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DownUp +6

I thought of you just today.
Your smile, your laugh and the things you say.
I thought of the Angel that found this man.
I remembered the first time you held my hand.
I remembered the last time I touched your skin,
And dream about the day that I will again.
At night I lie awake and smile at the dark,
Because of the pictures I hold in my heart.
I know that one day these pictures will be replaced,
With events that will start when again I see your face

This poem was written/submitted by Justin Marker.

Blinded Eyes

DownUp +18

Little girls are protected
From what mothers believe
To threaten them
But we should be
Protecting them from
Little boys
Love blinded eyes
Because a hole in the
Heart cannot
Be healed with a kiss
By a mother
As the tears brim in her eyes
You will wish you had helped her
And now she’s gone
Because you did not give her the light
Of day
And now her day has come
And gone away

This poem was written/submitted by Torii.

True Beauty

DownUp +21

The beauty of my mother,
goes far beyond her looks.
The beauty of my mother,
goes far beyond her smile.
The beauty of my mother,
goes far beyond her touch.
The beauty of my mother,
is deep within her soul.
As I know now,
since I’m a mother,
she’s more precious than gold.
The love she feels,
is so unreal,
for the gifts she was blessed
to be given.
She is my rock,
my precious jewel,
the compass in my life.
She’s so forgiving
and courageous
through her challenges and strife.
Unfortunately, she’s an ocean away.
But luckily, I can call her to say,
“I love you…you are true beauty.”

This poem was written/submitted by Anabela Loureiro.

Love at first sight

DownUp +1

I don’t think it was love at first sight
As when we met, we had a fight

But then after sometime
We, both became fine
And maybe spent a little quality time

Time, I made a mistake
Mistake that made hell loose over me
A mistake I couldn’t see

You refused
And broke a fuse
With me going loose

The poem I wrote
Just like this one,
Was it like for no one??

You thought I deserved something
Something better maybe
Is that why you called me to tell
I don’t know what happened to me.

Now that you’re gone
It feels that my life
Is directly written on the script of saawariya
But I guess its just a naazariya
I don’t expect you to come to me
And free of this captivity

I try to forget
This mindset
But without any success
So I succumb to this so called foolishness

You sent me an sms
Maybe some more
We had a small talk
For which I kept believing you rocked

I was kept captivated
And at the same time fascinated
About how my heart ached for you
And about how your head ached for me

Then finally I met you
At a party, decorated only for you

When I first saw you
I couldn’t take my eyes off you
I stole glances
As I got my chances
It seemed all my starts
Together, where helping me find my co-star

And then finally the moment
Arrived, I lament this forever
Instead of talking
I felt like running
My body gave away, with my
Heart skipping a beat as you brushed by.

Me, being the biggest fool
Missed the opportunity to be cool

I don’t know what happened to me
The moment you started talking to me
I felt like I would pass out
But think I controlled it profound

The moment passed away
And you just walked away

But the star still glow
It made me happy, so why the hell
Would I stop the flow
I want you, someplace,
Someplace near me, a place
In the deepest place of my heart

So the story continues
With all the over dues.

I wrote this one just for you, like all the several ones just waiting to be read by you,
Even though you don’t like my writing it for you
I cant help it out
because without any doubt you are only one I found…

This poem was written/submitted by Sam Gorgil.

Love at First Sight

DownUp +2

As I casually walked by,
you were calmly standing there.
With your sparkling eyes one me,
I couldn’t help but stare.

From that moment on,
you were always on my mind.
Wherever I went,
You ‘re the one I needed to find.

If I was only given the chance,
to hold you close to me.
I could only prove one thing,
my heart says, L-O-V-E.

This poem was written/submitted by Anabela Loureiro.

Fragile Heart

DownUp +12

Fragile of heart, longing to weep
I stare at the abyss, needing to sleep
Tatter and torn, my heart begs to bleed
Harden by your loss, I forbid to submit.

Wondering why it came to a sudden end
I thought we were lovers,
I thought we were best friends.

The seed of doubt, secrets and questionable behavior
Did nothing to salvage what was once in favor
Questions in abundance, answers in short supply,
made for a heartfelt, gut-wrenching goodbye.

Your love still haunts me like a ghost from the past
Wondering to myself why things never seem to last?
Betrayal so deep, it scars your heart and soul…
No explanations needed… that is what I was told.

Once we were lovers, once we were friends
Once we were in love, so I thought to myself.
No longer a part of my future,
my dreams, or long-term fate.
Just a distant memory of someone
I thought was my ideal soul mate.

So be gone from my heart, my mind and my thoughts
Time is all needed to heal and move forward
No time for regrets, remorse or self pity
Life goes on no matter how dreadful we are feeling.

This poem was written/submitted by RV.

Everyone wants to find love

DownUp +1

Everyone wants to find love,
in time some people do,
god does not choose people,
god has no power over love,
everyone must fight for it!

Hard, yes it may be,
never the less,
always if found is special!

Everyone wants it,
determined to get it,
even those with little chance try!

Valentine’s day helps with love,
on the other hand,
love gets destroyed by it!

If you find love you’ll know!

This poem was written/submitted by lucy wright.

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