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Forgive & Forget

DownUp +16

Forgive and forget,
That’s what they say;
Turn the other cheek,
Look the other way.

The pain inside,
The fear in my mind,
Sometimes it hurts too much to even try.

I want to forgive and forget you,
But I’m not sure if that will do.
If our love was true,
I wouldn’t want to
Forgive and forget you.

This post was submitted by Rachel Marie <x3.

I Need You

DownUp +1

I need a pencil to sketch
my lone boundary,
a lace to hide
the monster in ‘this case’
a mirror to reflect
a perfect image
from two broken lines
of a faded being.

I need glasses to focus
my sinful path
and let I see the ditches
in this foiled jungle,
let I draw a figure
out from a colored blue
and shade it some grays.

I need a threshold to the gate
to enter me into scanned
systems on the lonely road
and pass as I would pass,
out my fray-greyed day.

I need you.

This post was submitted by Salamu Bakili.


DownUp +5

Although our hearts are together,
I have a feeling that it’s will not be the same again.
Things change,
Characters will change too.
Just like our relationship will change…

I can live without you,
You can also live without me…
It’s the habits that bonds us together again,
Is Fate or our decisions?
A feeling that we shouldn’t be together…

There should be a better girl for you,
Not me…
I’m just a nobody, loner…
You deserve a caring and sweet girl.
Should we change our minds and return to the positions?

I wanted to give you a chance but I know,
I changes, everything changes…
Things aren’t the same…
Forgive me for not being with you at your side…

This post was submitted by miyuki.

You’re just a person

DownUp +5

I go everyday with my head held high
but when i see you i want to break
down and cry.
You’re the reason i can’t sleep at night
I put an act on my face like everything
is alright.
You see me with him
I see you with her
Everything in our past is
just a blur.
You’re just a person why can’t i see
you and me will never be….

This post was submitted by Unknown.

Golden Sin

DownUp +4

What started as my game, ended in demise,
I can’t get over it no matter how I try.
I’ve fought her far too long,
I need to embrace her, is that so wrong?
Others have followed the same trail as I,
Pitiful creatures are they now.
I am not like him, oh no, he is a liar,
For she is my gift, my gift from fire.
She is my gift, No- MY CURSE!
Evil, wickedness- I’ve been cursed,
With evil born of evil’s fire!
I must destroy her, now or never,
Yet, my bonds with her I cannot sever
In the end I know it will win.
For My heart belongs to her Golden Sin.

This post was submitted by Micaela.

It’s Over

DownUp +5

It’s over i don’t need the pain anymore.
I’ve shut the door in your face and that’s the end of your case.
I’ve opened the door to so much more.
For the first time in my life everything’s going right, there’s no more
Late night’s i don’t sit up and stare at the city light’s no more,
I’ve been torn no more i feel as if I’m being born once more..

This post was submitted by Rachel <3.

A Girl About Thirteen

DownUp +6

And there was a girl about thirteen.
She was not nice,
Nor was she mean.
She was quiet, and no one understood,
But there was a day,
When her shyness took over.
She meant this guy,
And he understood.
They became good friends,
They were always together,
And together forever ..
Him & her shall be.

This post was submitted by kayler bear : ).

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