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Golden Sin

DownUp +4

What started as my game, ended in demise,
I can’t get over it no matter how I try.
I’ve fought her far too long,
I need to embrace her, is that so wrong?
Others have followed the same trail as I,
Pitiful creatures are they now.
I am not like him, oh no, he is a liar,
For she is my gift, my gift from fire.
She is my gift, No- MY CURSE!
Evil, wickedness- I’ve been cursed,
With evil born of evil’s fire!
I must destroy her, now or never,
Yet, my bonds with her I cannot sever
In the end I know it will win.
For My heart belongs to her Golden Sin.

This post was submitted by Micaela.

It’s Over

DownUp +5

It’s over i don’t need the pain anymore.
I’ve shut the door in your face and that’s the end of your case.
I’ve opened the door to so much more.
For the first time in my life everything’s going right, there’s no more
Late night’s i don’t sit up and stare at the city light’s no more,
I’ve been torn no more i feel as if I’m being born once more..

This post was submitted by Rachel <3.

A Girl About Thirteen

DownUp +6

And there was a girl about thirteen.
She was not nice,
Nor was she mean.
She was quiet, and no one understood,
But there was a day,
When her shyness took over.
She meant this guy,
And he understood.
They became good friends,
They were always together,
And together forever ..
Him & her shall be.

This post was submitted by kayler bear : ).

Meeting you

DownUp +1

Meeting you saved my life
Even though I’m now your wife
When you saw me shed those tears
You knew it was from fear
The fear of having to look back
Having courage is where I slack
You helped me get through my past
I’m so happy we did last
We both went through tough times
But at our wedding I heard the chimes
You help me up when I was down
You helped me forget that awful day when I was in town,
All I want to say is I’m glad I met you
And that I’m so madly in love with you!

This post was submitted by cheese94.

Best Day Ever

DownUp +6

The best day of your life,
could you ever describe it,
Would you even be able to pick a day.
You shouldn’t have to just choose one best day.
Every moment that you have in life you should live,
and make the best of.
Moments in life should be the best
and taken in to never be forgotten.
You only get to live life once,
So instead of having just one best day of you life
Why not just have and live the best Life ever,
So that every moment is amazing and you life is meaningful.

This post was submitted by Amanda Miller.


DownUp +6

The memories of you race
through my mind and i
chase them hoping they
never fade because many more
cannot be made.
I lost the one thing that made me feel
as if i had it made.
So in saying that I’m sorry for everything that
was not said.
I’m sorry for everything that got misread.
I’m sorry for not thinking that trust was a must,
or that love was enough!

This post was submitted by Rachel <3.

Wanting to let go!

DownUp +5

Part of me doesn’t want to let go, but i do know that
Nothing can change what you meant to me.
But time can change where i want to be.
It was all before when you would find
Me coming back for more, but that’s not how it is anymore.
Now i just want to get over you and let go of everything i once knew.

This post was submitted by Rachel <3.

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