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Confession of love

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Beneath this simple but logical phrases
Reveals the truth for this love i confess
for the reason i live because of you
that i will remain and always be true

You gave me the strength to full fill my dreams
to face any challenges how hard it may seem
you gave me the will to for give and forget
the wrong that was done the mistakes i have kept…

you gave me the sight to see through the light
and that I’m sure you have changed my life
hearing you seeing you is all that i want how much more if you hold my hand?..

from the time i wake up until the end of the day
i think of you every night i pray
for the safety of the one i truly cared for..
the one i love and want to be with someday

Love and loyalty to you i bestow even this life of mine i owe
why can’t you believe the truth of this affection
why? can;t you stay why? do you need to go

You might say I’m so naive
but deep in my heart in this words i believe
I swear to the truthfulness of heaven above this poem I dedicated to the one i truly love..

This post was submitted by gwinne.

So Close

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You’re so close to my heart,
So real in my life.
Yet you’re so far
Far away from me
From my every day

I think of you
And my heart beats faster,
My skin gets “goose bumps”
And my whole body screams your name

You’re so close that
When I think of you…
I think of God’s beauty
Oh! How wonderful is he…
He created you!

He created you for me
To show he’s love through you
To show me how much he cares
He is the connection between you and me
The love shared!

No matter how far
No matter how long
We will always be together
And we’ll share the same heart

The heart of God!

This post was submitted by Socorro.

The way you look at me

DownUp -1

Lying next to you…
Close to your heart.
I can hear it beat,
And I know we’ll never be apart.
You say you “Almost” love me,
And I know that’s true.
But I wish I could prove,
How much I love you.
I can’t explain all my feelings, in a poem like this…
But what I can say, is,
Everything we share together should be treasured; cherished…
Even something as little as a kiss.
I hope one day… you will feel the same,
Maybe, come to love me too.
But I want you to know, no matter what,
I have, do, and will forever love you…

This post was submitted by Marina.

Ocean Blue

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You look at me,
I look at you.
All I can see, in your eyes,
Is a colorful sea of blue.
I also see the love, the compassion, the bliss that we share.
I can tell by your gentle touch,
How much you do care.
Yes, there are times where I have my doubts…
But I know, life without you,
Would be like living in a drought.
Dry, bare, nothing to see…
But, if what we share is real;
All we really need in the end,
Is you and me.

This post was submitted by Marina.

Endless Love

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Like the galaxy, that goes and goes, never ending.
Like the trees in the park, that always seems to keep on growing.
Like the sun that comes up every morning, even if we don’t see it, it’s still there… Just hiding.
Like the air we breathe its always there, we take advantage of what is just given to us.
Like our one true love, always with us in our hearts. But gone when needed.
Gone when needed more than the galaxies, the trees, the sun, the air…

This post was submitted by Marina.

Hold on

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When you want to run away, but something pulls you back, hold on.
When you think you’ve lost it all, and there’s nothing left, hold on
When you loose yourself, and all your dreams, hold on
When there’s no light ahead, nobody their to call, hold on.

When you feel like you’ve left everything behind, hold on
When you feel like the sun wont rise on this tonight, hold on
When you need somebody to wipe your tears, tell you its alright, hold on

Because I promise you someday
You wont have to hide this pain
Because I promise you someday
Someone will come to help you breathe again
Someone will break down the barriers, you’ve built within your mind
Someone will chase away the tears, to show the beautiful smile
Hold on, Hold on, break away from these chains
Hold on. Hold on, if you just hold on.

When you’ve seen only the dark side, shadows on your face, hold on
When the music’s playing, but your heart wont let you dance, hold on
When your eyes don’t light up, because the sparkle has grown tired, hold on
When life has taken away your spirit, slowly burning out the fire, hold on.

When you’ve given up on waiting for hope to open up its door, hold on
When you cant find the answers, like a puzzle without a picture, hold on
When breathing feels so painful, and time just isn’t enough, hold on

Because I promise you some day
you’ll wake up to something beautiful
Because I promise you someday
Someone will make you feel worth it
Someone will open up your eyes, blind them from the hurt
Someone will cover up the bruises, wipe away the dirt
Hold on, Hold on let your faith keep you strong
Hold on, Hold on, if you just hold on.

When your heart feels weak, and like a flower you have wilted, hold on
When those have turned there backs, the ones that kept you lifted, hold on
When your feelings have turned numb, this is not what you expected, hold on
When the sun no longer shines yellow, and the grass is no longer green, hold on
When love has lost its way, no longer can it follow, hold on.

When you look back on your life, no goals have been achieved, hold on
When you see a road that’s just too long, hard to face with no guarantee, hold on
When tomorrow is just another yesterday, you feel this is all you can become, hold on.
Because I promise you someday
Life will show you another way
Because I promise you someday
Someone will take away the strain.
Someone will give you a second chance, it will be there for you to take
Someone will show you the perfect bond, believe and it wont break
Hold on, hold on, who knows the best may be yet to come
Hold on, hold on, if you just hold on.

This post was submitted by James Webster.

Listen to Your Guardian Angel

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When the sun comes out, that’s me telling you, “Good morning”.
When the wind blows, that’s me trying to get your attention.
When the rain pours, that’s me telling you “I miss you”.
When a thunderstorm happens, that’s me telling you, “That wasn’t a good idea.”
When twilight comes, that’s me telling you, “Good night”.
When the snow falls, that’s me telling you, “Everything is okay up here”.
I may not be there with you, but I’ll watch over you.
I may not be there to talk to you, but I’ll watch over you.

Listen to me.
Look for my signs.
For I am your guardian angel, I will watch over you with great care and love.

This post was submitted by Jessie.

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