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My Love

DownUp -1

My Love for you is so real,
Its just too bad you don know how I feel.
Sometimes I feel like we belong together,
I’ll even be with you through horrible weather.
I’m in love with you, as you can see,
But I have one question?
Do you love me!?
Your my one and only and there is nothing wrong with that,
So please don’t use me over and over like a doormat.
When I’m in your arms the whole world stops,
And every time I see you I feel my heart drop.
When I’m away from you I just cant take it,
So when we get together your lap is where I sit.
Its so sad how you want a girl just for pleasure,
When you got a girl right in front of you worth more than treasure.
I might not give you pleasure but I can sure give you love,
Funny, Crazy, Gorgeous, honey! I’m all the above!
You always make me laugh and you always make me smile,
For you, ill run a distance maybe even a mile.
Some days I wanna kill you and some days I wanna marry you,
But that doesn’t matter cause “My Love” will NEVER end for you!

This post was submitted by Maranda Hunter.

I’m Letting Go

DownUp +30

Lying alone in bed, I wonder…
Do you ever think of me before you sleep?
Do you even call my name when you miss me?
Because I do, I really miss you.
Because I do, and I know this is true.
When will I learn to stop.
When will I ever grow up?

I am in love with the past.
Im so stuck.
I can’t seem to figure how to stand up.
I wish it was easy as setting aside my things.
I could burn all your pictures but your face still clear.

I can still remember how you said you’ll never go.
You used to teased me that I was the star of your show.
and I thought I was.
I believed in all your bluffs…
and right now I’m stuck in this empty dream house.

I don’t want to feel this way!
I feel so small, so helpless…
like a dust on a wall…
and you can’t see me calling on your name.
How did you, how can you…
Please tell me why…

You were my friend…
I trusted you with everything.
I never thought that you would do this to me.
How can you afford to see me cry,
and left me there as if I was never part of your life…

The moment you said goodbye,
You never said the words I wish I could hear..
You let me go like that..
and from that day on, I promised myself…
I will never love you again..

Now I’m leaving.
I finally found a way out of my childhood fantasy.
I found myself sleeping too long.
It’s time to face reality that you’ll never come back..
or even if you do, it woudn’t be the same…
You’re not the friend I used to love those days…

Ten years of loving you seem too long…
But let me spend the rest of my life
finding someone who’ll love me more…
You had your chance,
It may be too late
for past lovers to be friends…
I chose to go away, to be happy..
So I could mend, and accept that you’re no longer mine.
..You’re no longer HIM….

I was in love with the past.
I was so stuck.
and now I’m finally walking my way, standing without looking back.
It may not be as easy as setting aside my things.
but you have no pictures anymore and your face no longer clear.
You belong to her… and you said good bye to me..
I’ve waited too long… now it’s my time to be free…

This post was submitted by Kathrine Yee Baraquia.

A Wish

DownUp +1

I lay in the grass with you,
looking at the endless night sky.
Millions of stars and one moon,
staring down at us.
You point up and say
“A shooting star! Make a wish”
You close your eyes tightly,
and make one.
I think and think,
then finally I get an idea.
“I wish this moment would last forever.”
I think to myself.
I look at you,
and I know.
We had wished the same thing.

This post was submitted by Madye.

Forgive & Forget

DownUp +16

Forgive and forget,
That’s what they say;
Turn the other cheek,
Look the other way.

The pain inside,
The fear in my mind,
Sometimes it hurts too much to even try.

I want to forgive and forget you,
But I’m not sure if that will do.
If our love was true,
I wouldn’t want to
Forgive and forget you.

This post was submitted by Rachel Marie <x3.

I Need You

DownUp +1

I need a pencil to sketch
my lone boundary,
a lace to hide
the monster in ‘this case’
a mirror to reflect
a perfect image
from two broken lines
of a faded being.

I need glasses to focus
my sinful path
and let I see the ditches
in this foiled jungle,
let I draw a figure
out from a colored blue
and shade it some grays.

I need a threshold to the gate
to enter me into scanned
systems on the lonely road
and pass as I would pass,
out my fray-greyed day.

I need you.

This post was submitted by Salamu Bakili.


DownUp +5

Although our hearts are together,
I have a feeling that it’s will not be the same again.
Things change,
Characters will change too.
Just like our relationship will change…

I can live without you,
You can also live without me…
It’s the habits that bonds us together again,
Is Fate or our decisions?
A feeling that we shouldn’t be together…

There should be a better girl for you,
Not me…
I’m just a nobody, loner…
You deserve a caring and sweet girl.
Should we change our minds and return to the positions?

I wanted to give you a chance but I know,
I changes, everything changes…
Things aren’t the same…
Forgive me for not being with you at your side…

This post was submitted by miyuki.

You’re just a person

DownUp +5

I go everyday with my head held high
but when i see you i want to break
down and cry.
You’re the reason i can’t sleep at night
I put an act on my face like everything
is alright.
You see me with him
I see you with her
Everything in our past is
just a blur.
You’re just a person why can’t i see
you and me will never be….

This post was submitted by Unknown.

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