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DownUp +2

Your eyes are lovely, dark, and deep
Like clouds before a rain
To know the secrets that they keep,
To ease your every pain…
To have those eyes look into mine,
Oh, you could never know
There’s not a way I could define,
And nothing that could show
Just how those eyes can burn away
My doubts, my pain, and fear
But clouds roll in, the skies turn gray
When you’re no longer near.
So nervous that you’ll disappear
It happens quite a lot
One minute you are standing here,
And then the next, you’re not.
The empty space where you once stood
Hangs heavy in the air
I close my eyes, perhaps I could
Still see your image there.
There’s so much more to you, I know
Than just what meets the eye
I hear it in your warm hello,
And ache with your goodbye.

This post was submitted by signalfire92.

Memories in time

DownUp +6

Memories so fond and dear
My memory is only clear when you are there
You do not understand my love
Actually not even I do

You are like a drug to me
When you look at me, passion flows through my veins
Soft tender, sweet and pure.
Rough, mind blowing and so confusing

Never to know wheat emotion will hit next
With you there is all, love, hate and passion
Freely flowing, attracting and disengaging
Pushing and pulling on an invisible rope

Which way we will go know one is know
A mystery that we are living
Minds unclear, a mist that fogs our senses
So until the sun rises where do I belong?

This post was submitted by Channa.

Why? (2nd night alone)

DownUp +4

I am a very inquisitive person
I’m just that kind of guy
My favorite sign is a question mark
My favorite word is “Why”
I don’t always get the answer, or even an answer
But I never fail to try
Sometimes my answers are questions
My why begets a why, begets a why, begets a “Why?”
Why do I dream of me walking?
When in my dreams I can fly?
And no matter how I soar,
Why can’t I touch the sky?
I wear glasses to look in the mirror
Why can’t I look me in the eye?
And why is it every time I do
I smile, I look away and I sigh?
Is it because I don’t like what I see?
Or maybe I am just “naturally shy”?
Nope, that’s not true.
Though it’s not often I tell a lie
I look away in disgust of what I see
Can I help it if my standards are that high?!
They slipped quite a bit of late
I used to be a perfectionist in days gone by
I know I have changed. All things change
Only, why?
Yea, and why is it I no longer cry when I’m hurt?
Is it because now it even hurts to cry?

This post was submitted by Ashruf Alwarrag.


DownUp +53

Fathers are special,
They try really hard,
To piece up the puzzles
Of our hearts.

Mothers are selfless,
Honest and kind,
When it comes to our hearts
The pieces they try to find
Aren’t there.

Brothers are caring,
More than you’d think.
But about our hearts,
They’re on the brink.

Sisters are there,
Until the end.
Our hearts; they handle with care,
They’ll never break or bend.

Family is important,
More than you know.
So cherish the memories,
And never let go.

This post was submitted by Rachel Marie <x3.

Like an animal

DownUp +3

I used live in a sweet dream,
But I woke up into a nightmare reality,
I feel like an hurt animal,
Don’t let anyone get close to me – I trust no one,
I feel lonely, but I’m not alone while being alone,
The only one who can take care of me is the reflection of myself in the puddle,
There is no way back, I must stand headed up on the ground,
I must keep walking but all I have is a memory of you,
I turn back to see you, and your coolness is freezing my heart,
That makes me nervous like a beast,
The anger keeps rejecting you from my memory,
I convince myself that I don’t know you,
I don’t want to remember how I was so high in the sky when the storm got close and the lighting got through my heart,
I was in abyss but I scrambled out from there,
Now I found a safe place in someone’s heart…

This post was submitted by Crazy Viking.

3 lil words

DownUp +1

There are three lil words that are hard to say
whenever we’re together the words just float away,
you see i find it difficult to tell you that
its true, this statement is a fact.
i want to tell you so you could know
but i think you see it, because it always show.
your butterfly kisses just make me smile,
and at times i wonder n ask myself why?
why didn’t i say those three lil words…
but now i have the chance to do what I’ve always wanted to do
to say these three lil words are I love you!

This post was submitted by Vanessa Bowman.

Don’t hit me

DownUp +3

And I’m married to a disease that won’t leave us at ease
It’s just a problem left inside my head
If it wasn’t there, you’d be instead.
I go by his word; directing things aimlessly
Doctors told mommy they don’t know what’s wrong
Other kids at school call me a freak
She used to tell me that I just need to be strong
But it’s hard for her to speak since daddy beat her weak
I visit mommy everyday, she always tells me to be strong
Doctors suck the blood from every vein in me,
Daddy beats every breath out of the rest
The voice in my head tells me to believe mommy
And mommy tells me to be brave
Doctors tell daddy I’m worthless
Daddy listens, daddy tells me to shut up
I beg daddy on my knees, don’t let me end up like
Mommy please; daddy doesn’t care, daddy does what
He wants; daddy drove me to somewhere dark;
Then he buried me on top of mommies’ decease

This post was submitted by Sarah Weber.

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