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Another Heart Break

DownUp +6

I am a whisper in the wind,
A breath of sorrow,
Always having to remind,
My heart is hollow.
I still feel for you,
Deep inside,
But you were the one to rip my heart in two,
Our binding love is now untied.
I still remember holding your hand,
Looking into your shimmering eyes,
By my side you said you would always stand.
As we walked down the street,
Our hearts filled with love,
Our gaze would meet.
With hearts in our eyes,
And smiles on our faces,
Our love began to rise and rise.
But after time flew by,
We started to realize,
our love evaporated into the sky.
That day we said our final goodbyes,
Is the reason why,
I am just another girl with a broken heart with deep sadness in her eyes.

This post was submitted by Alicia.

I Long to dance

DownUp +2

I Long to dance

I long to dance on a moonlit night
with an Angel fair with a step so light
to hold her close in my warm embrace
to gaze upon that perfect face.

I long to dance when the sun does rise
To gaze into those dark brown eyes
in silhouette her perfect form
graces my presence in the light of dawn.

I long to dance on a warm summer day
In forest glades where butterflies play
when happiness lives and cares are few
and a kiss from my Angel is a dream come true.

I long to dance on long winters nights
By the light of the fire and soft candle lights
to whisper my love, share my fears
to laugh and cry to savior the years.

I long to dance back into the past
To meet a girl sad and down cast
To offer my heart and my hand to dance
to hold her close to take a chance.

I dream of the dance that never was
I rail against the natural laws
But time is fickle I know its true
Some time I know I’ll dance with you.

This post was submitted by Sam Dalton.

My Love

DownUp +2

My love sails on blue waters.
Blue waters of your heart.
My love dances on the wind.
The wind of your soul.

My love is a true reflection.
Reflection of your eyes.
My love will live forever.
In your body and soul.

This post was submitted by Lamar Cole.


DownUp +4

It breaks my heart
When I see you cry,
And it doesn’t get easier
As the days go by…

Watching the sadness fall
From your eyes as tears,
A slow and constant release
Of pain from the past years.

They say that tears
Are like silent words,
A puzzling explanation
For the sadness that occurs.

But most of the time
There are no ways,
To find the words
To describe those days.

Because behind those tears
There’s always a history,
A somewhat painful
And hard to tell story.

This sadness in your eyes
From what I can see,
Needs to be released
In order to let you be…

This post was submitted by Laura \'Lorenzo\' Thomas.

A single memory…

DownUp +7

A single memory
Is all it takes,
To preserve and remember
What a lifetime makes.

So wrap it up
Tight in your hand,
And never let go
For as long as you can.

For as long as you keep it
It will always be safe,
But if you let go
You’ll regret the mistake.

So I plead with you now
To never let it go,
Keep it safe from harm
From friend or foe.

This post was submitted by Laura \'Lorenzo\' Thomas.

My Faith

DownUp +40

Unbroken, kept safe
my token, my faith
Not shaken, never stirred
Warm with love, never burned
Boundless journey, destiny saved
Free of heart break, void of pain
Seen a lot, loved even more
If birds can fly, then i can soar
Happy place, no regret
Take my joy, yeah i bet
Fame is cool, money’s nice
Jewels have tags, this has no price
Cant be bought, cant be sold
Always fresh, never old
You should try some, and have it clear
That faithful is he, who’s heart’s sincere.

This post was submitted by Corey Straughter.

I Saw Him

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I saw him,
And that’s when I knew,
No one could be as perfect,
No one else would ever do.

His eyes,
With their Robin’s egg hue,
Melted my heart,
And broke it in two.

I saw him,
And that’s when I knew,
His eyes were the only eyes
That I would ever want to stare into.

His hands,
Feel so new,
It warms up me inside,
Nothing’s ever been so true.

I saw him,
And that’s when I knew,
His smile was the only smile
That would ever make me smile too.

His voice,
Is sweet like morning dew,
It fills my head,
And any other thoughts are few.

I saw him,
And that’s when I knew,
His voice would make me happiest,
On the day that he said “I love you.”

I saw him,
And that’s when I knew,
That I could never have him,
And all I can do is wish that it weren’t true.

This post was submitted by Bethany.

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