speaks of missing you,
Wanting to speak words so true,
Of longing your touch everyday
About loving you in every way.
If it had a pen, love poems it would write,
A voice, serenades for you every night,
Memories and dreams of you left undiminished,
Sadly, the words of my heart are left unfinished.

This poem was written/submitted by Glover.

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