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Would you just leave…

DownUp +2

I’m sick from your lies
Tired from your thoughts
Just say goodbye
And I shall drown the boat
Knowing you was my nightmare
But this life is just fair
Its time to move on
And its time
To cut all the flowers I had grown
Its time to let go
So would you just leave?
And let me rest in peace.

This post was submitted by dreams.

A mother

DownUp +16

Where are you when I need you?
when I reach for your hand
the times when i need you
when I need a friend
I still want your arms around me
when I walk into your room
… and you’re not there

Why does it have to be this way
why couldn’t you stay
why does he need you now
why’d he have to take you away

So many people dying
little children crying
why couldn’t I go too
was it too good to be true
No-one needs me like I need you

I lie awake praying for hours
why can’t you take me too
It’s hard to stand in your shoes
How can I be her guide
her wind
her light ahead
when I still need mine

Every day your memory fades
but the pain will never change
the pain.. will never change
I cry at your tomb, begging
please mama please
come back to me
please be the hand that lifts me
be the one that helps me stand

This post was submitted by Debi Lombardi.


DownUp +17

My heart is broken, I don’t sleep at night.
My heart is broken, no more holding you tight.
My heart is broken, tears run down my face
My heart is broken, feeling like I’m running in place.
My heart is broken, why cant you see
My heart is broken, there is no more of me
My heart is broken, torn in two
My heart is broken, because of you

This post was submitted by Jamie.

I miss you

DownUp +14

I miss your smell
I miss your taste
I miss your smile,
your face.

I miss the way we could stare into each others eyes and never get bored.
I miss the way I always felt complete when we were near.

I miss your eyes
I miss your hugs
I miss your warmth,
your glow.
But then i guess,
I just miss you.

This post was submitted by Shaylene.

Harbour of Hope

DownUp +14

I choked and I wretched
On my vomit of hate
But i surrendered to You
And You opened the gate

You sent me an angel
To show me Your love
To comfort and feed me
When I was hungry enough

In my travels and wanderings
You brought me home
In the lightning and thundering
You found me alone

My arms reached out wide
In trembling and awe
My pain left outside
You watched my love grow

Oh lighthouse to my lost and lonely boat
Oh harbor to my ship
You reached out to my burning hope
And now it’s You who I worship

This post was submitted by Tracey Duffy.


DownUp +12

Friends are people that are always around
Who keeps the inner circle round
When you’re down they lift your spirits off the ground
They know when you hurt, & try to mend your heart
Walk with you a mile, even when you fake a smile
Never shy to ask the reason why, look at you and see the sky
Laugh at your jokes, and cry when you cry
Always takes your side, whether it be wrong or right
So keep them near, not forgetting what they mean.
Because you might need one who needs you dear.

This post was submitted by Stacy Ann Charlie.


DownUp +1

Whispers on the ocean tide
Flow as softly as the skys
they flow to you
and tell you I said good-bye

Screams and yells
come from the skys
as pain and sorrow
wash through your eyes

I cry and hurt
as my body twitches
finally I become still
and I began to die

Finally I am died
and gone to heaven above
I meet a man who whispers to me
If you want you can go back to him

I say no, I cant because I’ve hurt you
I left you on purpose
so that i dont hurt you
but in truth i hurt you anyway

I walk to a garden
and sit on a stump
I began to cry
I hurt for you
I cry for you
and most of all I love you

This post was submitted by Brittney Ross.

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